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Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India for 2024

Nowadays, people have started taking health seriously and are giving more importance to physical fitness. People are opting for physical activity and shaping their health in a good way. Nowadays, many apps are available online to help you track your physical fitness, just like some app pays you for walking. Yes, you heard it right! There are some apps available from which you can earn good money just by walking. This article lists the Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India from which you can earn extra cash. Let’s begin-

Why should you choose the Walk and Earn apps to earn money?

Let’s look at some points why to choose a Walk and Earn apps in 2024 below:-


The Walk and Earn app is convenient for people as it requires no extra work. You earn money by doing what you already do, which is walking. You don’t need to learn extraordinary skills to earn from this app. You need to walk and increase the steps to earn from the app.


This walk and earn app is flexible as it does not ask for fixed-time investments from your side. It will count the steps whenever you are walking. So, there is no particular time to earn.


Many apps are available for Walk and Earn Apps in India. Some apps give rewards to gain by doing extra physical activity, and others reward you just for walking. You can choose any app to earn according to your choice.


In a time when people don’t walk much, this app makes walking fun. So it’s a fun way to start walking and earning for people, allowing physical activity for good health. People walk more to earn more.

Promote good health

Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps promote walking for people and reward them for it. Hence promoting good health. It encourages people to walk more and keep doing some much-needed physical activity.

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Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India for 2024

Let’s look at the 20 Best walks and earn apps which you can download and start your walking journey below-

1. Cash walk

Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India for 2024

Cash Walk is a walk-and-earn app that allows users to earn rewards for the number of steps they walk. The reward offers can be cash, gift cards, or discount coupons. The app measures physical activity like walking, playing games, or running. It often offers various surveys to participate in. The reward is in the form of points you earn whenever you walk or do physical activity. Those points can be redeemed later. You can also get big prizes like vacation or any electronic item if you collect good points. You need to walk as much as you can to earn good prizes.

The users will get digitized coins for every mile they cover. So, this has been certified as a walk-and-get-money app. Therefore, you can use those coins to make reward cards and fulfill your needs.

Key features of Cash walk

  • This app allows you to trace your day-to-day workout to make money, and walking sessions are done.
  • This app permits you to access tracking in your smartwatches while working out or walking.
  • You can earn daily rewards by doing simple tasks, such as walking. The further distance you cover, the more you earn.

2. Be Fitter

Suppose you are someone who wants to earn some rewards without doing anything. Then, you can download BeFitter. It is an app that is easy to download for users, and it rewards the user for maintaining fitness through walking, running, or playing. It offers various tasks for the user to participate in, and you can participate and earn more. Your rewards and earnings will depend on the number of tasks you complete. It also offers special rewards and surprises for the completion of tasks.

3. Runtopia

Runtopia is a health fitness app that allows users to earn for being fit. It provides analytics, insights, and information about users’ health while analyzing them. This app offers rewards for the physical activity that you perform. It rewards a maximum of 50 SPC to users for the activity. You can later redeem the SPC to get special rewards and other products like gifts, coupons, or cash.

By completing any target, you will earn 50 SPC [special coins] daily; moreover, if you become a premium member of the app, you can get double cashback, like 100 SPC daily.  

Key features

  • This app has an in-built direction finder called a GPS tracer for cross-country racers.
  • It benefits the runners because it has an advanced vesture and strength tracer.
  • The Runtopia app assists you in setting better goals for physical activities and tracing them to show on your mobile.
  • Consumers can also stay in touch and share their experiences about the app with friends and family.

4. Grow Fitter

Grow Fitter is an application that tells your health status by analyzing physical activity like playing, running, or walking. It is a good initiative where the app encourages people to achieve their health goals and fitness. It also provides people with diet plans and fitness routines by analyzing the user’s lifestyle, interests, and goals. This application offers prizes like vacations, speakers, electronic items, accessories, and many more as a reward. Users can also get 100% payback on pharmacy and doctoral visits. With Grow Fitter, you can earn good rewards by maintaining physical health.

5. Step Set Go

Step Set Go is another walk-and-earn app. Stepbet is a user-friendly health app encouraging people to maintain physical health by walking and running. It is a fitness app that analyses your walking steps and the calories you burn and rewards you. You can earn by performing physical activities like running or walking. This will help you to reach your health goals and encourage you to stay fit and healthy. The app records the physical activities and rewards one coin for 1000 steps. You can easily redeem these rewards to get discount coupons, vouchers, and many other branded products for SSG Bazaar.

