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Top 15 Ways to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free

YouTube is a great platform to start earning money by making content. To grow on this platform, you will need a huge number of subscribers and views. In this article, we will help you learn how to increase your audience as a subscriber by providing 15 ways to do it.

One thousand subscribers are at least needed in the YouTube channel to monetize your account. Everyone wants to increase their YouTube channel fast and start earning. Fifteen ways below will help you grow your channel quickly and gain real subscribers. So, do go through it and implement it.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine globally. People around the world use YouTube for entertainment or educational purposes. YouTuber earn money with their channel on YouTube. It is an excellent source of income and can make a massive wealth for you. You must need at least 1000 subscribers and watch 4000+ hours in 1 year to earn money. This criterion can be fulfilled by as much as a subscriber you gain. When your subscriber will watch your video, you will get more views as well. This will fulfil the criteria for monetizing your channel. Below, we will learn how to gain subscribers and increase the view of your content on YouTube.

Why You Should Not Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Top 15 ways to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free

People making content on YouTube have an urge to buy subscribers to monetize their channel. But let us clarify here that it won’t work. This type of growing subscribers will never make you become the world’s best YouTube channel. This shady way of growing a channel will never bring you success.

Audiences always love to watch real content and always appreciate it as well. The free subscribers you gain with your content are always worth it. You will find many videos that will want to get your attention to buy subscribers, but it’s all a trap that leads to nothing. Those videos are to gain views, and it is a clickbait. Save your time in such videos. You need to work to achieve success; there is no shortcut to it. So, always avoid getting hacked by buying subscribers. Choose to work hard and entertain people to make your real audience who will love you for what you put in the channel and thus subscribe you to connect.

How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free?

How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many ways by which you can gain subscribers free and real. There are indeed some criteria for monetizing your account on YouTube. We will teach you 15 ways to increase your subscribers on your YouTube channel. Let’s see.

Create Videos on YouTube Shorts

To increase your subscriber number on your YouTube channel, you can choose the easiest way: by creating short videos. This is absolutely the easiest way to gain more subscribers.

You must have seen YouTube short videos on YouTube. It is a short, fast, entertaining video that grabs the audience’s attention toward the channel. You might have subscribed to many channels by watching their fun or informational YouTube short videos. People prefer short videos rather than lengthy videos on the channel. You can Catch the audience’s attention by making a short video related to your niche. This will lead people to see your channel and let them subscribe to you.

Creating a short video creatively will also lead your subscribers to watch your long videos. Thus, you will increase your subscriber number, which will help you to monetize your account.

  • You must make videos that are related to your niche.
  • Make an attractive short video, and then it will go viral.
  • Create SEO-friendly videos with good titles and descriptions.
  • Also, ask people at last to subscribe to your channel.

Create Quality Content

Whenever you watch videos on YouTube, you always look for good-quality videos. You automatically subscribe to the good content as it grabs your attention or you love it. You surely don’t want to watch any videos on YouTube. In the same way, people like to watch quality video content.

Good content always attracts an audience. Uploading videos that people will relate to or enjoy will always have a good effect on your channel. Your content should meet expectations with entertainment or educational points of view. 

So, whenever you make a video, make it informational and add interesting content.

Good topics will always attract an audience to the video and help you gain many views. Good and unique content will help you be known by many. People will love to watch your content and ultimately subscribe to your channel when it is amazing. Thus, you can gain many subscribers.  

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Ask your Viewers to Subscribe

The most decent and genuine way to gain subscribers is to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It makes a genuine connection with the audience. Viewers who watch your content are interested in your videos while connecting with you. Reminding them to subscribe will help you increase the number of subscribers organically. You need to tell them why your channel is worth subscribing to and how it can be helpful for them.

End your video, making the audience curious for the following content 

Subscribing a channel can be an act of anticipation. You might always have new viewers, so at the end of every video, add some exciting suspense for the next video so that they come again to watch your video. This idea works in connecting the audience for a longer duration and will lead them to keep in connection with you by subscribing to the channel. Telling your audience to catch the upcoming videos is a genuine way to encourage people to subscribe.

