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20 Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos Online in India

As a result of technological advancements, companies are now using online media for marketing purposes. This has made it possible for stay-at-home moms, those looking for part-time work, and students to make a lot of money because it doesn’t demand their physical presence.  Videos are a significant component of many businesses’ global content marketing campaigns. To be precise, some companies will charge you to view their TV and video material. The average hourly wage for video viewers at research businesses like Nielsen is $8. If you enjoy viewing movies online, consider turning it into a profitable side gig. You may watch videos online and make money as an employed individual or student. To learn more, continue reading.

20 Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos Online in India

Isn’t it amazing that you can Earn Money by Watching Videos Online in India? Its true, lets have a look at the platform that pay you for watching videos: 

1. Swagbucks

swagbucks: 20 Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos Online in India

The rewards and loyalty scheme website Swagbucks is regarded as one of the top earning applications available. You may accrue SB points by viewing videos, films, and news on Swagbucks. Depending on the subject, each video has a different number of SBs. A few users reported that they would only get up to three SBs for watching films ranging from ten to one hour. In addition, you may get money by doing internet searches, playing different games, spotting sales, and doing online shopping. The SB points you have accumulated can be redeemed for cash or gift cards through PayPal or a few retail sites that Swagbucks sponsors.

Download link for AndroidSwagbucks Play Games + Surveys – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS Swagbucks: Surveys for Money on the App Store (apple.com)

2. InboxDollars

Inboxdollar is one the 20 Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos Online in India

One of the most trustworthy and secure programs for watching movies and making money is InboxDollars. Watching different kinds of video advertisements on food, technology, entertainment, health and fitness, global news, celebrity rumors, and more can make you money. Twenty-four hours are allotted for watching 30 videos at most. With each video you view, you may earn five to twenty-five cents. Other things you may do on this platform include browse the internet and sign up for promotional offers. But what sets InboxDollars apart from competitors is that members receive daily payments for clicking through to promoted emails.

Download link for AndroidInboxDollars – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS InboxDollars: Surveys for Cash on the App Store (apple.com)

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3. App trailers 

Using App Trailers, you may get money by watching videos, such as DIY projects, movie trailers, and celebrity rumors

Using App Trailers, you may get money by watching videos, such as DIY projects, movie trailers, and celebrity rumors. This app differentiates itself from the competition by providing a unique capability for doing marketing research—Nielsen’s proprietary measuring software. Watching videos, which can last anywhere from 30 to several minutes, earns points on App Trailer. One penny is equivalent to ten points. All your earned money may be redeemed for gift cards from PayPal, Groupon, Amazon, eBay, Paytm, and bank withdrawals.

Download link for AndroidDownload AppTrailers | Aptoide
Download link for IOS NA

4. TaskBucks

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos on Taskbucks

Through the TaskBucks smartphone app, users may do little tasks and receive payment in the shape of credits that can be redeemed for cash or cell recharge. Companies may post digital and physical tasks, pay when finished, and rate other users. TaskBucks is an excellent online earning platform that allows users to view movies. You can watch movies, install apps, do surveys, take quizzes, and do a lot more with this app, all while earning up to ₹500 per day. Additionally, they provide a referral scheme that allows you to earn ₹25 each time a new user signs up for TaskBucks using your link. Your earnings may be sent using Paytm, MobiKwik, or direct cellphone recharges. 

Download link for AndroidTaskbucks – Earn Rewards – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

5. Pocket Money 

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos on pocket money

Through the company’s platform, users may earn income by completing microtasks like primary surveys and polls for advertisers that are advertised. This allows users to accrue savings and get access to credit. A fantastic app for making money while viewing videos is called Pocket Money.  This app provides several payment methods, including gaming, viewing movies, installing other apps, sending referrals, and clicking links. You may use Pocket Money to make up to ₹500 every day. You can then transfer your earnings to your Paytm wallet, use it for online purchases, recharge your phone, and get discount coupons.

Download link for AndroidPocket Money: Earn Wallet Cash – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

6. Roz Dhan 

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos on Roj dhan

Rozdhan is an internet platform that lets YouTubers promote the Roz Dhan application to get paid for their videos on YouTube. Users are required to create more than just an advertisement and a dedication video. The Android platform has access to the application. Roz Dhan is a reliable software for earning money while viewing videos. You may be paid with this app for doing tasks like answering puzzles, playing games, reading news, doing surveys, and much more. Additionally, Roz Dhan offers a welcome bonus of ₹50 upon signup and a daily login bonus. With Paytm, all the money obtained using this app may be redeemed.

Download link for AndroidRoz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

7. Viggle 

With the app Viggle, users can get paid to watch TV. Users must “check-in” on their smartphones when watching TV to receive compensation. The software uses aural cues to identify the TV station and show the user is currently viewing, awarding points for that particular show. Similarly, you may tap the app while watching Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu content. With the ability to earn one point every minute along with bonuses, players have a significant earning potential. Just watching 10 minutes of some episodes, fans might get a 10X bonus. Users of Viggle may communicate with friends and earn bonus points. Gift cards and other rewards can be obtained by redeeming these points.

