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25 Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

In recent years, the health and well-being sector has increased in demand, emerging as a profitable opportunity for publishers and bloggers. This zone’s enlargement, particularly in e-trade, has been expanded, with online sales in fitness and health areas developing by over 20% yearly. For content creators focusing on fitness, health, and well-being, this field is particularly effective. Affiliate marketing plays an important role and has seen a boom in investment, attaining upwards of $8 billion in the industry. This growth is a testament to the arena’s robustness and its enchantment to a large audience. By aligning with the right affiliate programs, bloggers and publishers are not only entering a thriving market but also meeting their audience’s demand for genuine and well health-related content material and products.

In this blog, we’ll explore the 25 best fitness affiliate programs that are fit for bloggers and publishers. These programs not only provide them with quality products but also ensure their potential for passive income and growth in their career. 

List of 25 Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

We have prepared the list of top 25 health affiliate programs so one can explore and potentially join it according to your interest and skills. These programs had been selected for their quality products.  

1. Factor Meals

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Factor Meals stands proud in the food transport service industry because of its specialization in health and comfort. Their food is prepared by expert cooks and designed by dietitians, ensuring that each dish is both nutritious and healthy. 

The service caters to various nutritional preferences and prides itself on using healthy ingredients. This commitment to best makes it a popular choice for those seeking to follow their healthy weight-loss plan without sacrificing flavor or spending time on food preparation. Factor Meals’ affiliate programs offer a commission of $20 per sale for new clients, highlighting its emphasis on increasing its customer base through profitable partnerships.

Commission Rate$20 Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
URLFactor Meals Affiliate Program

2. SelfDecode

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

SelfDecode is another affiliate program that mixes your DNA, labs, and way of life to give you personalized hints on the basis of more than 350 health factors. With a commission rate of up to 25% and a cookie duration of 90 days, it is the best possibility to earn an extra income.

SelfDecode’s personalized technique makes it unique from other affiliate programs. By reading genetic facts and health records, they offer tailor-made recommendations that will help you optimize your well-being. Their popular products include DNA testing kits and comprehensive health reviews, permitting people to benefit valuable insights into their health and make informed decisions.

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3. Vitacost

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Vitacost is a main online retailer and direct marketer of health and well-being products, which include vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids and metabolites, cosmetics, organic body and personal care products, nutrients, and health ingredients.

Vitacost now sells over 45,000 healthy products. These products are from over 2,500 outstanding organizations, and they include awesome Vitacost logo objects. Vitacost distributes those items to customers directly through their official site. Vitacost satisfied its clients by offering a number of products, high-quality customer support, and other facilities. The Vitacost affiliate programs will pay as much as a 6% fee on each sale made through affiliate links and an average order length of over $75. Affiliates can also promote the products on ads, and Vitacost offers a number of promotional offers to affiliates to help them to earn passive income.

This program has a cookie duration of 7 days, because this affiliate may get rewards on transactions made in 7 days of a customer clicking on their affiliate link. Other incentives consist of bonuses and awards for top-performing affiliates.

Commission Rate3-6% Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
URLVitacost Affiliate Program

4. Smart Nora

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

If we began blogging about our sleep styles and desired to make cash even while doing so, we’d sign up for Smart Nora’s affiliate program. Why? Simply because they offer a revolutionary solution to a normal problem: snoring. Plus, it’s a single-product logo, so you only need to readjust your marketing and marketing strategies.

Smart Nora is designed to show the pillow right into a solution for better nighttime sleep, and it’s pretty cost-effective to think about how the product can transform people’s lives. People love making investments in ways to make their lives better. So, you can earn well by joining the Smart Nora affiliate program. 

5. Market Health 

Under the list of best health affiliate programs, Market Health also comes. They are an affiliate community focusing on well-being and beauty products. They provide diverse health and beauty items, such as supplements, weight loss, skin care, and anti-ageing products. This makes it best for everyone seeking to capitalize on the booming sales of healthcare products.

Their numerous ranges of products open up several opportunities for affiliates to interact with clients, increase clicks through referral links, and drive traffic and earn a good amount of income. 

