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Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Exploring Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas may be likened to opening a door to more revenue, allowing you to leverage your interests and talents to earn extra money. Part time enterprises are like your own personal money-making playground, whether you’re a student searching for extra spending cash, an employee looking for a side career, or just someone with a great idea. Consider doing freelance work, making things online, or providing services. It all comes down to figuring out what aligns with your skills and interests. It’s important to consider important success elements when launching a part time business Ideas. We will assist you in making important decisions, from defining your purpose to handling the law.

List of Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Part time business is the best option to enhance your earning and elevate your living standard. Here is the table depicting the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024 and their average earning:

Profitable Part time business IdeasAverage income monthly 
Handmade crafts and décor 20% margin
T-shirt business Rs. 80,000
Home-made foodRs. 80,000
Natural skincare product Rs. 100,000
Scented candles Rs. 30,000
E-booksRs. 60,000
Thrifting business Rs. 100,000
FreelanceRs. 50,000
CoachingRs. 30,000
Event PlannerRs. 100,000
Interior designing Rs. 100,000
Henna artistRs. 20,000
Pet careRs. 30,000
Online tuitionRs. 25,000
Affiliate marketing Rs. 80,000
Drop shippingRs. 60,000
Print on demandRs. 35,000
Social media expertRs. 30,000
Grooming service Rs. 20,000
Customised GiftingRs, 10,000 per gift

1. Handmade crafts and décor 

Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Being artistic, you are aware of the extra happiness that making may provide to your free time. Creative talent is a skill you can make work for you, whether it’s printing, quilting, crocheting, or manufacturing other handcrafted goods. You might be wondering how to convert your love into an arts and crafts company. Like you, many creative craftsmen have made lucrative side gigs or full-time companies out of their passions. You can start and run your own craft company with a little imagination and study. Numerous enthusiasts launched tiny enterprises based on their passion projects. This can be everything from knitting and carpentry to painting and handicraft. They can be the starting point for a lot of really good side gig ideas. The nicest thing about launching a handmade company is that, in contrast to mass-produced goods, it is much simpler to stand apart.

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2. T-shirt business 

T-shirt business is one of top 20 Part time Business Ideas in India

There are around 300 million companies worldwide. Therefore, if you intend to establish one, there’s a good possibility you’re struggling to come up with something to offer them. T-shirts are simple. There are t-shirts everywhere. T-shirts follow a highly rich stream of trends, whether they are used as campaign handouts, brand products, gift shops, or upscale apparel stores. And honestly, you ought to make the most of that. When radiant heating was first developed in the 1920s, many individuals started wearing lighter clothing, such as T-shirts. But it wasn’t until the 1940s, during World War II, that veterans started wearing these kinds of clothes on a daily basis. For first-time company owners in particular, selling t-shirts online may be a lucrative and reasonably priced part time venture. The greatest place to start is by selecting the specialty you wish to concentrate on, such as a profession, a hobby, a movie, etc. You can invest fully and launch a t-shirt company complete with printing equipment, but you can alternatively keep costs down by buying t-shirts or placing orders with a print-on-demand company.

Skills required Creativity, information about fabrics, designing, marketing skills 
Resources you needMachinery for printing, cutting and stitching, Raw fabric
Average income Rs. 1,80,000 per month 
Time required 20 hours per week 

3. Home-made food

Home-made Food is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Combining your passion for cooking with a job is possible by launching a home-based food company. A home-based food company, however, needs passion, personal talents, time for planning and research, licensing requirements, cash to spend on the essential tools, and a marketing strategy, much like starting your own furniture store. Ninety percent of food businesses fail in their first year, according to Forbes. If you have a love for cooking, it might be a terrific idea to launch a part time business Ideas that focuses on handmade cuisine. If you are from a city where many working adults and students reside, this is a terrific concept. It’s possible to launch an on-demand food service.

4. Natural skincare product

Natural Skincare Product is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Thousands of business owners worldwide have received training from Formula Botanica to launch organic skincare lines. Creating skincare products from plants, their roots, leaves, bark, herbs, and spice is one of the most fulfilling endeavours. Studying at our distinguished institution equips you with the knowledge and abilities required to launch your ideal skincare or haircare company. If you have the right abilities, you may manufacture natural hair and skin care items at home and market them under your own brand. This is an excellent part time company concept because it falls into a growing market sector.

5. Scented candles

Scented Candles is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

Recently, scented candles have become more and more popular, especially during the holidays. Scented candles are an excellent product to make if you’re passionate about crafting. You may take courses on sites like Skill share or discover lessons for creating candles on YouTube. When compared to other business ventures, selling candles may be comparatively inexpensive, and the items have an extended lifespan. To get started, all you need is a high-quality candle-making kit, scent oils, containers, colours, and supplies for packaging.

