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Etsy Affiliate Program: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

If you have been reading my blog, you have probably seen that I have been completely engrossed in Affiliate Marketing and how you can monetize your blog (regardless of what niche you write about) for the past year. For this reason, I believe you can profit from my guide on how to sign up as an Etsy affiliate partner. Content creators, often known as bloggers, possess all the necessary resources to effectively market to their audience without actually making a sale. That’s how affiliate marketing works, and it’s one of the best ways to monetize a website in my opinion.

There are moments when the affiliate marketing industry seems overly cluttered. High DA sites appear to be the majority of the most well-liked affiliate schemes. You are therefore forced to ponder how to compete. If only there existed an affiliate network that catered to the majority of niches. Where products that aren’t found anyplace else on the Internet can be found. Etsy might be exactly what you’re looking for in such situation. But after reading our comprehensive analysis of the Etsy affiliate program, you’ll be assured. Now let’s move.


Etsy Affiliate Program: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, affiliate marketing is when you use a special set of links to drive visitors to online stores. In exchange, the retailer pays you a commission for each sale you refer to them. This is a fantastic opportunity for bloggers who frequently share products or services on their blogs to talk more about the things they genuinely enjoy and use and get paid for it, without having to wait to become extremely popular bloggers in order to have paid sponsorships with those exclusive brands.

I’ve published a whole piece about what a newbie should know about Affiliate Marketing and how to make your first $1000 in affiliate sales if you’re interested in learning more. I cordially invite you to sign up for my Zero To Superhero Affiliate Marketing Training if you’re certain that this is the greatest approach to monetize your site but need a little more help getting started. I made this bundle specifically for bloggers who want to accelerate their success and are beginning to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

(It took me four months to generate my first affiliate sale; you can read about why here.) With the correct resources and techniques, though, you may begin generating revenue this month! And that’s precisely what I offer in the training package mentioned above.) 

For those who do not know, Etsy is an online marketplace where vintage and artisan businesses can open an online store. They may now “own” their firm without needing to have a website thanks to this. Three friends saw a gap in the market in their New York City apartment, which would later become the birthplace of Etsy. Etsy was created after that. What does the name of the brand mean? Nothing. They invented it. Etsy had already made over $1.5 million in sales by the time 2007 arrived. And as word of the site spread like wildfire, artisans and vintage vendors flocked to it. Since then, Etsy has continued to grow, culminating in a prosperous initial public offering in 2015.

The community that uses affiliate marketing is also fond of this platform. let’s Investigate the reason for that.

Which Products Are You Able to Advertise? 

Two main categories are the emphasis of Etsy products: handmade items antique goods That may give you the impression that it functions similarly to an internet thrift store that specializes in selling jewellery and handcrafted gifts. However, we are discussing authentic vintage goods. And a tonne of other things. Regarding handcrafted goods, Etsy frequently flouts its own regulations by permitting mass-produced goods to be listed for sale. That they are the exception rather than the rule is wonderful news.

Additionally, they do remove products created in sweatshops, which are the obvious culprits. In any case, it is the moment to examine the various main product types that you may encounter:

  • Accessories & Jewellery
  • Clothes and Sneakers
  • Residence & Lifestyle
  • Party & Wedding 
  • Entertainment & Toys
  • Tools & Supplies for Crafts 
  • Collectibles & Art
  • Old-fashioned 

It may appear like there are only a few products available, yet each main category has subcategories.

Alternatively, if you go through their “Vintage” category, you’ll discover a completely different consumer electronics subcategory: vintage cameras. In summary, Etsy encompasses much more than unique wedding presents and party décor. “Can I be an Etsy affiliate if I already run a store on their platform?” is a frequently asked question. “Yes” is the response. The sole stipulation is that commissions on purchases made from your own store will not be earned. Which is just fine.

Why Join The Etsy Partnership?

How does the Etsy affiliate program work?

