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25 Best E-Commerce Affiliate Programs of 2024 in India

According to Statista, the Indian e-commerce sector is expected to reach a valuation of 200 billion US dollars by 2027, increasing at an exponential rate. The number of Best E-Commerce affiliate programs has expanded along with the growth of online shopping platforms in India. Joining E-Commerce affiliate programs is excellent since they pay well to promote deals, gadgets, and websites. We have searched far and wide to identify the top eCommerce affiliate networks for you. Now, let’s learn more about these initiatives and the financial rewards they provide.

An eCommerce associate is a person who uses their channels to market another company’s goods, services, or website in exchange for a commission. eCommerce affiliates help marketers promote brands by increasing sales and earnings, which is advantageous for the company and the partner marketer.

25 Best E-Commerce Affiliate Programs of 2024 in India

The list below contains the 25 Best E-Commerce Affiliate Programs of 2024 in India: 

1. Amazon 

most prominent eCommerce platforms in the world is Amazon

One of the most prominent eCommerce platforms in the world is Amazon. Their retail websites provide customers with choice, value, and ease. In addition, Amazon produces and markets the Kindle e-reader. It strives to provide consumers with the most fantastic offers by providing free delivery and affordable standard shipping, which includes access to Amazon Prime. You may market various goods on Amazon, such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, appliances, electronics, home, kitchen, pets, beauty, health, and grocery items, among many other items. You may get a sizable commission as an Amazon associate, up to ₹30,000, each month.

Cookie Duration30 days
URLAmazon Affiliate Program

2. Flipkart 

Flipkart Affiliate Program of 2024 in India

One of the biggest online retailers in India is Flipkart. Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal launched it in 2007. Initially, the company’s primary goal was to sell books online. Flipkart now offers everything from groceries to electronics, clothing, home goods, and leisure items. They offer affiliate reporting and tools to assist their affiliates make more money, and they have among the top eCommerce affiliate schemes in India. This covers search tools, APIs, advertising banners and widgets, and product links and banners. Joining the Flipkart affiliate advertising program is simple, and you may promote various Flipkart items. However, the commission differs according to the good you are endorsing. The monthly payment might range from ₹4000 to ₹25,000.

CommissionUp to 7.5%
Cookie Duration30 minutes
URLFlipkart Affiliate Program

3. Myntra

Myntra began as a business-to-business (B2B) platform for customized presents in 2007. It later developed into a major player in e-commerce. Myntra is becoming the best place to shop for lifestyle and trendy items. You may advertise chic men’s and women’s apparel, contemporary accessories, eye-catching footwear, and cosmetics as a Myntra online Affiliate. Affordable fashion items from many companies are available. Additionally, they give their customers a return period of thirty days and a variety of payment methods. Among the best-paying schemes available is the Myntra affiliate network. There are several choices available in each category. On Myntra, you may make up to ₹20,000 a month.

4. Mamaearth 

Gazal and Varun Algah founded Mamaearth in 2016 to provide all Indian newborns with healthy, chemical-free goods. There are goods under this brand for moms and expecting mothers. Items like infant products and cosmetics for the face, hair, and body fall under this category. These goods have undergone FDA approval, manufactured safe certification, and dermatologist testing. You can endorse a company as an affiliate that creates items based on top-notch research. They provide free shipping on orders above ₹399 and have a simple return policy. Become an affiliate marketer for Mamaearth, and you may make about ₹10,000 a month in commission. 

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5. Ajio 

The home of brands is Ajio. The newest, freshest, and most distinctive designs from around the globe are available. It’s a component of dependency on the store. You may showcase men’s, women’s, independent, and children’s collections here and discover premium products with Ajio luxe. You can purchase many brands, including international goods, as an Ajio affiliate. Additionally, you will be advertising 100% hand-selected and quality-tested items. Customers may return items with ease as well. Up to ₹9,000 in commission can be earned from an Ajio affiliate advertiser each month.

