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Hostinger Affiliate Program With 1800 INR Commission

Nowadays, every person loves to earn money without actually moving out of their comfort zone and Affiliate marketing can be a significant game changer. Almost every business has its website so that it can quickly reach a large portion of the population. You can easily earn a substantial amount of money with the help of affiliate marketing. You can even carry it on as a part-time job to earn extra income. However, Hosting is a great platform that provides web hosting plans to its customers. Any individual can launch their website with the help of hostinger as more than 20 million people trust it. It is a user-friendly and reliable platform with trustworthy services. This article will discuss the details of the Hostinger affiliate program with an 1800 INR commission.

What is a Hostinger Affiliate Program?

Hostinger, an affiliate program, is free-to-use, and it helps out the bloggers and owners of the websites so that they can sign up and promote their products. It is a widely used program that supports the popularity of the products. Moreover, users can get high commissions for every action they take. If you want your website to reach heights, the Hostinger Affiliate Program can be highly recommendable. There is no issue with products, as you can launch as many products as you want. However, it will only provide you with a significant income after spending time and money. You can get a guaranteed commission on every hostinger plan your family and friends buy from Hostinger. Every plan provides you with a commission of 1800 INR whenever your affiliate link is used for transactions by others.

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Hostinger Affiliate Commission Rate Details

Hostinger affiliate commission rate details

Hostinger provides dual benefits to its customers. The new customers will benefit from promoting their products to a greater extent. At the same time, the old users will be provided with communication whenever they promote their affiliate link to someone known. However, here are the hostinger more extended commission rate details:

User type Commission 
Old users Flat 1800 INR
New usersFlat 1800 INR

Hostinger Affiliate Program Benefits

Hostinger affiliate marketing is one of the great platforms that people highly recommend. It can benefit you as you do not have to excessively visit any office or anything. All you have to do is sit back and work online. However, some of the benefits of the Hostinger affiliate program are:

1. Earning potential

Hostinger is a great place to earn money. People are investing their time and effort in this platform because there are high chances to grow in this field. However, one thing that can be challenging when hostinger an affiliate program is creating a vast network. You have to be intelligent, communicate with people, and use your best communication skills so they can trust you. You can even opt for a Hostinger Affiliate program as part-time work and earn up to 15,000 INR – 20,000 INR per month. All you have to do is to use your affiliate link to launch their website.

2. Profit tracking and confirmation timelines

The Hostinger affiliate program provides you with an option to track the orders, and if you find any delay in getting the commission of the plan, then you can directly go through the website. However, the time for the commission to be confirmed may vary from one plan to another. The confirmation may take up to 1 hour – to 60 days.

3. Payment 

The user can also directly transfer the commission to their account. You need to confirm the commission. While it can take some time, you can surely get payment using your affiliate link. The fees of up to 10 INR will be transferred to your account after the confirmation.

4. No documentation required

We informed you that the Hostinger affiliate program is a free-of-cost app. You do not need any documentation to start earning from this app. All you have to do is download the hostinger app and sign up for free.

5. Automation tool

Hostinger could be an excellent earning platform but is also a user-friendly and reliable program. The user can efficiently do their business with the help of automated tools for the sharing process. However, these tools will help you to make the process more effortless. 

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Essential Details About The Hostinger Affiliate Program

Here is some of the necessary information about the Hostinger affiliate program.

Tracking Information

Users use this platform to earn money and promote their brands and products. However, in this process, the users can also earn a commission through their networking status. Tracking payment is essential when getting the commission. It will help you in showing your transaction in the pending status. However, here is the tracking information that you might need to know:

Tracking time1 hour
Web Yes 
Cookie duration30 days
App No 
Mobile web Yes 
Deeplink No 
Multiple conversion Yes 

Marketing Option For Promotion

Payment Information

Here is the payment information for the Hostinger affiliate program 

Payment duration6 – 8 days
Mode of payment NEFT 
Requirement for repayment Bank details 
Minimum withdrawal10 INR

Why Choose To Hostinger As An Affiliate Program?

Hostinger is an organization-wide platform that helps you provide names and Hostinger, which enables you to create a website. Hostinger can be a beneficial option if you have difficulty building a website. It is a reliable network that provides its customers with quick and secure hosting services. Moreover, it offers services to its customers through Cloud, VPS, Minecraft, WordPress, Shared Hosting, etc.

The ulterior motive of Hostinger is to provide a platform to the customer so that they can easily manage their website without any hassle. Moreover, web designers can easily create a website with this help. It is responsible for providing speedy, consistent hosting services without working hard. It gives people a space to learn about the internet, learning and personal development. Moreover, it prefers people to be more powerful and dependent on the internet and its potential. Hostinger is a famous website with an average user base of 29 million. It is considered one of the most reliable platforms for web designers. Moreover, if you promote this app, you can earn a significant commission without working a lot.

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Wide Range Of Hostinger Services To Promote

Hostinger is a vast platform that provides its customers with a wide range of deals. It is beneficial for web designers and an excellent means for those who want to earn a commission. Various plans are available, and you can promote them by providing affiliate links to the people. The moment you share an affiliate link with your friend or family, you will receive a commission. People use various hostinger services, such as Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, etc.


Hostinger is an excellent platform for those who want to earn an additional income. There are various affiliate program apps available for the people you can use and make the process of web designing much more straightforward and hassle accessible. You can easily download Hostinger and sign up for free. You can share your affiliate link with people so that every deal can provide you with a hefty commission.

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