However, this tutorial is more focused on signing up for the Etsy affiliate program than it is on how to make money with affiliate marketing. Since, indeed! Linking to almost anything on Etsy can start earning your money. The following four factors make joining Etsy’s affiliate program worthwhile:

There is something for everyone there. We frequently forget to conduct additional research on some of the available online retailers while choosing the best affiliate programs for our blogs. You might not even think about becoming an Etsy affiliate, for instance, as a business blogger, but I can think of ten products right now that are available on Etsy that your audience would find appealing (printables, quotes, planners, web design themes, stock photos, media kits, office desks, personalized gifts and much more).

That also applies to all other niches! Whether you buy on Etsy yourself or not, there’s always something your audience would want to see (and appreciate you bringing it to their notice) among the many custom-made things that the platform offers.

When you promote something on your blog, you have to work hard to gain your audience’s trust so they will take you at your word. That’s just the way things work! It is almost impossible for you to make a ton of sales if you link to a website that people have never heard of. But that trust already exists since Etsy is such a well-known platform.

Nobody is reluctant to enter their credit card details on Etsy. It’s likely that they are devoted clients who already have an account. Getting visitors to visit their website is all that is required. (They have a 30-day cookie term, which means you will still get paid if someone clicks on your Etsy affiliate link now and doesn’t make any purchases, but returns to Etsy in two weeks and does).

You will thus succeed if you can persuade individuals to click on your link and then suggest a few products to them that you know would address their issues. They provide excellent bonuses and commission rates.

For those who have already made an Etsy buyer account, the affiliate program offers 5% commission, whereas for new purchasers (those who haven’t), it offers 8%. Although those rates are quite impressive on their own, the competition and bonuses offered by Etsy are what really make becoming an affiliate fun. You will be put to Etsy’s email list as soon as you sign up for their affiliate program (I’ll walk you through the process in a sec).

Thus, in addition to providing advice on how to boost your earnings with them, they also provide gift cards or cash bonuses as incentives to their affiliates. Currently, anyone who makes a Christmas gift guide with at least eight Etsy products will receive a £10 bonus and will be placed into a drawing to win three £250 bonuses. They hold these kinds of contests all year long (they held one comparable to this around Halloween), offering you a fantastic opportunity to increase your income and produce lucrative content at the same time!

In summary, Etsy is a fantastic resource for identifying products that are relevant to your audience, has a solid reputation, and provides generous affiliate incentives. What would prevent you from signing up for their affiliate program? Stay put if you do, but you’re not sure how to go about it! Since that is precisely what this piece is about! 

Directions For Being An Etsy Affiliate

If you’re convinced and prepared to register, it’s a really easy process. Making an AWIN account registration is the first thing you should do. The affiliate network that manages their program is called AWIN, which essentially means that they locate, sign up, and communicate with their affiliates via a third-party app.

You may view your statistics, obtain your links, and get paid by logging onto your AWIN dashboard after registering. I strongly advise registering with them because you can utilize this network to join thousands of other programs under the same account. While registering is free, there is a $5 fee that is incurred so that the account can be verified. (They do this to eliminate spammers.) However, be at ease! Upon your initial payment, you receive your money back. I attest to that.

Simply select the “Sign Up” button in the corner and provide all the necessary information to get started. You’ll be asked a few questions about yourself and your site, but it’s really a simple procedure overall. In order to use your account immediately, make sure you have filled out all the necessary information. All you need to do if you already have an account is log in. The crucial next step is to submit an application to join Etsy’s affiliate program. To join the program, simply navigate to Advertisers > Join Programs, search for and choose “Etsy,” and then click “Join Program.”

You can click the small “+” symbol to join or, if you’d like additional information, click the program name and select “Join Program” from the sidebar. Remember to include a brief statement explaining how you intend to use your blog to promote Etsy in order to improve your chances of being accepted. Even though 98% of applicants are accepted, you can stand out from the crowd and expedite the approval process by composing a few phrases. And presto! You are an affiliate for Etsy!

How Does The Etsy Affiliate Program Work?