6. MakeMyTrip 

MakeMyTrip, among the most well-known websites for booking travel, was founded in 2000. This is an online travel portal where you may advertise flights, lodging, housestays, vacation packages, buses, trains, taxis, and even charter aircraft. Anyone may use this app to search for tours, activities, and places and get the most suitable trip package available. You will be paid if someone purchases a vacation, airline ticket, or other travel-related items. The monthly income of a MakeMyTrip affiliate is up to ₹6000. 

7. Firstcry

Firstcry is a kid-focused brand. This is an affiliate network exclusively for baby items on eCommerce. Promotion of boys’ and girls’ clothing, diapering shoes, necessities for eating and bathing, books, school materials, and mother-care items are all welcome here. You can market over 2 lakh distinct baby items as a Firstcry partner from a selection of 5800 companies, like Nike, Baby the Hub, Marks & Mia, and Red Tape. Additionally, Firstcry offers free shipping on orders over ₹699 in value. As an affiliate marketer, your monthly commission might be as much as ₹10,000.

8. HealthKart  

One of India’s top sports food brands and online vitamins is HealthKart. Over 200 brands are featured on the website, and over 100 retail locations support it. Under the category of e-commerce affiliate programs, HealthKart allows you to advertise vitamins and supplements, Ayurvedic goods and herbs, exercise gear, nutritious food and beverages, and so on. Endorsing items for muscle gain, weight reduction, bulk increase, relaxation, and stress relief can bring in money. These goods are readily returnable and come with an authenticity guarantee. Your monthly earnings from items sold on HealthKart might be up to ₹4,000.

9. Udemy 

An ed-tech business called Udemy offers a range of online courses that you may take or teach. In May 2010, Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali, and Gagan Biyani launched it. You may make money by advertising various courses on marketing, design, development, IT and programs, personal growth, and other topics through Udemy affiliate networks for e-commerce. You may promote a total of more than 16,000 courses as an affiliate of Udemy. Every specialization has courses available. You might make about ₹5000 a month here.

10. Adidas 

Adidas is a well-known brand for its athletic gear and shoes. In 1949, Adolf Dassler created it. These days, it is famous for its clothes and shoes. You may advertise various goods as an affiliate, including dresses, accessories, and shoes for adults, children, and men. You may also promote sports shoes, including gym training, football, running, and jerseys. Adidas is a well-known company. As a result, you know that you’ll be advertising high-quality goods. You have the potential to make about ₹7000 in profit per month.

11. boAt 

Boat offers a fantastic selection of wireless speakers, headphones, earbuds, and earphones, distinguished by their premium construction, affordable costs, and cutting-edge designs. Founded in 2016, boAt is the leading earwear audio company in India. Thanks to the firm, users may simultaneously experience spirit and energy. Your monthly earnings as a boAt product promoter might easily reach ₹10,000.

12. Tata 1mg

When 1mg was introduced in 2013 under HealthKart, it mainly focused on the AYUSH product line for alternative treatment. Over time, it changed its name to 1mg, a pharmacy and healthcare portal offering medical consultations, lab testing, and prescription drugs. These days, 1mg provides a range of healthcare services. 1mg also includes information about drugs. It facilitates lab testing at home. Users of the portal may presently get in touch with physicians in 20 different specializations, and it offers over 2,000 tests and 120 verified laboratories. Earn up to ₹10,000 a month by simply promoting 1mg’s online medical consultations and lab testing, OTC, Ayurvedic, homeopathic medications, and medical equipment.

13. Nike

Nike has become one of the top brands in the shoe business, with its widely used trademarks being “Just Do It” and the Swoosh emblem. In addition, Nike creates, develops, produces, and sells clothing, accessories, tools, and services.

