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Top Tips for Successfully Claiming Air France Flight Cancellation Compensation

As an air traveler, you know that whenever you book a ticket, there is a good chance that your flight will be either canceled or delayed. With French air traffic controllers going on strike between the 11th and 13th of June, many Air France flights were canceled. This entitled people to Air France canceled flights compensation. 

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That said, like any other airline, Air France will try to find a way to deny your claim. After all, it is bad for business, especially if they still get delays regularly. Should this be your case, you must be prepared and follow the proper steps. In this article, you will find a couple of tips on how to succeed. 

What Are the Air Passengers Rights?

Air France can cancel or delay a flight for a variety of reasons. There could be issues with staffing, maintenance to be performed, or even bad weather throwing a dent. That said, you are still a consumer of their services, and therefore, your rights should be protected. This is where EC 261/2004 comes in – the European regulation that protects passengers from airline-originating incidents.

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Before doing anything else, it is essential to check EC 261 for air passengers rights when it comes to compensation. For the most part, if the flight was canceled less than two weeks before your departure, you are entitled to compensation if an alternative is not found. The alternative has to be within the same timeframe and with a less than 3-hour delay at the destination. 

You should be entitled to the following amounts if the delay lasted more than 3 hours:

FlightDistance (KM)Compensation (EUR)
Domestic1,500 or less250
International3,500 or more600

Keep in mind that the refund Air France is supposed to give you and the compensation are two entirely different things. Depending on the case, you may be entitled to both.

Top Tips to Get Air France Compensation

The more thorough you are with your steps, the more you can get on Air France cancelled flights. To make the most of your compensation, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep all the Documents

To get your compensation, you need to prove that you were on that flight and spent unnecessary money because of the delay. For instance, your ticket and boarding pass should be held onto for as long as possible, especially if there is a delay. 

Moreover, while most people habitually throw away their receipts, you should try keeping them instead. If there was a big delay and you paid for food, drinks, transportation, or accommodation, you could be given flight compensation based on the receipts. 

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2. Get a Flight Claim Company to Help

Airlines, Air France included, will try to find every loophole possible to keep you from having to pay. As a traveler, you might not know how to work around EC 261. However, a flight claim company like StopDelay will. Aside from the law, they also know more about the Air France cancellation refund policy and can obtain better results.

3. Be Concise and Clear

The more details you provide, the harder it will be for airlines to deny your claim. Offer clear proof, such as messages from the airline or pictures of the arrival board. You should also avoid being emotional and stick to facts, as this will make it much harder for them to use anything against you. By keeping your cool, you can get your ticket money back and the extra compensation. 

The Bottom Line

Air France can cancel flights, but that doesn’t mean your rights should not be respected. You just need to ensure you have all the proof and remain calm and collected. If you do, you should be able to receive Air France cancelled flight compensation in no time.


1. Can I Get Air France Compensation If I am Not a Citizen of Europe?

Everyone can get flight cancellation compensation from Air France, no matter if they are EU citizens or not. Air France is a European flight company, and as someone who flew with them, you are under the coverage of EC 261/2004. Therefore, you are entitled to compensation.

2. How Long Should It Take to Receive the Money?

Technically speaking, it should last a few weeks for you to get your Air France compensation. Most cases take around two to three months to reach a finality. That said, if you have a more complex case that requires legal action, it can take more than a couple of months.

3. How Far Back Can I Claim on Cancelled Flights from Air France?

Depending on the country, you can claim for unfortunate circumstances from two to three years ago. Still, ideally, you should not wait too long until you file your claim, as you can risk losing proof and documentation.

4. How Much Money Can I Claim in Compensation with Air France?

The amount you claim will often depend on the distance you have to cover. For short-haul flights up to 1,500, you can claim up to 250 EUR. However, long-haul flights that go past 3,500 km can entitle you to up to 600 EUR.

5. Do I Still Get My Money If It Was an “Extraordinary Circumstance”?

For the most part, extraordinary circumstances exempt the airline from having to pay compensation. However, you have to ensure it is “extraordinary.” If the delay or cancellation was caused by thick fog on the runway or a strike from air control, it was out of the airline’s hands. However, if it was due to technical issues that could have been avoided through maintenance, you can get compensation.  

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