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Best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India

If you are a student and want to earn money, you are in the right place. We understand how dependent you feel on financial support for your family. It’s good you start earning money by just investing your time and skills in some work online and earning money. In the old days, you didn’t have to work a part-time job by being physically present somewhere. Online methods are much better and are enough for you to start earning money as a student. There are many options you can choose from in the online world according to your skills and interests. We have compiled 25 ways here by which you can start earning money while you study. Let’s begin

Best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India

For those who are hardworking and wish to earn money online, there are various ways. If you are a student and looking for the Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India, we are here to help you:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India
  1. If you are good at encouraging or influencing people and have a little knowledge of marketing, then Affiliate marketing is just for you. As an affiliate marketer, you must make a website and start promoting a product of some brand or website by writing good content and creating an affiliate link to the product. The brand pays you a commission when someone buys the product through your link. It’s like making a customer to the brand or website. You can work for different brands and promote their product. You can join many affiliate marketing websites, which will help you start with affiliate marketing.

Skills Required

Let’s look at the skills you require to be an affiliate marketer.

2. Blogging

If you are someone who does writing as a hobby, then it’s a perfect job for you to earn money just by investing 5-6 hrs every day. You can share your thoughts, ideas, and information with people by writing a post. You must choose a niche of your interest and write about it daily. In blogging, you have to write and edit. It’s a creative job at a low-cost investment. It’s a way to express your thoughts to the world while earning money for your views. You can make readers connect to you through the blog.

Skills Required

Let’s give you insight into the skills required to start blogging.

3. Online Survey

You can start earning money as a student by participating in online surveys. Many websites offer surveys to learn about their services or brands and to determine customer views. You can register on the website and complete the surveys. You can earn Rs. 400 by completing each survey. You will get a notification whenever the surveys are available.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight into the skills required to start an Online survey.

4. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India. This is one of the most excellent ways to share knowledge with someone with whom you are skilled. Numerous websites offer a platform to provide tutoring services. You can tutor students without hampering your studies and earn good money.

Furthermore, you can post your courses online for purchase by anyone who finds them beneficial. You can also use YouTube to tutor students online. You can sign up and get paid to tutor online at sites like WONK, Preplay, Vedantu, and Trivium. Additionally, you can inquire about your courses.

Students should rate or review you so that many other students know you. You can teach online and make good money as a student.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight into the skills required to start an Online survey.

5. Data Entry Job

As a student, you can join a data entry job to earn money. Before starting, you will have to understand the task. You need to make an entry of the data without error. So, you have to have good typing skills and accuracy. You must also learn data entry software and tools and handle the task efficiently. You can explore the job website of data entry and pitch in with your creative resume.

Skills Required

Let me give your insight into the skills required to start a data entry job.

6. Virtual Assistant

If you have good organizational and communication skills, a Virtual assistant job is perfect for you. It’s a job profile where you must complete the tasks online. Many companies hire virtual assistants to handle Work like data entry, social media management, arranging meetings with clients, and transcribing notes. As a virtual assistant, you will have to update yourself with all the information about the organization you are working for and have to serve the needs. With this job, you can earn good money. The payment will depend on the completion of the task.

Skills required

Let me give an insight into the skills required for a Virtual assistant job.

7. Graphic Designing

There is so much need for graphic designers these days to design logos, posters, illustrations, etc., for the firm or company. Graphic designers earn good money with their skills in designing. It’s a work-from-home job, so it’s a good Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India. If you like making graphics and designing, then you must try it. You can apply for the job on the websites. You can also participate in freelance projects and immerse yourself in design.

Skills Required

Let’s give you an insight into the skills required to be a graphic designer.

8. Social Media Manager

As a student, you can do social media managing work, in which you have to handle the social media accounts of some businesses or profiles. As a social media manager, you must post engaging content and grab people’s attention toward the profile. It’s one of the best work profiles for students to earn money because, nowadays, everyone uses social media. You can show the skills and talent of how you can engage people to a account. 

Posting on behalf of the profile you are working for and producing high-quality content will be your responsibility. A social media manager can be a useful tool for helping busy profiles that require assistance managing their account.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to be a Social media manager.

9. Dropshipping

These days, drop shipping is a well-liked business. It can be a great side gig for students.
You have to showcase products by opening an online store. Whenever the customer orders any product, you have to buy it from a third-party supplier. Following that, the provider will handle shipping on your behalf.

You will have to choose a niche of products that you want to provide and build the bond with suppliers who will drop ship the product for you. Try to engage the customer and build a good relationship with them. You can also promote your business through social media platforms. With no Investment required, you can launch a part-time drop shipping business and only pay for the goods that are sold. You can start a drop shipping business without worrying about inventory costs or storage requirements. .

Skills Required

Lets give an insight on the skills required to do Dropshipping.