Nike, a major player in the footwear market that Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight created, is a popular place to get stylish shoes in India. Nike is well-known for their unique and stylish footwear for kids, adults, and both sexes. Another popular store for amusing accessories and athleisure clothing is Nike. Your monthly earnings as a Nike product promoter might reach ₹10,000.

14. Puma

One of the most significant sportswear companies in the world is PUMA. It provides the most fabulous clothing and footwear for running and training for both men and women, offering the best combination of style and performance. PUMA’s athletic style collections, with iconic designs like Suede (available for over 50 years), keep you looking gorgeous both in the gym and on the street.

PUMA offers the best clothing, accessories, and shoes available. Affiliates receive a commission on each sale they make in addition to access to exclusive offers, discounts, and special sales. With little work on your part, PUMA may assist you in generating a side income of as much as ₹7,000 per month.

15. PharmEasy

One of the well-known internet pharmacies in India is PharmEasy. PharmEasy links patients with pharmacies and medical facilities. You may promote and make up to ₹10,000 by providing consumers an upon request, home-delivered accessibility to a complete selection of consumer healthcare items, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and complete diagnostic test services.

16. Croma 

When Croma launched in 2006, it was India’s first big format specialty retail shop to meet all demands for home electronics and multi-brand digital gadgets. In the ten years since its founding, Croma has almost entirely replaced the term “all electronics needs” because of its tech-savvy staff, wide selection of products, Staged presence, and commitment to customer assistance.

You may advertise and make up to ₹20,000 a month by promoting various products from Croma, including software for gaming, mobile phones, home theatre systems, white goods, and appliances.

17. Tata Cliq

The centerpiece initiative for the Tata Group’s digital commerce is Tata Cliq. This multi-category e-commerce portal offers a range of products, including electronics, luxury goods, shoes, apparel, and accessories. With 1,200+ brands, 1,000 stores in more than 100 Indian cities, and a unique multichannel market approach, Tata Cliq offers consumers the convenience of speedier delivery (via store shipping), simple pick-up, and refunds.

One of India’s Best E-Commerce affiliate programs for fashion is the Tata Cliq partnership program. It is intended for website owners and online publishers who want to get the most out of their audience. Tata Cliq offers many products and services to benefit your users and readers. Still, you will also profit from the fantastic affiliate commissions accessible in many different sectors. As an associate partner of Tata Cliq, you may easily make up to ₹20,000 a month.

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18. MuscleBlaze

To provide Indian clients with sports nutrition products that are customized to their requirements and address their issues regularly, MuscleBlaze was founded in 2012. MuscleBlaze has quickly become a favorite brand among consumers because of its industry-first concept launches, which include authenticity, protein test certificates, the scoop on top, clinically studied goods, and more.

You may make between ₹5000 and ₹7000 a month by promoting MuscleBlaze’s range of goods, which includes Proteins, The winners, Cereals, Fit Food, Fish Oil, Creatine, and more.

19. 2Gud 

Refurbished smartphones, accessories, gadgets, and a wide range of other goods are sold on 2GUD.com. Benefit from amazing offers and savings in addition to prompt delivery. Shopping for reconditioned items is made more accessible with Flipkart’s 2GUD. It carefully refurbishes and repairs items before advertising them on the website, so you may use something as good as the novel, if not better.

Every product undergoes certification and grading from our numerous reliable partners or experts at F1 Information Solution and Services, which operates over 140 service centers throughout India. You may get ₹10,000 a month by promoting items from the top phone companies.

Important Elements

20. Snapdeal 

The top pure-play value e-commerce site in India is called Snapdeal. With around 35 million goods from over 1,25,000 companies and sellers spread over 800+ categories, Snapdeal is a marketplace on the internet with a lot to offer its users and partners in affiliate marketing. You may market anything by signing up for the Snapdeal affiliate program, beginning with men’s apparel. Earning between ₹25,000 and ₹30,000 per month, they work in women’s fashion, beauty, health, everyday items, and home and kitchen equipment. Examine the most recent affiliate commission rate Snapdeal offers and recommend the product that provides the most commission.