Download link for AndroidViggle – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

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8. Nielsen digital voice

By installing the Nielsen App, you may measure laptop or mobile device watching activity using Nielsen Digital Voice, which is a lucrative method. Get additional benefits by participating in online surveys and earning awards for viewing videos. Each month, 400+ members get a total of ten thousand dollars from Nielsen. In addition to the websites listed above, one may investigate portals such as Mypoints, Fusion Cash, QuikRewards, Slidejoy, AppNana, etc. Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos Online in India. In order to get some extra cash, we also advise you to look into the Voot affiliate program. Making money by viewing movies and videos may be a comfortable and Easy way to earn money by Watching Videos that can benefit everyone.

Download link for AndroidNielsen Mobile App – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

9. Netflix 

Easy Ways to Earn Money on Netflix

The well-known subscription video streaming provider Netflix occasionally employs “taggers.” In order to provide genuine suggestions to Netflix users, these taggers must view and tag Netflix content. These tagger jobs are listed on the Netflix employment board. Thus, keep in mind Netflix’s fantastic potential for earning money the next time you opt to binge-watch the top movies on the streaming service. Netflix is a pay-per-view, over-the-top streaming service based in the United States. The service is available globally in many languages and primarily broadcasts original and acquired movies and television series from a variety of genres.

Download link for AndroidNetflix – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS Netflix on the App Store (apple.com)

10. YouTube

Easy Ways to Earn Money on Youtube

Google owns the American social networking and video sharing website YouTube. Launched on the fourteenth of February 2005, by three former PayPal workers, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, & Jawed Karim, it is accessible globally. After Google Search, it is the second most popular website globally, with its headquarters situated in San Bruno, California, in the United States. With over 2.5 billion per month, YouTube has over one billion minutes of footage seen every day. Over 500 hours of material were posted to the site per minute as of May 2019, and by 2023, there were around 14 billion videos available. The most widely used platform for watching videos online is undoubtedly YouTube. By getting accessibility to a freeware YouTube clip downloader, you may download videos of the highest quality at a rapid pace. On YouTube, you may discover videos covering any subject. You may get paid via Paid2YouTube to view videos. You must rate the videos, leave comments, subscribe to different YouTube channels, and invite others to join in order to increase your earnings. Your profits will be sent to you through PayPal once they exceed $10.

Download link for AndroidYouTube – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream on the App Store (apple.com)

11. ySense 

Easy Ways to Earn Money ySense

One of the greatest websites on which you can watch movies and get money is ySense. For the past eight years, I have been employed at ySense and earning money. You may begin using ySense by registering for an account here. In order to Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos Online in India, you will come across a variety of activities and offers on ySense that urge you to view various films and video advertisements. With ySense, you may also get compensated for doing online surveys. You may use Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal to pay out your earnings. Additionally, you may ask your friends to sign up with ySense, and you will receive additional compensation when your friends work. You may earn more money collectively the more people you invite. In other words, ySense is a welcoming online community in which you may have fun, complete easy activities, and make additional money.

Download link for AndroidySense – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS ySense on the App Store (apple.com)

12. AdFun

Easy Ways to Earn Money on AdFun

AdFun is an online presence that differs marginally from other lucrative websites. People bid on prizes here. You can work alone or in a group. Through AdFun, people may even communicate with one another. Watching videos might earn you money online. The money you made is then used to place bids on various prizes. The victor pays the price; the losers receive nothing. You can take part in several bids, but make sure you have the necessary funds or points. The new method to earn incredible rewards is with AdFun. A completely new method for you and your companions to view advertisements and win free, well-liked gifts! AdFun is easy to use: select your desired gifts, place an auction bid, and win! Your odds of winning increase as you watch. The most inventive rewards app ever is AdFun.

Download link for AndroidDownload ADFun 2.1.9 for Android | Uptodown.com
Download link for IOS NA

13. Cointiply

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos Online on cointiply

Because it compensates users in Bitcoin for viewing movies and doing other activities, Cointiply constitutes a unique site. Cointiply is available for download, and you may begin earning money online by exercising, taking photos, and watching movies. Customers can use Cointiply bitcoin faucet and rewards affiliate program. It provides an interface where users may view films, play games, and complete several offers and surveys to earn free Bitcoin. Users may withdraw their earned coins to their Dogecoin or Bitcoin wallets using this feature. It has options for payment, coin multiplication games, referral bonuses, loyalty benefits, etc. There is an Android app for certain devices.

Download link for AndroidCointiply – Earn Real Bitcoin – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS Coinigy on the App Store (apple.com)

14. Perk TV

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos Online on PerkTV

Through its mobile applications, Perk allows users to earn incentives and discounts for gift cards from a variety of companies with whom it has collaborated. By making purchases at more than 3000 partner retailers, users may accrue reward points that they can then redeem for vouchers and reward discounts. Perk Search allows users to surf the web and accrue redeemable points. With the Perk Screen app, users may unlock their smartphone’s unlock screen to find new brands, applications, and offers in addition to earning reward points. Users may also gain reward points and retail discounts by using other services like internet surfing and location-based check-ins. Users may also view entertaining videos and receive reward points by downloading the Perk TV app. Perk TV is a legit platform where you can Earn Money by Watching Videos Online in minutes. Here, you can watch ads, videos, and play games, search on the internet, etc., to earn PayPal money, points, and gift cards. You can use the gift card in Walmart, target and redeem the cash in PayPal.