10. Testing apps and website

Best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India

Testing apps and websites is one of the creative business concepts that students can do to earn money. Before being released to the public, apps and websites go through several stages of development.
As an app or website tester, you have to check the bugs or issues, and report findings to the app or website development company. You will be paid to test out the problem. You need to learn some basic testing concepts and get familiar with technical skills. You have to thoroughly identify the problem and inconsistencies in the app or website and give the feedback. To make a sizable sum of money, you can use your smartphone or computer to do this part time job.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight into the skills required to be an app and website tester.

11. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the famous platforms to start earning. As a student, you can begin vlogging or post content on your niche on YouTube. It’s one of the best ideas for students as it does not need investment. You can do whatever you want freely and entertain people. You need to make quality and engaging content to gain subscribers. As long as the number of subscribers increases, you will start earning money depending upon the number. It depends on the number of audiences you make. A minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours within the previous 12 months are requirements for eligibility to the YPP.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight into the skills required to be an app and website tester.

12. Instagram Influencer

Nowadays, Instagram is a famous platform to earn money. Many people, especially young people, spend their time mostly scrolling Instagram feeds and posts. The one who has posted earns money depending on the likes and followers they have made. They earn money by becoming an Instagram influencer. You can also share your talents and skills on this platform and become an Instagram influencer. You must decide on the niche and make quality posts about it to get started.

Create original content that appeals to the target audience. You can approach brands about working together once you have enough followers. Then, you can earn money through commissions or paid collaborations. Creating high-quality and engaging content is the key to being a good Instagram influencer. As a student, you can start your journey of becoming an Instagram Influencer to earn money.

Skills Required

Let’s give you insight into the skills required to be an Instagram influencer.

13. Sell Pictures Online

Earning PotentialRs. 5-15 per image
Required timeVariable

If you love taking pictures and are a student. Then, you can undoubtedly profit from your hobby of taking pictures of people or special occasions. As a side gig, you can sell those pictures and earn money. This only needs a good camera and good photography skills. This can entail anything from taking portraits, capturing moments, and selling to e-commerce websites. Your photos can be sold on Adobe Stock, iStock, Etsy, or Shutterstock websites. You can promote your portfolio through the fantastic collection of photos of your adventures. You can set a price tag on the pictures and earn well.

You can use this ability to create a captivating story that will encourage clients to cherish their memories or enhance the visual identity of their business. It allows you to combine your passion with a potentially lucrative career, all while earning good money.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight into the skills required to sell Pictures online.

14. Buy and sell domain

Nowadays, everyone wants to create an online presence. Every organization and individual want their website address to be different and unique, just as every Instagram account and Twitter handle. Thus, buying and selling domains is one of the most reliable online jobs for helping businesses and individuals. It can be a perfect part-time job for students. There are many websites like Godaddy where you can explore and buy the one that you feel is suitable. You can buy it for under Rs.1000 and then sell it to a third party for up to Rs.10,000. To do this job, you need to learn about the domain industry and get to know the different types of domains and extensions. You can choose the niche that relates to your interest and then build a domain portfolio. To improve your efficiency when buying and selling, be adaptable with your approach in light of the shifting market.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight into the skills required to buy and sell the domains.

15. Translator

Students who speak more than one language have a good chance of finding employment as translators and making money. You can sign up to translate for a variety of websites and organizations. A respectable sum of money can be earned per translation project. You can sign up for websites like Fiverr or Up Work to begin working as a translator.

 by participating in online forums and attending virtual translation events.

Many multinational corporations use translators these days. If you are bilingual or learning a new language, apply for these positions. Translators can make a good living and advance their skills simultaneously. Students seeking to work from home in India make up most of those applying for these positions.

You can get a job in translating papers, letters, emails, and movie subtitles. This field has an enormous scope of earning if you have a good command of any language. Show us your translation prowess! Gather and exhibit your translation work from various subjects, fields, and aesthetics to show prospective customers what you can do.

Skills Required

Let’s give insight into the skills required to be a translator.

16. Digital Marketer

One of the most wanted careers for students is digital marketing. You will be required to advertise goods or services online in this. To advertise the service, you can create a website, search engine, or social media account. You can market or advertise the service or product by producing quality content about it. Gaining a customer helps businesses market their brand. You can also produce and market goods online, such as e-books and online courses, among many others. In order to attract clients and increase website traffic, you need to learn effective communication and marketing techniques. Additionally, you can enrol in online courses offered by websites such as Coursera, Meta, Hub Spot, etc. to learn digital marketing.

To meet people in the industry, you can also participate in webinars, industry conferences, and networking events. It’s possible to work with others, meet a mentor, or discover amazing career opportunities.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to be a Digital marketer.

17. Video Editor

Best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India

If you are someone who is skilled in video editing then you can explore jobs to earn money from your skills. It’s a great Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India. Even if you are a beginner or a professional, this job profile has a huge earning potential. There are many opportunities where you can pitch in and create promotional videos and commercials by using video editing skills. Video editing can also be used to produce webinars, online courses, and other content. With the correct tools and imagination, you can make a successful career out of your video editing abilities. Start earning money by gaining practical experience

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to be a Video editor.