21. Apple 

In April 1976, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne, Jr. founded Apple, an American technology business. After being formed in 1977, the company was among the first to provide desktop computers with a graphical interface.

Within a restricted environment, Apple offers a wide range of products and services, from digital content streaming services to intelligent wearables. The company’s offerings include Apple TV, iMac desktops, MacBook laptops, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, iPod media players, and Apple Watch. You might make up to ₹5000 a month by marketing all these goods.

22. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets companies manage their operations, sell things online, and build an online shop. With capabilities like ordering stocks, payment processing, and advertising tools, Shopify offers e-commerce firms an all-in-one solution, which is its key advantage. It is appropriate for businesses of all sizes because it is scalable and flexible. The headquarters of Shopify Inc., an international e-commerce firm based in Canada, are in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is its in-house e-commerce platform for retail point-of-sale systems and online retailers. Online shops may choose from various services the Shopify platform provides, such as tools for customer engagement, marketing, shipping, and payments.

23. Ecwid

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform enabling companies to set up a website and sell goods. Ecwid’s primary advantage is its ease of use since it has an intuitive interface that simplifies creating and maintaining an online store. Additionally, it easily interfaces with social networking sites and well-known website builders, streamlining the process of selling goods through various channels. Ecwid, an acronym for ECommerce Widget, is a platform for online sales. We provide creatives and small company owners worldwide the ability to build stunning online stores without the need for programmers or designers.

24. eBay

Amazon Associates and the eBay Partner Program share a similar structure. 

It’s an e-commerce affiliate program designed and run by eBay that allows you to market, utilize, and profit from various items found on the eBay marketplace. 

More than 1.1 billion product entries are available, dispersed throughout many categories. There’s a good chance you’ll discover something for every affiliate landing page. 

You’ll also value the eBay Partner Network’s impressive e-commerce affiliate marketing resources. They will assist you in tracking and controlling every affiliate link that is posted online. 

The eBay Partner Network pays a percentage of fee ranging from 1% to 6%. The final amount you make is determined by the kind of goods you sell.

 Payments: PayPal or a bank transfer handles affiliate payouts once a month. All you have to do is go above ten units of the currency of your nation, such as ten pounds, ten euros, ten dollars, etc.

25. Etsy 

Etsy Affiliates is a third-place option on our list of top e-commerce affiliate programs. It is another referral program created by a comprehensive marketplace. 

Unlike eBay and Amazon, Etsy focuses on antique products, handcrafted goods, and craft materials. Because of this, Etsy Affiliates is a strong option for any creative professional looking to generate extra income. 

Art and collectibles, residential and commercial lifestyle, apparel, paper and party materials, accessories, wedding products, jewelry, and more are all featured in various fascinating product listings. They originate from more than 7.5 million online retailers who, taken as a whole, bring in over $5 billion annually. 

Etsy Affiliates is a possible high-converting affiliate marketing network based on that alone. 

Compensation: Depending on where you decide to post your affiliate marketing links, you may see differences in compensation rates, even if they are the same for all goods sold in online stores. Affiliate links posted on your website will earn you an affiliate fee of 4% on sales. This is double the rate that is associated with social media. 

Payments: There isn’t a set compensation timetable for the Etsy Affiliates program. If your account contains more than $20, you can manually start the procedure at any moment. The final step is to finish all remittances by check or ACH account deposit, either of which should result in an Etsy Payments base charge of 3% + $0.25.

Summing it up

We hope that our list of the Best e-commerce affiliate programs has assisted you in selecting the ideal platform to market and generate revenue from. In summary, we have discussed several possibilities that provide substantial commissions, superior items, and first-rate service. Remember that the e-commerce sector is expanding, and there are several ways to make money from your passion for online shopping. So, begin telling your audience about these beautiful programs right now!

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