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My Happy Horizon Huy Cuong • Better Limit • 2023

From mood enhancement to improved cognitive health, listening to motivational music and songs comes with innumerable benefits. With cut-throat competition everywhere, it has become quite an ordinary thing for more than half of the population to feel stressed out and underconfident. That’s where music plays a significant role and rescues us from all sorts of distress and adversities. Inspirational songs with profound meanings about life and challenges work like a healing therapy for most of us. “My Happy Horizon” written by Huy Cuong is one such creation that helps people defeat hardships Psychologically and emotionally.

About My Happy Horizon Huy Cuong • Better Limit

My Happy Horizon written by Huy Cuong released in 2023. As soon as the song was released and people heard it for the first time, it left everyone dumbfounded. The lyrics of the song made a special place in the millions of hearts. The context of the song depicts the importance of self-exploration and redefining limits. The album, Better Limit, has a series of mind-blowing songs, and “My Happy Horizon is one of the songs that has its unique significance and charm.

Where To Listen: My Happy Horizon Huy Cuong • Better Limit • 2023

Released on:2023-02-14
Composer:Huy Cuong
YouTube Link:Click Here
Apple Music:Click Here
Youtube MusicAvailable
Apple MusicAvailable
Jio SaavanAvailable

My Happy Horizon Huy Cuong • Better Limit(All Songs)

Check out the full list of the songs available in “Better Limit” Album:-

S.no.SongsLenth of Song
1Alternative Expressions4:29
2Autumnal Breathe4:37
3Better Limit4:34
4Change Life4:44
5Different Shindig4:29
6Discover Sunset4:31
7Exuberant Catnap4:41
8Gentle Limit4:30
9Greek Feelings4:35
10Gypsy Lines4:36
11Chill Horse4:38
12Chilled Romance4:36
13Cold Madness4:31
14Cool Ways4:38
15End Of Brave4:47
16Hibernate Solo4:29
17Hispanic Touch4:28
18Home Of Time4:37
19Breath Of4:29
20In Inspiration4:27
21Infinite Limit4:53
22Need Voyage4:45
23Out Of Things4:38
24Paradise Of Roses4:46
25Is This End4:30
26Is This Soul4:36
27Napping Wavec4:41
28Pure Coffee4:44
29Put Your Space4:38
30Remember Magnet4:41
31Rest Nightclub4:37
32Shuffle Limits4:40
33Kind Fantasy4:38
34Lighter Rain4:39
35Mil Solo4:42
36My Happy Horizon4:45
37Smiling Night Rain4:47
38Soothing Yesterday4:29
39Unquiet Blues4:35
40Troubles Of Magnet4:45
41Spread The Folk4:42
42Stuck With Away4:55
43The Dream4:40
44Soul Of Mandolin4:44
45Thoughts Of Yard4:36
46Totally Wave4:48
47Splurgy Of Spring4:28
48Think About Chost4:35
49This Repetition4:51
50With Mixtape4:47

About the composer 

My Happy Horizon Huy Cuong • Better Limit • 2023

Huy Cuong is one of the renowned Vietnamese lyricists, who is blessed with exceptional talent and it can be shown in his voice and the rhythm of his songs. He has unwavering passion and dedication for music and that became evident when he celebrated his 50th birth anniversary by releasing his music DVD. “City of flying rain.” 

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Wrapping Up

Unlock unlimited fun by listening to the magical creations of Huy Cuong. It won’t take you long to get rid of your mental trauma caused by the outcomes you received from the outside world. Add more fun and joy to your life by listening to mind-soothing music. 

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