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3 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Road Trip

Are you heading to the mountains or the beach in your car? Setting out on a road trip is undoubtedly the best way to unwind. Road trips allow you to break up from your humdrum routine and rejuvenate—no wonder 63% of Americans plan to hit the road in 2024. 

Whether you’re driving to St. Louis, Missouri, to experience the Midwest with a vibrant downtown or to Camden, Maine, for the stunning views of Mount Battie and Penobscot Bay, preparing ahead is essential. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips that will help you prepare ahead of time and navigate the highways and byways with confidence.

#1 Plan Your Route Early On

Choosing a destination isn’t enough when it comes to road trips. You must chalk out the route besides deciding on your destination. This will give you a rough idea of the total driving time as well as the places that fall en route. 

There are tons of tools that can help you map out the route to your destination. Google Maps, however, are travelers’ favorite. Use it to plot your route. This tool will allow you to tailor routes to add detours, avoid tolls, and identify sights along the way. 

Roadtrippers is another tool you can use to plan your route. A significant upside of this tool allows users to share their itinerary with copilots, allowing them to navigate the open roads with confidence. 

Plan plenty of stops when plotting your route, so you can stretch your legs and refuel. Some travelers recommend stopping every 100 miles, whereas others advise stopping for at least 15 minutes every two hours. 

Make sure you also plan alternate routes in case there is a road closure or heavy traffic on the primary route.

#2 Prep Your Vehicle 

It’s never a good idea to hit the road without preparing your vehicle. 

You can inspect your car yourself or hire a local mechanic. The latter will be the best bet. That is because a mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, ensuring that all essential components are in optimal condition for the journey ahead. They will also identify potential issues that may pose risks on the road.

Always check the oil level before you leave for your destination. Make sure the oil is clean and at the recommended level for optimal engine performance. 

Your tires must be properly inflated, and the treads must maintain a good grip on the road. Also, consider inspecting your tires for signs of damage. Get your tires changed if you notice cracks, tears, or cuts in the sidewall. Your spare tire must also be in good condition. Be sure to check it as well before you leave for your road trip. 

Don’t forget to test the brakes of your car to ensure they are responsive as well as in good working condition.  

#3 Install a Dashcam in Your Vehicle 

Considering how common accidents are in the U.S., you must install a dashcam before you hit the road. These small cameras, mounted on the windscreen or the dashboard of a car, help with blind spots and record the road ahead. In case you get involved in a car crash due to no fault of your own, your personal injury lawyer can help prove your innocence. 

Take, for example, a tragic car crash that occurred in the Mark Twain neighborhood of North Saint Louis last month. A 24-year-old man driving a 2006 Dodge Charger crossed the red light at the intersection and collided with the back of the Chevrolet. A 35-year-old woman was driving the Chevrolet with a 3-year-old child as a passenger. This collision resulted in the death of the child, whereas the woman suffered injuries. 

Having this device is crucial when navigating cities like St. Louis, known for its nasty traffic and high accident rates. Should you encounter such an accident, the recording of your dashcam will testify to the other driver’s fault. A St. Louis personal injury attorney will retrieve the footage of the accident and use it as evidence in your case. 

With the dashcam recording, the sequence of events leading up to the accident can be accurately reconstructed, providing undeniable proof of the other driver’s negligence or wrongdoing. This can significantly strengthen your claim for compensation for the damages you suffered due to the accident. 

Moreover, having a skilled personal injury attorney on your side, TorHoerman Law explains, will allow you to navigate the complex and confusing legal system. They will also ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. 

To wrap things up, setting out on a road trip is exciting. But your journey will be enjoyable only when you prepare in advance. 

Whether you’re headed to the mountains, the beach, or somewhere in between, thorough preparation will set the stage for a memorable and rewarding experience. You can minimize stress, avoid potential pitfalls, and maximize the fun and relaxation of your getaway by following the tips discussed above. 

Remember to adhere to traffic laws and prioritize safety above all. Rest assured that you’ll have a safe and smooth journey.

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