6. E-books

E-Books is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India

 Ebooks are a terrific part time business concept since they can be produced and sold for little money up front and as a passive revenue stream. Additionally, you won’t be concerned about fulfillment or shipping, which will enable you to reach a global clientele. Using programs like Canva, you may design ebooks and write them according to your areas of expertise. When the ebooks are prepared, you can publish them on your preferred e-commerce platform or any other site and begin earning money. This implies that an inexpensive business concept is to offer ebooks online.

7. Thrifting business

Thrifting Business in one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India

This is one of top 20 Profitable part time business ideas in India for 2024, if you enjoy perusing local thrift stores. Although a lot of individuals enjoy shopping for upcycled clothing, they don’t want to go through the work of sorting through old items to get the things they need. By gathering the greatest used goods from nearby thrift stores and creating categories, you may launch an online thrift store. Customers will locate what they need more readily as a result. Present yourself as a reliable curator who can unearth buried treasures and showcase breathtaking antiques for other people. Carol’s vintage clothes and accessories boutique is on Instagram. They curate a distinctive line of repurposed goods.

8. Freelance

Freelance is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India

One excellent option to get some extra cash on your own without putting in a lot of time is through freelancing. Depending on your skill set, you can provide a wide range of services as a freelancer. The most well-liked ones include coding, graphic design, writing, and marketing. You must locate clients in order to begin working as a part time freelancer. You may accomplish this by using freelance marketplaces like Upwork or by making cold calls. You may become a successful freelancer with the correct training, clientele, and experience. If you have international clients, your earning potential will be much higher.

9. Coaching 

Offering coaching seminars and consultations might earn you a substantial income if you have experience in your line of business.

Offering coaching seminars and consultations might earn you a substantial income if you have experience in your line of business. For instance, you might provide spoken English lessons if you are a proficient English speaker. Career advice coaching, motivation coaching, and life coaching are some more well-known coaching firms. If you are an expert in a field and feel qualified to offer guidance and practical advice, this is a terrific part time business concept. Establishing a network and gaining online credibility as an authority in your industry are essential for launching a profitable coaching company.

10. Event planner 

Event Planner is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in 2024

You could find that event and party organizing is the ideal side gig for you. Planning and arranging events of all kinds, including business gatherings, gender reveal parties, weddings, and anniversaries, would be the responsibility of an event planner. Once you’ve gained some clients, you may utilize the pictures from those occasions to find new ones. One business concept that you may start on your own and progressively grow into a full-fledged enterprise with a staff is event organizing.

11. Interior designing 

Interior Designing Is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas

Its architects and designers address not just today’s but also tomorrow’s unanticipated home interior demands with the use of cutting-edge design, technology, experienced labour, and implementation techniques. Thanks to our skilled interior decorators and designers. You may showcase your skills and utilize a few seductive phrases to draw in potential customers and persuade them to choose you straight away. Within the allotted period, you may create exceptional interior experiences for your house with the assistance of our architectural design standards. You will require a strong foundation or training in design concepts and material choices in order to launch an interior design firm. To obtain experience, think about enrolling in online classes and working with a mentor. As you establish your portfolio, you may begin working as a part time designer by accepting modest assignments from friends and family.

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12. Henna artist

To Become a Henna artist is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas

It takes more than just creative ability to start a career as a henna artist; you also need a combination of enthusiasm, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive. The first stage is to become fully immersed in the realm of henna painting and gain an awareness of both its contemporary uses and rich heritage. Indian weddings are typically accompanied with henna. Thus, this is a fantastic part time business ideas if you have the skill to create lovely henna patterns! Most weddings take place in the evenings and on weekends. This gives you plenty of time to turn henna art into a side business. Gather reservations from loved ones and friends. Start a company by using social media to attract customers from the surrounding area of your town or city.

13. Pet care 

Pet care is one of the best 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India for 2024

For people who are prepared to take care of animals and who have a love for them, pet care may be a rewarding and entertaining side business. Dog walking, animal sitting, grooming, and instruction are among the services offered. Because it can be carried out on an hourly basis, it’s a great side gig for people with jobs or other responsibilities. The greatest way to attract your first client is to advertise in your local neighbourhood. Because of this, earning money via pet care may be flexible and pleasurable.

14. Online tuition

Outline Tuition is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas

In the current digital era, where distance education is becoming more prevalent, online tuition is getting more and more popular. You may recruit pupils from all around the world using it. To present your courses, you can utilize educational software, online whiteboards, and video conferencing applications. To attract more students, cultivate a robust online community and presence. Additionally, you may offer your services on internet marketplaces and instructional forums by connecting with your network.

15. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the  most beneficiary Part Time Business ideas

Promoting goods or services and getting paid a fee for every transaction or lead brought about by your special affiliate link are the two main aspects of affiliate marketing. Choose a market or sector that you are enthusiastic about first. Create a website, blog, or online presence to distribute insightful material in that niche. Collaborate with affiliate networks and thoughtfully include affiliate links in your writing. Your chances of receiving commissions increase as your viewership does. ShareASale, Click Bank, and Amazon Associates are a few well-known affiliate networks.

16. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in 2024

With Dropshipping, you may sell goods online without keeping any inventory. Rather, you collaborate with vendors that manage fulfillment and inventories. Use tools like Instamojo to create an online store. Choose items from vendors, decide on prices, and promote your shop. The product is transported straight from the vendor to the customer once a customer places an order. Pay attention to developing a brand, marketing, and customer service. Popular niches for Dropshipping include electronics, home décor, and fashion.  

17. Print on demand 

You may produce and market uniquely designed goods with print on demand without keeping inventory.

You may produce and market uniquely designed goods with print on demand without keeping inventory. Create images for t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone covers, and other products. Join forces with print-on-demand providers like Blinkstore, Printrove, or Qikink. The product is produced and dispatched as soon as a buyer puts an order. This strategy enables a broad range of product offers while minimizing initial expenditures. Use your own web store to promote your own creations.

18. Social media expert

to become a Social Media Expert is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India

Use your knowledge of social media to assist companies in improving their online visibility. Provide services like scheduling, interaction, and content development. Create a thorough social media plan based on the objectives and target market of each client. Keep yourself updated about changes to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms’ algorithms and trends. Display your abilities with references and a professional portfolio. One of the most important things you can do to expand your online consulting firm is to network and get referrals from others.

19. Grooming services 

Grooming Services is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas for 2024

If grooming is your passion, think about providing your services to people or dogs. Establish a modest mobile grooming business or open a salon in your house for pet grooming. Keep up with the latest developments in pet care and grooming methods. Offer your skills in cosmetics application or hair style if you’re interested in human grooming. Increase your clientele by using social media, local advertising, and word-of-mouth. To guarantee recurring business and great ratings, provide customers a personalized and welcoming experience.

20. Customized gifting 

Customized gifting Is one of the Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas in India

Start a company that specializes in making unique and bespoke presents for a range of events. Provide a variety of choices, such personalized artwork, inscribed objects, or distinctive gift baskets. Create an online store to display your goods and offer an easy-to-use ordering system. Promote your company on social media, work with neighbourhood event coordinators, and go to markets or craft fairs. Make an effort to provide thoughtful, distinctive, and superior presents that make an impression on the market.

Benefits of Part Time Business 

Top 20 Profitable Part Time Business Ideas and their Benefits

There are various advantages of taking the Part time business Ideas, as mentioned below: 

1. Accommodating the other commitments

You get the flexibility of the schedule with the part time business. It allows you to meet individual needs and existing commitments such as a full-time job or studies. Business owners can manage their working hours and grow a healthy work-life balance. 

2. Lesser investment 

Setting up a part time business requires low investment, which reduces the financial burden on the business owner. Financial security allows the entrepreneur to take risks and experiment with new ideas. 

3. Market testing opportunities 

With a part time business, you can explore the market before expanding your business to a full-scale business. It allows the entrepreneur to analyze the company’s viability and make intelligent decisions. 

4. Learning

Part time business helps in gaining hands-on experience and developing problem-solving and market dealing skills. You also get to enhance your entrepreneurial skills such as planning strategically, etc. 

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Factors to keep in mind before starting a Part time business 

Factors to keep in mind before starting a Part-time business 

Before stepping into part time entrepreneurship, you need to identify your skills. There are certain factors that you must keep in mind before jumping into the part time business Ideas: 

1. Find your passion

Before you start, explore which field interests you a lot. Choosing the field of your passion increases the chances of growth because you love to work on it. 

2. Select the type of business

There are basically 2 types of business – product-based and service-based. Product-based business includes producing and selling tangible products, while service-based business provides services to clients. 

3. Analyze your skills

Everyone has specific skills and expertise; you must analyze them before planning a part time business. When you build a business around your skills and expertise, it reduces the learning curve and enhances the chances of success. 

4. Identify your audience

Conduct a thorough market research, you can identify your target audience. You can tailor your products and services according to the needs of your clients. 

5. Assess competition

It is essential to analyze the competition in the field you have chosen for your part time business. Identify the existing companies and identify their weaknesses and strengths. Work on the part time business setup accordingly.

6. Registration

Legal requirements for setting up the business are essential. Start with registering your part time business and obtain the necessary license or permit. 

7. Cope up with local laws

Learn about the local laws related to your business and work, keeping them in mind. It is essential for the sustainability and enhancing reputation of your company. 

8. Time commitment

Depending on your business scope, you need to set the working time of your business, which can vary from a few hours per day to hours per week.  

9. Financial Resources

When you start a part time business, it requires investment. Make sure to determine the cost of the business setting, such as equipment, supplies, market expenditure, etc.  

Summing it up

These represent a few of the top 20 Part Time Business Ideas in India which you may start with little to no work if you possess the necessary abilities or desire. One of the main advantages of having a part time business is that you may work as many hours or as less as you desire because you’re your own boss. That being said, without planning and setting priorities, it can be challenging to make a liveable wage from a part time company.

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