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Flipkart Affiliate Program With 12% Commission (Feb 2024)

If you are someone who wants to earn money online, then you are at the right place. Flipkart brings you the Flipkart Affiliate Program With a 12% Commission, which helps you to earn money through commission. We will let you know everything regarding the Flipkart Affiliate Program With 12% Commission in this article below. So, Let’s start.

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart Affiliate Program With 12% Commission

Flipkart is one of the leading and most popular e-commerce platforms in India. Its app has more than 80 million products and a wide range of categories. This e-commerce platform has huge categories ranging from fashion, electronics, appliances, lifestyle, books, and many more. Flipkart offers many discounts and sales throughout the year. This platform has visits of 10 million pages daily. It has the best delivery system and is loved by all.

With all this, you can start an affiliate program and earn money.

Flipkart Company Profile

Let’s look at the company profile of Flipkart below-

Establishment YearOctober 2007
FoundersBinny Bansal and Sachin Bansal
CEOKalyan Krishnamurthy
HeadquartersBengaluru, India

What is a Flipkart Affiliate Program?

The popular e-commerce platform, Flipkart, provides a Flipkart affiliate program for users to earn money. It is an excellent idea initiated by Flipkart, which gives users the platform to make financial prosperity. You can earn commission by posting the link or product banner on your website and referring another user to Flipkart’s website. This is one kind of website promotion for people around the world and attracts traffic to the website. Through its affiliate program, users can earn a 12% commission by engaging one user to purchase a product from the website through your affiliate link.

Referral fees on all purchases

The customer needs to buy the product by clicking through your affiliate link on the website to be eligible to earn a referral fee, or during the single session, the user needs to add the product to his/her cart of shopping.

You receive the referral fees on purchases when the visitor clicks on your link from the website reaches the Flipkart site and meets the following events-

  • When the user places the order to buy the product.
  • When the customer comes to the Flipkart website through the third-party link with a tag of associates.
  • Thirty minutes have passed since the client’s first click-through.
  • Referral fees are only payable on qualified products following order, payment, and shipping.

Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rate Details

Let’s look at the Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rate details below when the user places the order using the link you made.

User TypeCommission/ Profit Rate
New user8%-12%
Old userUpto 8%

Flipkart Affiliate Program Benefits

Flipkart Affiliate Program With 12% Commission

Let’s look at some benefits of the Flipkart Affiliate Program below-

1. Earning Potential

The Flipkart Affiliate Program brings the earning potential to the user who wants to begin with an affiliate program. By joining the affiliate program, one can earn Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 monthly. Depending on the transaction the visitors make, your earnings can increase. Flipkart has connected with a wide range of brands and helps earn a lot for the affiliates. Flipkart is committed to providing its affiliate marketers in every product category with the highest possible commission percentage. As an affiliate marketer, you have the potential to make up to 12% commission on various products that are sold.

2. Cost-Friendly

To start a Flipkart Affiliate Program With a 12% Commission, there is no need to invest money. This helps the user earn money online as it is a friendly initiative. It provides the rewards to the user. To earn good money through the Flipkart Affiliate Program, you need to invest time and effort in promoting the product to customers.

3. High Conversion Rates

Flipkart affiliate program offers high conversion rates on every product sale. Thus, users can earn huge amounts of money by selling the website product to customers through affiliate links. Thus, Flipkart is a platform where you can get the best commission for promoting your product to the customer. As the number of customers increases, the website’s traffic also increases, which leads to more income.

It has been noted that after visiting a Flipkart website for 30 seconds or less, over 75% of visitors depart. This occurs due to various factors, such as a page that loads slowly, inadequate website design, and issues with the user interface. Furthermore, Flipkart has a high conversion rate, which means it’s a user-friendly website for the user.

4. Profit Tracking & Confirmation Timelines

When you look at the profit tracking and confirmation timelines, Flipkart has the best. You can track the orders easily, and It is true that Flipkart has a lower percentage of missing transactions than any other place—up to 10% on average. After purchasing the product from the customer through your link, it takes 90 days for your earned commission to be confirmed.

5. Payment

When you earn a commission by purchasing a product from a customer. Your payment is confirmed with a minimum of Rs 10 of commission and can be easily transferred to your bank account. You can make the payment anytime you want. So, the Flipkart affiliate payment is easy to withdraw.

6. No Documentation is Required

To join the Flipkart affiliate program with a 12% Commission, there is no requirement for documents. You can simply join this program by downloading the app and signing up.

7. Tools for Automation

You can use the exclusive affiliates tool to promote the product to the customer and bring more traffic to your affiliate marketing. It’s easy for the user to have a large audience on social media accounts.