What people love about Market Health’s affiliate program is its fantastic commission rate, accomplishing as much as 60% on each sale made through affiliate links. On top of that, affiliates are supported by an array of promotional tools like banners, text links, and email templates. These resources help them to efficiently market the goods and increase their income.

6. Innovet Pet

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Innovet Pet is the best affiliate program that offers a wide variety of specialized puppy supplements. With products tailored to meet the precise needs of different pets, Innovet Pet stands out as a top choice for pet owners looking for high-quality supplements.

One of the key advantages of the Innovet Pet affiliate program is its good commission rate, which ranges from 20% to 40% per sale. This way affiliates have the potential to earn a good amount of income by selling and promoting Innovet Pet’s products. Additionally, this program gives a cookie duration of 30 days, providing an extended time limit for affiliates to earn commissions from referred sales.

Popular products of this affiliate program include their CBD oil for pets, which is known for its therapeutic benefits, and their joint support supplements, which help improve mobility and alleviate soreness in growing old pets. These products have won huge popularity amongst puppy owners, making them the best option for you to sell their products as an affiliate.

Commission Rate20% – 40% Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days 
URLInnovet pet Affiliate Program

7. BeyondBody 

BeyondBody is a weight-loss organization whose main product is a customized wellbeing book for every customer. It is listed in the most popular weight-loss brands. 

On the brand website, a prospective purchaser answers a sequence of questions on their sleep habits, dietary options, workout practices, age, and gender earlier than being endorsed to shop for their personalized weight loss ebook. Plans include a paperback model and an app subscription that supplements the e-book’s content and allows users to lose weight. The 300 e-book consists of a tailored 28-day diet plan, a personal training program, a 30-minute meal prep manual, processes to assist your new conduct, mental well-being control, and other beneficial information.

BeyondBody shows the use of each e-book and the app for good results. The programs permit you to manage your calories, exercise, and water intake, build diet plans, and ensure your progress. BeyondBody’s affiliate program fits fitness or health content providers with their own YouTube, TikTok, Instagram channels, and podcasts.

8. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a wonderful affiliate program for many reasons. Not only does it offer a good commission rate of 15% per sale, but it also gives a long cookie duration of 30 days. These factors make it a best choice for affiliates to earn passive income.

What sets Charlotte’s Web apart is their commitment to creating an effect in the world and its inhabitants. Their variety of products, consisting of oil drops, gummies, capsules, and balm, cater to numerous needs. It also helps affiliates to target a huge audience and increase the chances of making a hit referral.

Commission Rate:15% Per Sale
Cookie Duration:30 Days
URLCharlotte’s web affiliate Program

9. Puritan’s Pride

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Puritan’s Pride has established itself as a brand name in the fitness and well-being industry, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional dietary supplements. Their products are carefully examined to ensure satisfactory and purity, catering to a range of health needs. From regular multivitamins to specialized supplements, Puritan’s Pride is devoted to helping the health goals of its customers. Affiliates partnering with Puritan’s Pride can expect a commission fee ranging around 4-8% per sale, inviting them to be a part of a brand committed to health and well-being.

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10. Olavivo

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Olavivo is another affiliate program that stands proudly in the industry. With a robust awareness of Ecommerce, Health & Beauty, Sweepstakes, Gaming, Dating, Finance, and Cryptocurrency, it offers a diverse range of opportunities for affiliates.

One of the best things about Olavivo is its high commission, starting from $250 and above. This price guarantees that affiliates can earn huge income for their efforts. Additionally, the cookie duration of 30-90 days gives enough time for affiliates to convert their referrals into sales and increase their income capacity. 

Olavivo is renowned for its top-notch products in various industries. From the latest technology in Ecommerce to quality health and beauty products, there’s something for each affiliate to sell. With Olavivo, affiliates can hopefully affiliate with a dependable community that gives good commission and long cookie duration, ensuring their fulfillment in the world of affiliate marketing.