Key features

  • This app is customized to set goals related to fitness and exercise.
  • Consumers can set desirable targets for earning rewards every day.
  • Making a different environment for investment by exercising and fitness can double your daily rewards.

6. Steppi

Steppi is a good application that rewards users for staying active and healthy. It counts your daily footsteps and stores the record in its ‘Steps wallet.’ You can use this step’s wallet to get dining, entertainment, and shopping offers.

7. Charity Miles App

An awareness step-counting app that helps you donate to the world’s top charity centers for every step. Charity Miles might not be an individual earning app, but it will help you get money for good purposes. You can also help several others with their daily necessities by participating. So, this is one of the Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India.

This app will help needy people if you use it for walking and running; the more steps you cover, the more support people in need will get from charitable centers worldwide. There are various apps on the internet, but this app will help the charity centers and provide you with good rewards. Getting involved and participating in this app will help needy people with their daily needs.

Key Features                                              

  • People who use this app get a chance to build a foundation for every step they take.
  • Consumers can also trace their development and winnings by using the app.
  • This app also carries leading awards for those who are best at doing fitness-related stuff like running, walking, swimming, etc. The prize name is called the Webby Award for the winners.

8. StreadApp

Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India for 2024

Runner can count their steps and performance with the app Streads. It is an easy-to-download app available in the Google Play Store. This app tracks the running routes, Speed, and distance and provides performance information. It also offers plans to improve the health of the user. Streads app helps the user to analyze their progress over time. As long as the user runs the app, the steps are converted into the streadcoins. Later, the user can redeem those streadcoins to get various rewards. The app provides one streadcoins for 1000 steps. The coin rewards can be discount coupons or prizes.

Key Features

  • Streads assist users in calculating the ongoing performance.
  • Streadapp helps the user to get actual distance, Speed, and route.
  • Users can track and analyze advancement over a period of time.
  •  The Stream app also transforms your pace, which turns into streadcoins.
  • One thousand steps will give you one streadcoin that can be used to reclaim unconfined rewards.

9. Walking App

There is an app named the walking app that gives you the best rewards when you only stroll. This app is the best for getting rewards and cash prizes, and you can also play games over here for enjoyment. This app gives you cash prizes and keeps tracking how many steps you have covered to calculate your fitness.

This app gives you reward points for every step you walk, which can be used in stores or other shopping apps like Starbucks, Amazon, Flipkart, and Google Play. You can also get cash prizes via the PayPal app.

Key features

  • This app is easy to understand, and you can easily access it.
  • The walking money app is not compound and will make earning uncomplicated.
  •  For every step you cover, you get more prizes and money.

10. Evidation

Another app, the navigation app, provides money for physical activities like running, biking, and walking. It also provides a fitness meter to view the steps you have covered. For every physical activity, 80 points are rewarded to your account. If you share something on Twitter related to meditation, weight measurement, or noting what you eat or how much you sleep by tracing it, then you will earn 6 points every day.

Key Features

  • This app can join you with other fitness apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit, Garmin, strava, Runkeeper, Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal, and Misfit.
  • To use the Evidation app, you don’t have to use a health tracer because it automatically connects to your mobile device.
  • It is an authentic, trustworthy, and frictionless app that can easily store your points from where you can redeem them. Moreover, it can be beneficial for you if you check the points that you gain on an everyday basis.

11. Health wage

This app permits you to engage in challenges like losing weight for a reward prize of at least $10’000. You can gamble yourself to show how much weight you will lose by doing other curricular activities and taking part in challenges through the app for reward prizes.

You can select any challenges, including jackpot challenges or footstep counting challenges. The jackpot tournaments are related to the desired weight loss of your target weight for the future. Therefore, walking goal challenges are related to your present and preceding steps.

Key Features

  • Walking will assist you in doing daily step counts.
  • You can get help from different workshops and squads to accomplish your challenges by receiving money prizes.

12. FitPatato

The Fitpatato app permits you to challenge anyone to make money by doing activities like walking. Various tournaments are held once a week to win prizes. The user must do three three-step meetings: walking, running, or taking your dog for a walk.

Key Features

  • The user who fulfills all three sessions of the weekly challenges gets good prizes and rewards. And if you are the only winner, you will receive all the rewards.
  • This app is also connected with Apple health steps data and traces your exercise period with the help of GPS.