Download link for AndroidPerk TV for Android – Download (softonic.com)
Download link for IOS Perk TV – Get Rewards for Watching Entertaining Videos – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download

15. Slidejoy

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching  Videos Online Slidejoy

Software solutions are designed and developed by Slidejoy Inc. The company provides applications for smartphones and other mobile devices that let companies and advertisers place advertisements, discounts, promo codes, and other promotional material on customers’ mobile lock screens. Slidejoy serves customers in the US. Slidejoy is an Android mobile application. It displays your video adverts while making use of your lock screen. It would be best to unlock your phone to view the complete advertisement. Every time you view a video advertisement, you can earn Carats; one Carat equals 1000. You may use PayPal to redeem your cash every fifteen days after seeing as many advertisements as possible. Slidejoy is a perfect app. You may use it to generate income passively. If you’d like, you may even donate your money to organizations that support others. You may also keep it to yourself. Everything is up to you.

Download link for AndroidSlidejoy for Android – Download the APK from Uptodown
Download link for IOS NA

16. Cashpirate

A smartphone software called Cashpirate pays users for doing chores. The activities include viewing films, completing surveys, downloading free applications, playing free games, and inviting friends. The awards may be exchanged for PayPal cash, Amazon, iTunes, or Steam credits. There is an Android app available. You may watch videos on this all-in-one money-making software and be paid for everything you do. Some activities include completing surveys, seeing films, downloading games, participating in product trials, and reviewing the gig list. On Cashpirate, you may get 200–300 coins per day. You may use PayPal to turn your 2500 coins into a $2.50 card after you’ve earned them. You may expect to earn about $2.5 a week. This is a faster and far better method to make money than other applications. 

Download link for AndroidCashPirate : Play to Earn Fun – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

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17. CheeseFree

Easy Ways to Earn Money on CheeseFree in 2024

Platform with an app store that provides user-generated content streaming. Users may make money by streaming brief videos on this platform. Users may make money by submitting videos, watching ads, and recommending friends. The software can only be downloaded by Android users. CheeseFree is a comparable software that enables users to earn money by Watching Videos online as they spend their free time viewing movies. You may earn immediate cash in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you may recommend it to others and receive prizes for doing so.

Download link for AndroidCheeseFree: Make Money Watching Videos for Android – Download (softonic.com)
Download link for IOS NA

18. 1Paisa App 

Easy Ways to Earn Money on 1Paisa App in 2024

This free software, accessible on iOS and Android, funds your associated Paytm wallet in exchange for uploading meal receipts. The app contributes Rs 5 to your purse after every receipt. With every receipt, you also accrue Yumies or loyalty points. You may play the lottery with the Yumies and win rewards. You can locate local eateries with the app’s built-in search feature. You may get a free phone recharge with the money you earn using this app. Before using these apps to make money by watching movies and adverts, you must register a free account. Once installed, you may begin earning money by doing this. Installing any apps the 1paisa app recommends for your phone will also help you earn some decent cash.

Download link for AndroidOnePaisa – Micro ATM – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

19. iRazoo

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos on Irazoo in 2024

Owner of a New York, USA-based online incentives and cash-back platform. Free games to play online, gift cards, coupons, and payback points are all available on the business’s online reward and cash-back website. These features allow users to earn discounts on their subsequent online purchases. You may earn prizes on the website iRazoo for performing tasks including seeing advertisements, responding to surveys, viewing movies, and playing games. You can also view brief films such as movie trailers, app commercials, and culinary instructions to gain extra points. You may use PayPal to redeem the prizes or cash after you’ve reached the 3000-point level.

Download link for AndroidiRazoo Rewards: Watch & Earn – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

20. Ibotta 

Easy Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos on ibotta in 2024

Ibotta is a mobile technology firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado, founded by CEO Bryan Leach. Through collaborations between CPG (customer package goods) companies and network publishers, Ibotta provides cash-back incentives on various items and services, including grocery, online shopping, general products, retail stores, travel, entertainment, and pet supplies. Among other consumer areas, rewards may be accessed through the mobile application Ibotta.com, browser extension, or Ibotta Performance Network. Furthermore, Ibotta offers cash back and refunds for purchases of alcohol made at grocery shops, bars, restaurants, and liquor stores (alcohol, beer, and spirits). The company’s rewards-as-a-service offering, the Ibotta Performance Network, debuted in 2021. On the website Ibotta, users may earn money by watching videos online and commercials and making online purchases. The website is easy to navigate and doesn’t present any issues.

Download link for AndroidIbotta: Save & Earn Cash Back – Apps on Google Play
Download link for IOS NA

Summing it up

It is possible and enjoyable to make money from your internet time. Whether you want to watch movies or share your expertise by writing reviews and tutorials, certain websites will compensate you for your work. Select the approach that aligns with your passions and venture into a realm where you can earn money by watching Videos online, that you love so much.

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