11. Total Diabetes Supply

TotalDiabetesSupply.Com is the best affiliate program for all diabetics. This online platform has glucose tracking kits, non-stop glucose monitoring systems, insulin pumps, cartridges, etc. It also has nebulizers, catheters, syringes, and more. Their affiliate program is hosted by two affiliate networks, Commission Junction and ShareASale. The program gives a 6% base sales commission and overall performance-based total incentives.

12. Glasses.Com

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Glasses.Com is an online retailer in the eyewear industry, imparting a wide choice of prescription glasses and shades. The enterprise stands out for its revolutionary products, which allow customers to peer at how different bodies look on their faces digitally. This user-friendly method, blended with various styles from top brands, makes Glasses.Com a move-to vacation spot for eyewear. The affiliate programs at Glasses.Com usually give a commission rate of 5-10% per sale, attractive to companions who are interested in fashion and health.

Commission Rate5% – 10% Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
URLGlasses.com Affiliate Program

13. Green Chef

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Green Chef stands out in the meal kit transport marketplace with its attention to natural and sustainable substances. They provide numerous meal plans catering to distinctive diets, which include keto, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian. What sets Green Chef aside is their commitment to sustainable practices, from sourcing to packaging. Their meals are designed to be easy to use together, making healthy digestion exciting. Green Chef’s affiliate program offers a commission rate of about $15 per sale for new clients, appealing to the ones captivated by health and the environment.

14. Barefut Essential Oils

Unlike lots of different health-related products, Barefut has carved a unique area in the fitness and well-being niche. Since its establishment in 2012, Barefut has gained a lot of reputation in the market for its purity and healing features.

Another good thing about Barefut is that it reaches the top without a high fee tag. This feature attracts the target audience. As an affiliate, promoting the Barefut method you’re advocating for a healthier lifestyle through natural means. 

15. Athletic Greens

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Athletic Greens has gained a huge reputation in the fitness market with its flagship product, an all-in-one dietary supplement powder. This comprehensive blend consists of 75 nutrients, minerals, and complete food-sourced components, designed to help various physical features and health. 

The product appeals to those in search of a convenient way to enhance their everyday nutrient intake, especially busy experts, athletes, and health fans. Athletic Greens give a commission rate of around $10-30 per sale to profitable affiliates who help spread the awareness about this holistic method of nutrition among people. 

Commission Rate: $10-30 Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
URLAthletic greens Affiliate Program

16. Verma Farms

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Verma Farms is known for its premium quality CBD products that are crafted with more focus on sustainability and well-being. They offer more than a few THC-free products, including gummies, oils, etc. by using the organically grown, pesticide-free hemp. The logo emphasizes natural, simple components to promote health and well-being. Verma Farms’ affiliate program is appealing for its generous commission rate, normally at 25% per sale, making it the best option for affiliates in the well-being and CBD niche.

Commission Rate25 Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
URLVerma farms Affiliate Program

17. Walgreens

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

Walgreens will also be listed in the best health affiliate program, which is enriched with reliability, comfort, and a variety of health and well-being products. By aligning with this reputation on the brand, your commissions rate throughout various product categories, reflecting the good option. Walgreens becomes the reachable vacation spot for your readers’ well-being needs, and your affiliation with the brand indicates a dedication to creating well-being for all.

 As your readers are attracted to Walgreens for their health and well-being needs, your commissions reflect the inclusivity and reliability that define the logo, developing a partnership rooted in shared values and a commitment to accessible well-being. Walgreens frequently offers special offers, promotional reductions, and loyalty rewards, developing numerous possibilities for affiliates to have interaction with their target market and drive income.

Commission Rate1-4% Per Sale
Cookie Duration:30 Days
URLWalgreens Affiliate Program

18. ProHealth

ProHealth has over 30 years of experience in dietary supplements aimed at optimizing cognition, mental health and well-being. The brand is on the top to assist people to improve their health. For example, blood sugar control supplements can proactively minimize the risk of diabetes. Today, ProHealth has extra than 300 SKUs depending on brands, consisting of however not limited to Source Naturals, Nature’s Way, and Garden of Life.

ProHealth’s supplements are clinically authorized natural products. The website has a number of product categories, together with minerals, supplements, and nutrients to boost immunity, optimize energy and performance, improve cardio health, aid cognition, relieve stress, and assist digestion and detox.

