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Adidas Affiliate Program: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Adidas holds the number two position among the world’s leading sports apparel companies based on its German origin. The company is known for its athletic shoes nowadays and for ‘kids’, ‘adults’, and male apparel. Adidas, in 2022, was at the peak of Global Reptrak, whose position made the company the highest in the active lifestyle brands industry. Adidas was first brought to the public eye during the 1936 Olympics, where Jesse Owens, an athlete of the movie series Star Trek, wore Adidas sneakers while winning four gold medals. Adidas has an affiliate program that is considered one of the top such systems in terms of high commission, with many advantages to it. If you want to explore further on the Adidas program, you will find the details and the data below! Read through below as they meet your current affiliate marketing goals.

How the Adidas Affiliate Program Works?

How the Adidas Affiliate Program Works?

Like any other affiliate program, the first step is filling out a form with all the required data—name, address, phone number, etc. The best place to do this in the United States is the Adidas Affiliate page hosted by Affiliate Window, their third-party Affiliate partner, Impact. Unlike other affiliate programs, once you are approved by Adidas (Impact Company), you will have to provide information regarding the platforms and methods of promotion you will use to advertise their products. You will be able to employ many promotional methods from emails to blogs, content marketing, social media pages, YouTube channels, etc. You will, however, be better off having at least one marketing channel if you have several. 

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What do you need to do to be approved as an Adidas affiliate?

Boost Your Earnings with Adidas Affiliate Program

Incorporating Adidas, one of the world’s leading sports and apparel brands, you can be assured that Adidas will not only pass some of the affiliate applications. The intention is to work with affiliates that can display the brand as a positive one with a family-friendly perspective. They go for the recognized affiliates and strive to apply the tried and tested marketing techniques (no spamming) to get traffic to the pages and social media. Below are a few methods you can use to be accepted into the Adidas affiliate program: Below are a few methods you can use to be taken into the Adidas Affiliate Program: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners:

1. High-quality Content:

Under the banner of Adidas, whatever promotional method you use – blogging, social media sites, YouTube, or any other platform- your work’s content needs to be engaging, well-written, and well-executed. Well, it is more so if using a website and publishing reviews, Pro & con lists, comparison reviews, etc.

2. The email domain is identifiable by a company name or URL:

Avoid Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail email IDs, as they are one of the most significant factors preventing you from getting accepted into any affiliate marketing program. 

3. A marketing plan. But they won’t always ask you that:

If they do, Adidas and Impact will need to see a promotion plan that you are willing to use any communication type you wish. It is wise to create a 1-year plan of implementation, which is highly recommended.

4. An appealing website, YouTube channel, or social media page:

This is a crucial consideration as this is where tourists will touch you, see Adidas products, and click links to buy products.

5. Allow Adidas (Impact) to contact you for answers:

A voice code is necessary for anyone to reach you without fail and is working. The same applies to a proper email you use and read frequently.

What Products Can You Offer as Adidas Affiliates?

Boost Your Earnings with Adidas Affiliate Program

 One of the main advantages of working with Adidas as an affiliate is its extensive array of items. Of course, their footwear is their biggest drawcard. Nevertheless, Adidas also manufactures other good quality products for adults and children. Some of the excellent products you can earn commissions for promoting some of the fantastic products you can earn commissions for promoting have:

a. Footwear: The footwear line by Adidas consists of running shoes, sneakers, sandals, football and basketball shoes, and others.

b. Men’s clothing: Adidas’ men’s wear line offers various quality clothes, such as football jerseys, tank tops, T-shirts, and casual wear. 

c. Women’s clothing: Women can get all these pieces, such as leggings, track pants, sports bras, T-shirts, etc., from Adidas.

d. Children’s clothing: The Adidas brand has many different items for children – from footwear to apparel, accessories, and many more.

e. Accessories: From bags to face covers, gym bags, socks, and headwear, Adidas has a huge and fashionable accessory line that you can promote.

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What is the Adidas Affiliate Program Commission Structure?

What is the Adidas Affiliate Program Commission Structure?

Locating the specific information about the commission structure Adidas uses in the US takes work. However, you can use Impact.com as a sign-up partner, which would entitle you to 7% of commissions from the eligible products sold from the promotional pages. While not explicitly related to commissions, Adidas and Impact provide several benefits to their affiliate marketers to help them significantly increase their affiliate earnings, including: While not expressly related to commissions, Adidas and Impact offer several benefits to their affiliate marketers to help them improve substantially their affiliate earnings, including:

1. Recurring Transactions:

Your commissions will be credited when a customer purchases an Adidas product through your affiliate link and makes three other purchases within 30 days.

2. Adidas has a 30-cookie life:

If a person clicks a link from your website or social media account to purchase a product from Adidas through your page or platform, you will get a commission for that product within the next 30 days if the item is purchased. It is probably the best choice in the category of cookie referrals of affiliate marketing.

How do you earn $1000 per month as an Adidas affiliate?

Boost Your Earnings with Adidas Affiliate Program

Each affiliate program involves one major factor, the numbers that result in commission earnings. The more visitors you attract and the more links people click on, the higher your income will be and the lower your income. This is why the quality of your website, YouTube channel, or social media page matters. And when you do, more people will visit your site, which leads to more clicks and sales. Here is a quick breakdown of how you can make $1000 monthly with the Adidas affiliate program through their Ultra boost 22 Men’s Running shoes that go for USD 190.00.

a. Product: ($190.00) x 7% Commission = $13.00 profit per sale.(Approximately)

b. 77 orders x $13.00 per order = $1001.00

c. To have 77 customers buy in a month, you need 7700 visitors to your website or channel per month with a 1% conversion rate.

d. 7,700 visitors*1% conversion rate*77 sales*$13.00 commission = $1,001.00

e. If you had a 2% conversion rate, you could earn just the same $1,000 as with 3350 visitors to your website.

f. 3,350 visitors x 2% conversion rate=77 sales x $13 commission per sale=$1001.

g. If you sell Adidas NMD R1 Running Shoes for Women, which cost $150, you need more sales to reach the $1,000 mark.

h. Product ($150.00) x 7% = $10.50 profit per sale.

i. 96 Sales x $10.50 per sale = $1,008.00.

What are the Pros/Cons of the Adidas Affiliate Program?

Excellent brand recognition.Regional affiliate programs. Such a situation may, for example, emerge if you are in the US and you cannot promote Adidas in Europe, and the same happens if you are in Europe and cannot serve your US customers.
Free to join.High competition.
30-day Cookie. (One of the best in the affiliate market is a great example.)
Commission on the following three sales.
7% commission on all deals that qualify.
• Well-informed and helpful promotional materials
• Largest sportswear company in Europe and the second biggest on the planet.


Adidas Affiliate Marketing is one of the most preferred options for earning through affiliate marketing. The high commission rate and the high-quality products makes it the best brand for affiliate marketing. The products of Adidas are loved by everyone around the globe and the company is very famous, which is the profitable aspect for the earners. 

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