Benefits of Joining the Etsy Affiliate Program: a Comprehensive Guide

This is thankfully a simple section. Awin oversees Etsy’s affiliate network throughout North America, Europe, and the rest of the world. If your application is rejected, US publishers can still apply through the FlexOffers affiliate marketing network. You only ever have to deal with Awin, though, aside from that. Thus, the first thing you should be aware of is that there is a $5 refundable joining fee for this specific affiliate network. Although I understand that they take this action to prevent spammers, it’s still inconvenient. Fortunately, there isn’t more to their application process. Just be sure to enroll in the appropriate affiliate marketing program version for your area.

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Advantages of Becoming an Etsy Affiliate

For those who want to connect with a dedicated audience and monetise their online presence, there are several advantages to joining the Etsy Affiliate Program. Here are a few main benefits: 

Possibility of receiving passive income

The path to passive money is becoming an Etsy affiliate. You have the chance to get paid as an affiliate for qualifying sales that are made via your affiliate links. This implies that as long as your audience clicks on your Etsy affiliate links and makes purchases, you can continue to generate money even if you’re not actively marketing Etsy products. Over time, the Etsy affiliate program can generate a reliable income stream with persistent work and skillful promotion.

Having access to a large selection of unusual goods

Etsy is well known for its enormous assortment of handmade, vintage, and unique goods. You can market a wide variety of products that appeal to a broad audience as an affiliate. Etsy has an extensive selection of products to cater to various hobbies and preferences, regardless of your niche being fashion, home décor, art, or personalized presents. With so much diversity, you may choose posts that appeal to your readers and raise the possibility that sales from your Etsy affiliate links will result.

Resources and assistance for affiliates

Etsy cherishes its affiliate partners and offers tools and assistance to ensure their success. When you sign up for the Etsy Affiliate Program, you have access to a special affiliate platform with a range of tools and services to help you with your marketing. These could be banner ads, link builders, and tools for tracking your performance and earnings in reports. In order to keep affiliates updated about new product releases, promotions, and methods for optimizing their revenue, Etsy’s affiliate network frequently offers newsletters, updates, and training materials.


One of the larger affiliate networks available is Creatives Awin. They therefore understand that the less support emails they have to handle, the easier it will be for affiliates to add text affiliate links or banner ads to their website. A small headache can be saved by not having to click in, select “Highlight code,” and then click out again. It also saves time. It’s unfortunate that more affiliate networks don’t use this strategy. 

Payments to Affiliates 

Not getting paid at all is the only thing more unpleasant than payments that are late. However, you can count on receiving your payment on schedule if you choose to use Etsy’s affiliate network to promote their products. Actually, on the first and fifteenth of each month. It goes without saying that you cannot be compensated for sales that have not been authenticated, so for at least the first thirty days, don’t count on receiving any commissions. However, after that, you can anticipate getting paid every two weeks, or once a month if you’d like.

Regarding how you will be compensated by Etsy’s affiliate program, you have a few choices: 

Verify the ACH international wire payment to the bank account. PayPal and cryptocurrency alternatives are now unavailable, however I anticipate that this will change. The lowest payout criterion is $20 USD, but for those that are really big, it can go up to $10,000 USD. Cookies A 30-day cookie is included with the Etsy affiliate program, which is pretty much the norm for the better affiliate networks available. Additionally, Etsy has plenty of time to turn visitors to those Etsy stores into purchases. Additionally, this cookie tracks “last click” attribution, so only direct warm traffic to Etsy deals and content. 

Affiliate Equipment 

These resources are part of the Awin network itself, not the Etsy affiliate program. However, this does not lessen their value. You can build deep links to any product on the Etsy store by using the “Link Builder.” The “MyAwin Chrome Extension” is one excellent Etsy affiliate tool. This enables you to just visit the Etsy website and peruse the selections until you discover something you like. After that, all you have to do is click the extension button to instantly establish an affiliate link. While not very ground breaking, the ability to construct text links in this manner does make the job of an affiliate marketer slightly simpler.

