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Snapchat Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most loved social media apps in India. The app is the favorite pastime for millions of people due to unique motives like standard posting requirements, a clean-to-use interface, distinctive amusement alternatives, and plenty more. But is Snapchat useful for Affiliate marketing, mainly associate advertising? Well, the simple solution is yes. However, there are techniques that entrepreneurs should remember before adding Snapchat to their advertising mix. Today, we will talk about all of it in detail. 

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia platform for instant messaging. The predominant feature of Snapchat is that photographs, films, and messages disappear for some time and become inaccessible to customers. Initially, this platform served as a non-public messaging space, but later on, new features appeared. Another famous function of Snapchat is Spotlight, which is similar to TikTok and can pay users for videos. It is renowned amongst kids, and the number of daily content submissions is proliferating.

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How do you start Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat?

How do you start Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

Here we mentioned some points that will help you to start Affiliate marketing on Snapchat:

1. Snaps

Snaps are snippets of a user’s life that they send to friends, family, relatives, and co-workers. Since snaps are the most common way to engage with audiences on Snapchat, these are also the best ways to generate affiliate sales through the platform.

2. Personal chats

Snapchat chats have different durations based on user preferences. Depending on your choice, the app deletes a conversation as soon as you view it, within 1 or 24 hours. Affiliate marketers can send temporary deals to their network and create a sense of exclusivity using Snapchat’s disappearing messaging feature.

3. Stories

Stories are an excellent way for affiliate marketers to showcase products, vouchers, coupons, discount codes, etc., on their profiles for 24 hours to purchase products based on special discounts offered by the affiliate marketer.

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Why choose Snapchat for Affiliate Marketing?

Why choose Snapchat for Affiliate Marketing?

There are many good reasons to choose Snapchat for affiliate marketing, some are mentioned below:

1. Good numbers in India

India is now Snapchat’s largest market, with over 140 million active users. This makes Snapchat a fantastic platform for affiliate marketers as they can learn about their target market from this vast number of users.

2. High engagement

Because Snapchat relies on regular postings, its engagement numbers are better than many other social media platforms. According to a recent survey by Snapchat, users open the app more than 30 times a day, spending an average of 30 minutes. They send more than 5 billion photos daily on the app.

3. Multiple ways to promote

Affiliate marketers can promote products and services on Snapchat in three ways: snaps, text, and personalized messages. Let us learn more about these methods later in this article.

4. Supportive policies

Many social media platforms have strict policies against affiliate and printed links, but not Snapchat. The app encourages merchants and users to add links to their products. Affiliate marketers can start sharing deals without worrying about being banned from the platform.

5. Cheap advertising

Snapchat advertising is significantly more affordable than many other social media platforms used for affiliate marketing. According to the latest information, a thousand posts on the platform cost less than 3 dollars. That is incredibly affordable with the high engagement and high power of affiliate conversion that Snapchat offers.

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Things to Consider About Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

Things to Consider About Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

Here we mentioned some things to consider regarding Snapchat affiliate marketing:

1. Smaller User Base

Some social media giants have over one million customers on their platforms. Snapchat, in comparison, has less than 400 million customers around the sector. The younger generation, including millennials and Gen-Z, often utilizes the app.

2. Younger Audience

As mentioned above, Snapchat is mainly used by humans between the ages of 15 and 35. Affiliate marketers whose products and services are supposed to attract the older target market would likely find it hard to bring conversions through chat.

3. Declining Growth

Despite its upward trajectory, Snapchat’s increase has slowed in recent years. Affiliate entrepreneurs may find it challenging to grow longer if the person base does not develop at the preferred pace.

Best Practices to Follow for Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

Best Practices to Follow for Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

For Snapchat Affiliate Marketing, there are several best practices to maximize your success:

1. Products that Appeal to Younger Audiences

Most of Snapchat’s base lies between 15 and 35. Affiliate marketers must pick the goods and offerings perfect for the more youthful target market, like devices, skill-building publications, fitness centers, entertainment memberships, books, etc.

2. Use Social Media

Affiliate marketers must use different social media systems to promote their Snapchat presence. They can submit their Snap QR Code on other social media structures, an excellent way to help people find their profile effortlessly.

3. Leverage Email Marketing

Affiliate entrepreneurs with correct data on purchasers’ emails can use the equal to promote their Snapchat campaigns. Affiliate emails include Snap QR, special Snapchat deals, confined-time offers, and many more. All of these can help marketers have the power to reach their Snapchat profiles.

4. Use Snapchat Filters

Let’s be sincere. Most customers use Snapchat for its particular and trending filters. Affiliate marketers could use different Snapchat filters, including Augmented Reality (AR), Color Grades, etc. 

5. Don’t forget about CTAs

Like every social media platform, CTA is the sport’s call. Keep your Call-to-Action (CTA) short and unique. You can ask customers to hook up with you, go to your profile, click on your hyperlinks, go to your different social media systems, and so forth, via quick and easy CTAs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Snapchat Affiliate Marketing

This article has a lot of information to digest, so I’ve weighed the platform’s significant pros and cons.

Pros of Snapchat Affiliate MarketingCons of Snapchat Affiliate Marketing
Snapchat has a highly engaged audience that visits the platform several times a day.If your customers skew older, there’s a good chance they’re not on Snapchat.
Snapchat users are younger and have greater purchasing power, making them an attractive audience for affiliates.Snapchat has fewer users than platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
There are many ways to add networks, resulting in different ways of working.They don’t see it as the “coolest” platform – that cover has been stolen by TikTok and Clubhouse.
Snapchat doesn’t force you to mask links or direct users to a landing page or article.Interest in the app has declined dramatically in recent years.
Advertising costs are cheaper than many other social media platforms, giving you a better chance of driving traffic to affiliate content.Content on Snapchat is short (usually around the 10-second mark), which is not ideal for more complex content placement.

Strategies for Incorporating Snapchat in Advertising

Snapchat Affiliate Marketing: Strategies for Incorporating Snapchat in Advertising

Promoting your merchandise on Snapchat, apart from different social networks like Facebook and Instagram, is a superb way to connect with all-new audiences.

  • You can use your existing landing page or design a separate one to region an instantaneous link inside the snaps.
  • Live influencer campaigns may be optimized by soliciting the influencer to encompass Snapchat in their promotional efforts.
  • Presenting extraordinary gives to boom emblem consciousness and conversions. This can be done via an influencer’s account or the logo’s account.
  • Use the integrated analytics device, to peer who’s viewing your content material, recognize what content material is appearing nicely, and drive a strategy that works.
  • Produce logo video content material for product teasers. This is used to create exhilaration around upcoming product releases and is also a super logo awareness exercise. 
  • Plus, there are chances of better fulfillment prices when launching the primary campaign and growing a retargeting method.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat

Snapchat Affiliate Marketing: Examples of Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat

Despite its ability, Snapchat needs to be more utilized from an affiliate advertising and marketing perspective. However, there are a few first-rate fulfillment memories. A true example comes from the group at Snapvertising, which managed to make over $500,000 in income from Snapchat associate advertising and marketing campaigns over six-month duration. Their video ad campaigns were about generating leads for debt-remedy services — not the type of easy, spontaneous purchases you generally associate with platforms like Snapchat. However, the advertising and marketing messaging genuinely appealed to Snapchat’s young user base.


Snapchat’s suitability as an affiliate marketing platform highly depends on the affiliate’s brand, product, and audience. If your target audience is young and your content is easily displayed in a bite-sized format, Snapchat can be an excellent fit with your overall marketing strategy. But if your content requires a striking message that can’t be summarized in 10-second videos, Snapchat may not be your best bet.

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