18. Doing Online task

As a student you can earn good money by doing online tasks.  It’s like doing a short-term assignment in a short time. You will be paid per task and it needs little technical skills. You can do it from home and even when travelling. First you will have to find out your skills and interest to perform an online task then you have to explore the platform from where you can get the task. Some online websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Task rabbit, upwork can help you to get the task. You need good communication skills to pitch yourself in front of the clients and deliver them high-quality work. You can expand your skills and network and earn good money.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to do online task.

19. Become a Reseller

You can become a Reseller online to earn some extra cash. You can buy products from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sell them online and make profit. You don’t have to make your own product but just buy and sell it at a high price. You have to make customers and sell good and trustworthy products to them. This will guarantee that the products you are selling are of a high calibre and will draw customers. In order to concentrate on the products that are selling well, you should also conduct market research to determine what those products are.

When you select the product then you will have to decide the price and keep in mind the profit you have to make. You can sell the products on online platforms like eBay or Amazon to reach a larger audience.

 You have to connect with chosen suppliers who provide quality products and discuss prices with them for you to buy. Always remember to analyse the performance on a regular basis.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to be reseller.

20. Transcriber

Transcribing is one of the best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India. It is converting the audio or video recording to text form in the documents. The video and audio can be interviews, lectures, webinar, podcast and many more. You have to be good at listening part to write the exact information to the documents and have to be good at grammar and punctuation

Additionally, you’ll need to be at ease using basic transcription software as well as audio and video equipment. As soon as you possess the required abilities, you can start searching for transcription jobs.  Alongwith that you need to develop fast-typing skills and also have to learn using transcription tools like Trint, Rev, Express Scribe etc. Build your portfolio today and apply for the job. You can apply for the job on online platforms like Rev. TranscribeMe, Scribie , Upwork etc.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to be Transcriber.

21. Start Freelancing

In the realm of online jobs, freelancing has gained a lot of attraction. It provides people with the chance to present their abilities to others and

make money. If you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can begin freelancing right now.

You can work as a freelance writer, web developer, app designer, photographer, graphic designer, and many other professions. With the ability and know-how, you can give people services.
Depending on how much time you have, you can work as a freelancer full-time or part-time. You can register on websites such as Fiverr, Flexjobs, Steady, Upwork, etc. to begin with. You must create your portfolio and make a pitch for the service.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to start Freelancing.

22. Print-On-Demand

One of the greatest ways to make money online these days as a student is to meet print on demand. If you are a talented graphic designer and have good knowledge of artwork. By printing designs on t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags, you can sell them to customers. Customization enhances your customer base.
Customers who adore your design and have the ability to start a trend will purchase your product. Your POD partner company will print the graphic on the product and ship it to the customer.

Prior to placing an order, you must find clients who desire the prints on your merchandise.

Additionally, since it’s very easy to open an Etsy shop or online store for print-on-demand goods, you can start selling products right away. It is possible to make a respectable living with this POD work.

23. Sell Insurance as POSP

If you have completed your 10th class and are over 18 years of age then you can watch for this profile. To become a POSP or a point of sales person can make good money for the students. You will have to work with insurance companies and sell their insurance products through online mode. You can earn as much money as you want depending upon the number of policies you sell. If you’re good at selling, you could make this your full-time career in the future

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to Sell Insurance as POSP.

24. Proofreader

Proofreading is one of the best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India. If you are someone good with English Grammars then you must apply for this job. There are many industries like journalism that print product copy that need proofreaders to check Grammar mistakes and spelling to make the final copy to be published.

Freelance proofreading can be a fantastic side gig for students with an eye for detail, regardless of major you are studying. The growing popularity of AI-generated content is driving up demand for trustworthy proofreaders who can identify any mistakes that compromise readability.

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to become a Proofreader.

25. Write ebook

Best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India

If you are a good writer and like to write stories or novels. You can turn your hobby into a lucrative earning source as a student. You have to write an eBook and publish on online platforms like Amazon.  It’s a low-cost initiative which can help you to earn huge money and will earn passively.

Self-publishing is the ideal way to get your writing in front of readers while retaining creative control if you’ve always wanted to have a published book. This article will walk readers through the process of self-publishing an eBook in nine easy steps. If you follow along, you’ll be able to quickly prepare your book for readers!

Skills Required

Let’s give an insight on the skills required to write eBook-


Students have access to a plethora of online employment opportunities. There are many flexible ways to supplement your income while balancing your studies on the internet, ranging from tutoring and affiliate marketing to freelancing jobs. Explore these choices and relish the path to financial independence!

As a student you can now apply for the best 25 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students in India. You can apply for any of the gigs according to your interest and starting working. You can do any of this work while managing your studies.

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