Rates of Commission Finally, the most crucial part is here: the payment you receive for including Etsy affiliate links in your work. You will be paid 4% for referrals from “standard publishers” and 2% per sale for referrals from user-generated content (UGC) in the Etsy affiliate program.

Sales that originate directly from an Etsy affiliate link or banner ad are referred to as “standard publisher” sales. “UGC” sales are those brought about by material shared on social media sites, such as pictures, videos, and other media. Basically, using regular Etsy affiliate connections is just safer and more lucrative. Another issue to be wary of in the Etsy affiliate network is zero commission rates depending on the customer’s chosen payment method. You won’t get anything at all from purchases you make on Etsy using a credit or debit card, checks, money orders, or any other method. Within the Etsy affiliate program, customer purchases of gift cards are also eligible for a $0 commission rate.

You can see why I often stress the importance of reading the fine print when it comes to earning money. It’s also important to note that Etsy will pay your affiliate commission regardless of the nation from which the referral originated. Are you turned off by the 4% commission rate? Most likely because you’re wondering how you may potentially profit from Etsy affiliate marketing, which pays 4% of the price of handcrafted goods sold. You’re right; it’s unlikely that you can. However, what if you included affiliate links to a vintage typewriter valued at $600 on your website?

As soon as you get over the notion that Etsy is only for present ideas, money can be made. When it comes to Etsy offerings, you just have to—and I hate myself for saying this—think creatively. If you’re prepared to put in the effort, Etsy may be a veritable inspiration gold mine. 


Let’s examine the level of assistance that Etsy can provide. It’s good to note that Etsy offers a lot of help through their affiliate team and manager as part of their Awin affiliate program, as newer affiliates typically have more questions than answers. You can ask questions via the contact form, browse a Wiki, watch instructional videos, and use the live chat assistance feature.

You get that human connection that is absent from most support systems. On their website, the information you require is thus always just a few clicks away. About as complete as affiliate programs get, that’s what you can expect.

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Calculating the Net 

Are you still unsure of your feelings on the Etsy affiliate program? Let’s examine the clear benefits and drawbacks to assist you in deciding if you should sign up as an Etsy affiliate. 


  • 4% commission is just about sufficient to justify it. 
  • Etsy is unique and leads the market in the vintage and artisan sector. 
  • There is adequate product variety to meet the needs of most markets. 
  • Every Etsy item you sale supports a small company. 
  • Overseen by Awin, therefore your profits are secure 
  • There are exclusive goods on Etsy that you won’t find anyplace else. 
  • A 30-day cookie is yours. 
  • Several marketing resources and talented individuals to collaborate with Etsy is a rapidly expanding firm (IPO)


  • “Net 30” is actually closer to “Net 60.” 
  • Even yet, a 4% affiliate commission is still somewhat low. 
  • Etsy is known for prioritizing profit over the work of its creators. 
  • To sign up, you must pay a $5 application fee that is refundable (Awin, not Etsy itself) URL: Affiliate program for Etsy 
  • Commission range: 2% to 4% 
  • Timetable for payments: biweekly or monthly $20 is the payment threshold.
  • Cookie life: 30 days

Summing it all

So, is it worthwhile for you to sign up for the Etsy affiliate network? Indeed. The Etsy marketplace and its offerings to Etsy affiliates are really appealing to me. But when you assess it, you have to look deeper than just the obvious. There are a ton of interesting things here to appeal to everyone, including nerds and the wedding and home décor niches. Moreover, vintage and retro styles are quite hot right now. Although we could say that of practically any affiliate scheme, the commission rate may be significantly higher. You may do excellent research on possible niches for your own websites there as well. We are also able to assist you with that. You may really sign up for our free course to learn how to launch your first successful specialty website. A website that could provide years of income for you and your family. It’s a completely free class as well. Credit card not needed. You just need to decide whether or not to show up. which you are able to accomplish here.

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