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Major Categories of Car Services

Acquiring a car requires significant financial investment, while safeguarding requires even more deliberate efforts. A lot goes into ensuring that your car is in good conditions.

Just as you need regular appointments with your doctor for checkups and maintenance of good shape and health, a car requires regular servicing to ensure that it is in good operational conditions. It recommended for any car to go for a routine check after covering a specified mileage, or after a specified period of time.

For many car owners, car service knowledge starts with fluid fill-ups and ends at the car wash. However, there are categories of car services which will not only help to keep your car in great condition, but also help in the early diagnosis of underlying mechanical problems. We have outlined these categories in this article. 

Generally, there are three categories of car services:

Standard (Interim) Service

A standard car service is the routine car check for car users who run light, not accumulating a lot of mileage on their cars. A good example of a car suitable for a standard service is an ordinary family car majorly used to run household errands. 

Some examples of standard car services include;

Engine Oil and Brake Fluid Checks

An interim service includes engine oil and brake fluid checks, which ensure that the brakes and the engine are properly functioning. However, you should always check the engine light on your dashboard. If the light keeps flashing or is constantly on, it is time to get your car’s engine oil levels checked. 

Oil Filter Changes

Oil filters are essential for keeping foreign material from reaching the pistons and cylinders of the engine, causing fuel inefficiency and engine failure. The oil filters need to be changed regularly.

Components Checkup

A component checkup is where the mechanic checks whether components such as lights and wipers, are working properly.

Full Car Service

Long distance vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles are often subjected to significant amounts of loading over a long period of time. Therefore, there is a significant amount of wear and tear in different parts of the vehicles.

A full car service is recommended for cars covering great distances, or those accumulating high mileage fast. In addition to the standard car services, your auto dealer Jackson MI will perform the following additional services:

Oil Changes

Engine oil is crucial because it not only lubricates the moving parts of the engine, but also helps keep them clean. Therefore, oil changes are necessary to prevent engine damage due to the accumulation of dirt in old engine oil. 

You should check with your service station to determine the mileage your car should accumulate before the next oil change.

Brake Pad Replacement and Wheel Alignment

Normally, car brakes are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. In order for brakes to work properly, they should have high frictional force. Therefore, when you take your car in for a full service, make sure to have the brake pads checked or/and replaced.

Aligning the wheels is also ensures that your car is rolling smoothly, which increasing its stability and control. It is recommended that you get your suspensions checked to ascertain any broken part, or any section requiring a replacement.

Major Car Service

A major service refers to the repair or replacement of major components of the car. Busted lights, tire changes, and bodyworks are some of the services that comprise a major car service. 

Generally, a major car service is done in an automotive repair shop, while standard and full services are done in service stations and auto dealerships. Before going for a major car service, it is recommended to ascertain your budget limits.


Modern cars are fitted with electronic gadgets (such as sensors) that are programmed to detect any faults in every part of the car. With PMPI technology, a mechanic can easily access the health report of a car, making fault diagnosis easier. If your budget allows, do not hesitate to enhance your car with any effective technological feature.

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