13. Walgreens balance reward

Walgreens allows you to earn prize points in the form of dollars through a balanced rewards program while tracing your walk and other health-related activities.

This app allows you to sign up for free and add your BR account to the health choices programs. It also allows you to download the app. This app is genuine because it lets you download it from Google Play, iOS, and Windows phones.

14. Pk Rewards

This Apple-authorized app supports iOS and allows you to gain essential coins for prizes to help charities. If you do any movement related to health and fitness, it will be traced by your phone and converted into coins. The additional activities related to fitness will help you earn more coins. So, the app uplifts your health to a high level when you are doing exercise, and when you are doing exercise or health-related stuff, then you can connect your Apple watch to measure the calories and the heart rate and other things related to fitness.

Key Features

  • Users can also gain boundless workout coins every day.
  • Therefore, this app also limits your daily spending on things and charity.
  •  Another option is to subscribe to a max account to earn limitless coins.

15. Better points

Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India for 2024

This app gives you prize points for running, walking, or doing physical work. When you engage in this app, you can select tasks or a pass for drawing to earn limitless coins.

For inspiring users, campaigns are held for about 3 to 5 months to increase enthusiasm and determination towards fitness. They also provide medals, rewards, and leadership boards so that people from all over the world can take part.

Key Features

  • Points that are offered by the app can be converted into rewards.
  • The users can also utilize the points for funding and charity.
  • It would help to focus on your walking and footsteps for the strong match.

16. Sweatcoin app

It is a fitness app that provides digital currency for users to walk. It tracks the physical activity and pays the reward. The sweat coin is available to download easily for IOS and Android users. One sweat coin is worth 0.05 Dollars and will change variably with time. You can redeem your sweat coins from any brand or donate to the charities affiliated with the Sweat Coin platform.

This app helps you not only make fit but also to convert your footsteps into money. You can pay out to buy gadgets, fitness, sports-related stuff, off, etc. If you are lucky, you can earn prizes like smartwatches, iPhones, tablets, etc., based on your winnings. You can also convert sweat coin rewards into cash, which you can directly transfer to your bank account.

Key Features

  • This app is relatively easy to use to earn rewards by walking.
  • It can be easily operated without any problem and gives you a sharp print of how things are going. This also has a tracer that maintains your phone storage.
  • You can gain sweat coins daily by walking.

17. Step coin

Stepcoin is one of the Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps where users can earn rewards for the number of steps they walk. It offers several sweat coins as a reward, which you can redeem to get products or services. For walking 1000  steps, the user earns 1 point. You can redeem the points as discount coupons, services, or free products. You can also get free products by redeeming rewards. This app will help you earn money while promoting good health.

18. Optimity

Optimity brings back to consciousness the Carrot Rewards app, which was a Canadian paid-to-walk app that embarked on in British Columbia in 2015, enlarged to another department, only to shut down in 2019 due to lack of funds.

In today’s world, Optimity is still a bit new, so the rewards section is still behind. All they presently furnish are sweepstakes, More Rewards points, and Petro-Points. Hopefully, they will add some more multifariousness soon. In order to earn daily gems, you have to hit your daily goals with an extra payment if you hit multiple days continuously. You can challenge a friend to get your step-daily goals together.

19. Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks is another app that from which you can earn money by walking and doing physical activity. It’s very easy to use, and whenever you walk, you will make money. The more steps you take, the more rewards you will earn.

Key features

  • This app tracks the steps and monitors your physical activity along with the calories burned.
  • You earn virtual currency and rewards for doing a physical activity.
  • You can also participate in challenges with this app and set goals.

20. Win walk

Top 20 Walk and Earn Apps in India for 2024

Winwalk is an android app that measures your walking steps. With the completion of a walk of 1000 steps, you will earn one coin. Each day, you can earn 100 coins. Later, it can be redeemed for rewards. This is one of the best apps for earning money by maintaining good health. You can also set your health goals and stay fit.

Key Features

  • The app tracks the number of steps you walk and analyzes the calories burnt.
  • It calculates the distance covered and provides the health goals.
  • The app counts activity levels and helps maintain physical health.

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With all these apps given above, you can take a new step toward reaching good health goals. This is a new way in this technology-rich era, where the app on the mobile phone will help to measure your steps and count the calories burnt. For this new initiative, the app will reward you with cash and other vouchers.

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