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How Does the Flipkart Affiliate Program Work?

With the help of professionally designed tools, you can refer visitors to Flipkart’s website. You earn a commission when the visitor clicks on the link you made and buys the product. Connecting your website to flipkart has several ways, and the affiliate program provides various choices. You can add customized content and increase the value of your website. This is one of the best ways to get low-risk and high-reward opportunities. To join the Flipkart Affiliate Program and receive a 12 % commission, you don’t have to invest money and can easily be a part of it.

Let’s look at how the Flipkart affiliate Program works in the steps below-

Sharing deals through affiliate links

The user can share the affiliate link to promote the product. The affiliate link will act like a bridge between you and the customer which can be shared to social media, friends and family.

Purchase of Product

After you share the link with the people, they click on the link and make a purchase of the product. Then, you get it. As they buy the product, you earn a guaranteed commission.

Transfer Earnings to Bank

As soon as you earn the commission through affiliate marketing on Flipkart, You can easily transfer your earnings to your bank account. Flipkart affiliate program is user-friendly.

Flipkart Affiliate Tools

Flipkart Affiliate Program With 12% Commission

For the Flipkart Affiliate Programmer, Flipkart provides a huge array of affiliate tools to help you with your business model. These affiliate tools help the user to enhance the business market and improve campaigns, which include simple banners and widgets. To access Flipkart features, you can also use API to customize the product listing.

1. Product links and Banners

With Flipkart affiliate tools, one can easily make product links and banners to earn money. With this link and banners, you can promote the website’s product on your website or mobile app.

  • Make links and banners pointing to a particular Flipkart product that you believe is best to feature on your website or mobile application to promote.
  • Your affiliate ID will appear in your links, and you will receive payment for qualifying orders placed using this link.

2. Promotional Banners and Widgets

The promotional banners and widgets help promote the product and bring engagement to the website. Flipkart provides widgets that can be customized with HTML to use on the website to promote the product.

  • Customizable and auto-tagged with your affiliate
  • Attractive and simple to add
  • Boost user engagement with current and dynamic content

3. Search Tools

Flipkart search tools help users make their journey easy. This tool helps the audience to search for the product easily.

  • Higher conversion rates through relevant product searches that best match the keyword.
  • Select the search tool that best fits the layout of your webpage or mobile app.

4. APIs

APIs help the user to access the extensive product catalogue. With these APIs, one can promote the products from the Flipkart website. This tool helps the affiliate widen the audience, convert them to customers, and monetize the website.

  • Availability of Flipkart’s millions of product options across all categories
  • Use product details, product search and lookup capabilities, and other features to market Flipkart products.
  • Comprehensive documentation and technical assistance to assist you in integrating our APIs and presenting this data in a format that suits your needs.

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Additional Details about the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

Let’s look at the Additional Details about Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program below-

Payout8%-12% Commission
Type of CampaignCost per Sale (CPS)
Relationship historyFive years
Joining FeesFree
Exclusive couponsNo
Profit ConfirmationUp to 90 days
Deep Linking PossibleYes
Earning through referringNA

Tracking Information

Let’s look at the Tracking Information below-

Tracking time of frequency72 hours
Cookie Duration30 mins
Mobile WebYes
Multiple conversionYes

How do you register for the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

One can easily register for the Flipkart Affiliate Program by following ways-

1. Visit Affiliate Marketing Platform: – Visit the Flipkart website and search for the affiliate marketing platform.

2. Register for free (No Documentation needed): To join the Flipkart affiliate program, you can register for free without investing any money. There is no need for a document to register.

3. Login via Facebook or using your mobile number: After registering for the Flipkart affiliate program, you can easily login through Facebook or a Gmail account.

4. Generate affiliate link: After logging into the Flipkart affiliate program account, you can create an affiliate link for the product you want to promote.  

5. Promote Flipkart Products and Earn: After you create a link to promote the product, you can earn a commission whenever they buy the product through the link. You can share the link with your friends and family as well.

6. Withdraw your Earned Commission: You earn a commission after the customer buys the product. You can withdraw the commission money, and it should be a minimum of Rs.10. You can transfer the funds to your bank account.

Payment Information

Let’s look at the payment Information for Flipkart affiliate program below-

Payment Duration6-8 Working days
Payment RequirementOnly Bank details
Mode of PaymentNEFT
Minimum WithdrawalRs. 10


Anyone looking to make money online can succeed in the growing field of affiliate marketing. Signing up for the Flipkart affiliate marketing program is simple and doesn’t cost anything to become a marketer. Invest in this career path as soon as possible to receive your best commissions.

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