Top 13 Affiliate Marketing Courses in 2024 (paid+Free)

Do you want to enter the world of affiliate marketing and earn passive income online? If you are a complete newbie in this field, a good affiliate marketing course can help you start the whole process properly. The only problem is that dozens of resources and courses are available in the market. Some are free, while others charge a monthly or annual fee for a subscription. That’s why we researched for you and compiled a list of the 13 best affiliate marketing courses guaranteed to help you build a successful online business. These courses cover everything you need to know to succeed in the competitive affiliate marketing world. And with a range of courses to suit different skill levels and learning styles, there’s something for everyone on this list.

What is affiliate marketing?

Top 13 Affiliate Marketing Courses in 2024 (paid+Free)

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing marketing method, such as a blogger or YouTuber, advertises a business’s goods or services to help it meet its sales or marketing goals. In return, affiliates earn a percentage of the sales or customer traffic caused by their marketing efforts. A business may work with an affiliate for a few reasons:

  • Increase sales, web traffic, and brand awareness.
  • Connecting with a specific relevant audience.

While revenue-sharing is not a new marketing concept, modern affiliate marketing generally refers to online digital marketing in which affiliates link a business’s product or service online and receive a percentage of sales or web traffic. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the affiliate marketing business will grow to more than ₹66,168.07 million by 2025.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Top 13 Affiliate Marketing Courses in 2024 (paid+Free)

Affiliate marketing involves four main partners, each of whom plays a unique role in the marketing process:

  • Affiliate or “Publisher”: The person or entity that promotes the merchant’s product or service
  • Merchant: A person or entity selling a product or service the affiliate promotes.
  • Affiliate Network: An intermediary between an affiliate and a merchant’s affiliate program. Although an affiliate network is not strictly necessary for an affiliate and merchant to connect, it is a common channel for such relationships.
  • Customer: A person who purchases a product through an affiliate. Merchants and affiliates collaborate to connect them to the affiliate’s audience to convert them into customers.

Typically, affiliates and merchants are united through an affiliate network, which suggests other merchants that fit the affiliate’s profile. For example, a network might indicate a range of technology products to associate reviewing cell phones.

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How to start affiliate marketing?

 the following steps can help you on your journey to becoming an affiliate marketer:

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be a good option for those who want to earn passive income and are willing to take the time to build their online audience. If this sounds like an attractive opportunity, the following steps can help you on your journey to becoming an affiliate marketer:

1. Please choose your location:

Affiliate marketers can reach specific audiences of potential customers, making them valuable to merchants. The broader your topic is, the more likely you are to build an affiliate platform that meets the demands of underserved audiences with original content. You’ll also want to choose a niche with a large audience.

2. Choose a platform that matches your topic:

Once you’ve decided on the topic, audience, and products your affiliate marketing platform will cover, you’ll want to determine what that platform will be. While creating a dedicated review site, you can also do affiliate marketing on social media platforms like Instagram. Ranjeet Kumar (Geekiranjeet) has an impressive following on his Instagram account, linked to his YouTube channel. The exact platform you decide to use will ultimately depend on the precise nature of your undertaking. Sometimes, a mix of platforms will best support your affiliate marketing efforts. Some common approaches and platforms include:

  • A dedicated product review website that focuses exclusively on introducing products to readers.
  • A website or blog that covers a specific topic that offers affiliate marketing in articles or posts about that topic.
  • Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

3. Work on an Affiliate Marketing Network:

Affiliate networks connect affiliates and merchants. Although joining an affiliate network is not always necessary, you will likely find that doing so will streamline the relationship-building process with merchants and improve income opportunities. The type of affiliate network or marketing program you join will depend on what type of products your audience is interested in. To optimize your chances of success, research the networks and programs that best fit your target product and audience. Some examples of popular affiliate networks and programs include are:

  • Awin
  • Flipkart Affiliate 
  • BigRock Affiliate 
  • Optimize
  • Amazon Associates
  • Cuelinks
  • Coursera Affiliate Program

4. Expand your network:

Building a successful affiliate marketing platform takes time and dedication. Use a mix of digital marketing tactics to help increase your overall audience size. Examples of popular digital marketing strategies include:

  • Content marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media marketing 
  • Email lists

Using any of these approaches to grow your audience size will be beneficial, but a strategic mix will likely be most effective. For example, a combination of timely email blasts and SEO content will improve your marketing efforts more than alone.