19. Thrive market

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

With this health and wellness company, many of its affiliates mention how well they perform among affiliates and companions, and we can see why. Their affiliate program is a collaboration that benefits anyone involved.

The support systems or stage of customer support offered by this affiliate program can be an indicator of what form of experience you’ll have with a program. Thrive Market is considered as an expert of organic and non-GMO foods, which make it the best affiliate program for those who can promote the health products. Within their products, you’ll find pantry staples, in addition to an entire lot of health and beauty products. 

Commission Rate:$5 -40 Per Sale
Cookie Duration:30 Days
URLThrive market Affiliate Program

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20. iHerb

iHerb is an all-in-one health product supplier operating all over the world. The brand targets to make it easy for people across the globe to get access to healthcare products and dietary supplements. iHerb was established in 1996 and has grown to become the leading online store of dietary supplements. iHerb gives a range of natural supplements which assist you to maintain the diabetes and blood sugar levels.

In keeping with its task, iHerb ships to over 185 worldwide locations and accepts payment in 86 distinct currencies by 38 payment gateways. The website is to be available in 16 languages, permitting clients to examine unique product data with no language barriers.

iHerb’s inventory has passed the 30,000 products, and all products are bought without delay by the business company without involving any third-party dealers. With over 11 million returning clients, iHerb has become the major worldwide brand with 2,400 employee and temperature-controlled fulfillment centers in 8 regions.

21. CVS

Best Health and Wellness affiliate Programs of 2024

CVS Is a US logo that transcends the role of a pharmacy, rising as your neighborhood health. With handy locations, personalized services, and a dedication to community well-being, CVS has become the best brand to connect with a big target market. Your commissions increase throughout various product categories, reflecting the comprehensive nature of CVS’s services. 

Positioning CVS as a depended-on brand aligns your content with accessibility and care, fostering a dating that goes past personal transactions. Your affiliation with CVS will become a mirrored image of your commitment to selling well-being in nearby groups, and as your readers flip to CVS for their health and well-being needs, your commissions develop with the brand’s determination to network-centric fitness answers.

Commission Rate2 – 40% Per Sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
URLCVS Affiliate Program

22. Withings

Withings affiliate program is dealing in AI-driven health monitoring devices in an attempt to compete in the online health market. The brand offers AI health monitoring devices, together with blood stress video display units, sleep analyzers, body composition video display units and plenty more. The brand gives free returns, bendy fee plans as well as free transport.

23. Eco Gloves

Eco Gloves affiliate program is well-known for its environmentally friendly gloves. The platform was begun by a woman worried with the pollution that maximum industries take away on a daily basis. The platform manufactures gloves through compostable material and is purely plant-primarily based. Its nitrile and disposable gloves are used in more than one field, mainly hospitals.

24. Qardio

Qardio offers a comprehensive range of healthcare substances. This affiliate program was initiated with a vision of offering healthcare services to every individual. The platform has enlisted blood stress video display units, body composition scales, ECG video display units, pulse oximeters, thermometers, etc. The brand continues to grow across the globe because of its compromises on fast and responsive customer support.

25. Core Health Products

Core Health Products is an online platform dealing in healthcare products assisting the heart, joints, digestive system, bones and typical physical well-being. Their complete product line has something for everyone trying to optimize their fitness and physical performance. Recently, Core Health Products has introduced amino acids, proteins, and minerals to its product line.


Much just like the healthcare enterprise, health affiliate programs tend to evolve quietly. This method means that you need to be on top of all the latest developments. The health benefits of products, the credibility of well-being manufacturers, and the efficiency of affiliate networks are all crucial elements when you’re deciding on an affiliate program. Another factor to not forget is that some of the exceptional fitness affiliate programs for one set of bloggers may not be best for others, so take your time and don’t get too caught up in the recognition of a program. As the developments emerge, pivot consequently and ensure there’s an excellent alignment with your audience’s desires.

Whether you’re new to this field or an experienced, experience free to percentage your evaluations on affiliate marketing programs for health and wellness manufacturers.

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