5. Be consistent and master your skills:

In addition to taking time and dedication, affiliate marketing also utilizes various skills, including marketing, writing, communication, presentation, videography, and editing. The exact mix of skills you use in your marketing work will likely depend on the platform, audience, and approach you choose. For example, if you run a YouTube channel that reviews collectible toys, you’ll need a combination of video production, presentation, and social media marketing skills. However, let’s say you’re running a website with only written reviews of collectible toys. In that case, you’ll need to focus on expanding your writing, communication, and digital marketing skills. In many cases, you’ll find that you use all of these skills – and maybe a few more – as you work to drive traffic, create attention-grabbing content, and increase affiliate sales.

Top 13 Affiliate Marketing Courses: In Brief (2024)

course includes price, advantages and disadvantages, and key features

Here is our handpicked list of the best affiliate marketing courses. Each course includes price, advantages and disadvantages, and key features of the course so you can quickly compare and choose the best one for your business:

1. The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System (TASS) is one of the best affiliate marketing courses that help individuals create and grow affiliate and authority sites. The course’s main objective is to help beginners build an online business from scratch. TASS offers many tools, such as market research, keyword research, design, outsourcing, branding, etc. The course consists of 14 modules with over 190+ training videos. The first five modules focus on niche search and site-building, while the 9th module teaches you content creation, link building, and product promotion. In this way, students can quickly generate traffic to their websites. The course may be expensive, but you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Course Highlights

  • 14 comprehensive modules.
  • A bonus module for becoming an authority.
  • Pre-built templates for website design.
  • Learn how to take advantage of an expired domain.
  • Traffic-generation tools.
Price$997/one-time or six installments of $297
AuthorAuthority Hacker
ProsStep-by-step training, industry experts, regular updates, private community
ConsExpensive for some individuals, the community isn’t active
Best ForBeginners

2. The Affiliate Lab

Created by renowned SEO expert Matt Diggity, Affiliate Lab is a successful affiliate marketing course aimed at helping both beginners and professionals who want to earn passive income online. This course teaches Matt Diggity how to create a website on WordPress instead of other hosting servers. The course includes onsite and offsite SEO modules that help optimize your website for your business needs. The learning material consists of self-explanatory videos; you can also download the material for your convenience. Matt used sophisticated and unique strategies in competitive areas and achieved tremendous results. This course will teach you these techniques and how to flip an existing domain for huge profits.

Course Highlights

  • 160+ videos with over 24 hours of affiliate marketing training.
  • Beginner-friendly website design tools.
  • Access to various checklists and SOPs.
  • Learn how to build a website from scratch.
  • Learn how to use an existing domain to your advantage.

3. Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is another masterpiece launched by Authority Hacker. As the name suggests, the AHP course is specifically designed for professional marketers already earning more than $1000 monthly. But with this course they can take their business to the next level and learn new strategies to increase traffic and sales. The course includes over 400 videos covering backlink building, advanced SEO, deep sales funnels, and email marketing. You will also learn advanced SOP strategies to improve your business’s efficiency, output, and performance. The main highlight of the course is its template which you get after you get the subscription. These blueprints include secret strategies for website creation, development, and flipping affiliate websites. Unfortunately, this course only comes around once or twice a year, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the website if you want to enroll in this course.

Course Highlights

  • Over 400 short-sized videos related to affiliate marketing and online growth.
  • Learn how to build a money making website from scratch.
  • Learn about paid and organic marketing strategies.
  • Access to AHP Community.
  • Five Top-Secret Blueprints for Online Success.

4. Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine is an online training course by famous blogger Adam Enfroy

Blog Growth Engine is an online training course by famous blogger Adam Enfroy. Adam started blogging in 2019, and in less than a year, he started earning over $150K per month. His blog started gaining immense popularity quickly, and it is still a mystery even today. He wanted to do something extraordinary, and his efforts brought him success. Adam covers all the sophisticated strategies in this training program so you can quickly start making money through your blog. Plus, beginners will learn how to monetize their blogs from scratch, while professional affiliates and bloggers will learn to use Adam’s proprietary strategies to accelerate their growth. Unfortunately, this course is the most expensive of all the courses on this list. However, you will also get a 14-day free trial, so you can try this course and check whether it is worth the investment.

Course Highlights

  • 10 Steps and 30 Individual Lessons.
  • 50+ hours of video chapters.
  • Learn blogging and affiliate marketing techniques.
  • Create quality content using advanced tools.
  • Learn All About Backlinks and Link-Building.

5. Scale your Travel Blog

Scale Your Travel Blog is not your typical affiliate marketing course. It aims to help bloggers and affiliate marketers, especially travel bloggers, create and grow their websites. Travel blogs usually get heavy traffic from Google. This course is not focused on one way to make money. It teaches you how to make money online through sponsorships, blogs, affiliate marketing, and display ads. Regardless of your chosen method, you’ll learn comprehensive SEO strategies to help your blog posts rank higher in search results. This course is suitable for all types of bloggers and marketers. The course instructor, Laura, will provide personal feedback and provide you with 25 profitable keywords that you can use to optimize your posts and website.

Course Highlights

  • 8 learning modules including bonus one.
  • Small video lessons.
  • Monthly quiz.
  • Group coaching call.
  • Personalized solutions from the course instructor.

6. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course quite famous for its affordability and availability. The course also provides a wide range of resources and tools to help you get started with affiliate marketing as quickly as possible. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim structured the course to teach advanced techniques for making passive income online. You will learn niche selection, website building, content creation, and more. You will also get hosting services and domain registration with the course, which you get with other classes. However, many believe this course is an MLM scheme because it is too good to be true. This is simply a misconception prevalent among affiliate marketers. We have also created a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate to help you learn more about the course.

Course Highlights

  • 12 steps and over 120 video lessons.
  • Entrepreneur certification.
  • Access to Site Rubix Website Builder.
  • Weekly live webinars from successful WA members.
  • Bonus worth $250.

7. Click Bank Success

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing but want to avoid creating a website, ClickBank Success on the Internet may be your best option. This course was designed by experienced online marketer Casey Tan and is available on Udemy. The course teaches you how to choose a profitable product in high demand in the market. The best thing about this course is that you don’t have to look for options alone – you can choose your favorite ClickBank products and promote them online. This course also teaches you the skills to create successful marketing campaigns without creating a website. This way, you can discover new concepts for making easy money and don’t need to buy any hosting or domain to get started.

Course Highlights

  • 65 video lectures including bonuses and tips.
  • Learn Direct Linking Strategies.
  • Create Facebook Page to Promote Products.
  • Learn Traffic Generation Secrets.
  • Create a long-term income source with continuous lead generation.

8. Savage Affiliates 

Created by Franklin Hatchett, Savage Affiliates is one of the best courses that teach you how to create successful marketing funnels. The instructor helps his students find profitable topics and profitable products to promote on different sales channels. The course includes a Funnel Academy that teaches you how to build profitable funnels from scratch. You’ll also learn about various affiliate networks, including ClickBank and Amazon. This course shows you ways to drive traffic to your website in both free and paid strategies. The course mainly focuses on marketing funnels and increasing affiliate sales using these funnels.

Course Highlights

  • Full funnel training.
  • Affiliate Marketing Training from scratch.
  • Funnels and SEO Academies.
  • Get access to the instructor’s inner circle.
  • Website setup and customization.

9. Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a comprehensive affiliate program and training course created and run by Robbie Blanchard. This course follows a systematic way of using social networking platforms to promote affiliate products. The training program focuses primarily on fostering profitable ClickBank products, as they are easy to find and encourage without needing your website. The best part of promoting ClickBank products is that you can get up to 50% commission, 2-3 times higher than other affiliate programs. However, implementing the Commission Hero strategy into your affiliate marketing is more challenging than it sounds. It would help if you did proper research to find high-profitable and less stressful affiliate products, as many affiliate marketers already sell them on different social networks.

Course Highlights

  • 9 Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Modules.
  • Learn Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Ads.
  • Learn how to choose the right product to promote.
  • Create professional looking landing pages.
  • Learn Tracking and Scaling.

10. Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek is one of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners

Passive Income Geek is one of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners who want to create a full-time income stream. Designed by Morten Storgaard, the course consists of basic and advanced training modules that teach you how to create a WordPress website using Elementor. Morton has been in affiliate marketing for over 14 years and has developed many marketing strategies to make easy money. The main objective of the trainer is to teach his students how to make passive income without investing a lot of money. That is why their sites are public and transparent. The curriculum is extensive, and it takes some time to consume its contents. That is why the course plan is available in an annual format. If you have patience, then only enroll in this course. Otherwise, this course is not for those looking to make quick money.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to choose the right place.
  • Learn how to set up a website using the right domain name.
  • How to Choose the Best Affiliate Products.
  • SEO and content creation.
  • Outsourcing and Monetizing Your Website.

11. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense is an Affiliate Marketing course taught by Michelle Schroeder Gardner, a successful affiliate marketer, who earns six-figure salary per month. Through this self-paced online course, she teaches her proven affiliate marketing strategies that can be applied to any field, not just finance. The course consists of 6 modules and 30 lessons that are easily digestible. Plus, you’ll get additional bonus sessions and exclusive membership to Facebook groups that will help enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. The one-time fee for this course is $198, which is quite reasonable for beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers.

Course Highlights

  • 6 modules and 30 lessons.
  • Text based curriculum.
  • Downloadable Resources.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Free coaching sessions with membership.

12. Affiliate Academy

Affiliate Academy is a free online course created by Voluum to teach affiliate marketing to beginners with little knowledge of the affiliate industry. The platform is one of the best affiliate management tools, and the free course is top-notch. This course offers video lessons to beginners that cover core topics like finding affiliate programs, tracking performance, optimizing content, and targeting audiences. And you can do all this with Volume’s free tools. This course is ideally suited for people who have yet to gain prior experience. That’s why all the modules focus on actually testing a campaign using what you learn. Additionally, you will also receive a certification upon completion of the course.

Course Highlights

  • Step-by-step video tutorials.
  • 2 courses with 100% free access.
  • Access to free Voluum tools for better campaigns.
  • Interactions from affiliate marketing professionals.
  • Course completion certificate.

13. Project 24 System

The Project 24 System doesn’t focus exclusively on affiliate marketing like the other courses on this list. This course helps content creators and entrepreneurs hone their blogging skills. This course, created by Income School, a popular internet marketing business solution, enables you to find suitable topics, keywords, and subjects. With the help of this course, you can determine strategies for your affiliate marketing efforts. The course also includes methods for increasing traffic and monetizing your blog using affiliate marketing. This is a highly advanced course for advanced marketers who are looking for successful blogging in any field.

Course Highlights

  • The Complete Structure for Building a Successful Blogging Site.
  • Site Monetization Strategies.
  • White-Hat Techniques for Finding Reliable Affiliate Sources.
  • Access to free WordPress themes.
  • Exclusive members-only podcast series.


The benefits of affiliate marketing for businesses are wide-ranging, and most companies can use it to their advantage. Creating a new sales channel or expanding your online marketing opportunities through affiliates is a strategy that can significantly impact your business. Affiliate marketing provides a cost-effective way to promote a brand and its products on multiple channels while not spending large sums of money without results. Finally, affiliate marketing offers an excellent opportunity to start earning with the FREE Affiliate Marketing Course. You can begin a rewarding journey toward passive income by understanding the basics, enrolling in a free course, and creating a solid strategy.


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