Verify Your Google account

YouTubers can make a 15-minute long video by default. If it is much longer than that, you must verify your account. This will help you to make a professional channel of your own. People trust professional videos, and they feel they are more genuine. This will ultimately help you to increase the number of subscribers. Verifying your Google account will help you to connect with the audience more deeply.

Make Attractive Thumbnail

Top 15 ways to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free

Thumbnail is an important aspect of your YouTube videos. It makes a first impression of what viewers get from your thumbnail. Making a catchy and attractive thumbnail makes viewers watch it, which ultimately increases the views. When the thumbnail is good, they will certainly watch your video; you will get subscribers if it is good content. 

Quality content with an attractive thumbnail will work best to increase the subscriber. You can use YouTube, Thumbnail Maker, Canva or, Thumbnail Maker app, or any creative website to make a good thumbnail. There are also many applications available in the Play Store for creating a thumbnail.

Write an attractive Title and Description

  1. A good title and description in your video should be catchy to the audience. You must go through keyword research when you write the title and description. A good keyword should be what people usually search for. There are also free keyword research tools online that will help you to get a good title for your videos. In the description of your YouTube videos, write down the information. This will help you to gain subscribers quickly and organically.

Use Hashtags

Besides an attractive title and a good description, hashtags are another important thing to add to your videos. A good hashtag will help you to reach a wide audience. When you search for any topic on YouTube, you see more videos with fewer subscribers and fewer views on top. This is because of the hashtags they use. 

When the videos appear at the top, even with fewer subscribers, people watch them and ultimately subscribe if the content is good. So, using a correct hashtag in videos will give more views to your video, and then it may go viral, leading to new subscribers in your channel. 

The Hashtag you use should be relatable to the videos you put so that YouTube puts it in the correct category. You need to put more than one Hashtag along with the name of your channel as Hashtag. So, this is a great idea to increase subscribers to your channel.

Always Upload Videos at a Fixed Time

Uploading content video in a fixed time increases the chances of getting views from the audience on YouTube. Many famous YouTubers do this. Therefore, you must upload your video at a fixed time so that your channel becomes viral. You must also keep some polls to get viewer’s interest in your channel. This will lead to an increase in the number of organic subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Share Your Videos on Social Media Platforms

When you are new to YouTube, people barely know you. The best way to get views in the new channels is to share your videos on another social platform where people you know will be able to see them. You can also join groups on social media platforms according to the niche of your content and let them know about your channel. If your video is useful for people and it’s entertaining them somehow, they surely will subscribe to it. You can use social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to share your videos. This will help you get more views and increase your subscribers.

Create an Attractive Intro for Your YouTube Channel

An introduction plays a big role in any channel to make people know what kind of content they will get from you and how useful it is. This will catch the eye of the audience related to the niche. This is an effective way to increase subscribers as the channel grows fast. You can use an application from the Google Play store or website to create a catchy intro for your channel.

Every popular YouTube channel you’ve probably seen has a visually appealing opening, which enhances and elevates the video’s appearance.

Once the introduction is completed, you must decide where and when to display it. The introduction can be included at the start of the video or after providing some background information. This will help your video look professional and encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Promote your YouTube Channel’s Videos with Google Ads

With some money, you can put Google ads on your channel to make it grow. This method leads to getting many views in your video, thus increasing the audience. When your videos reach many people, those who relate to or like the video will ultimately subscribe to you.

Google ads will also help you to decide what kind or age of audience needs to see your videos. You can set a time and get many views in your videos. If you have already uploaded many videos on YouTube, then it is a good way to promote your channel. Don’t buy Google Ads if you are just a beginner. Try this method only if your channel has 7-8 videos. This will help to increase the number of subscribers.

Comment on videos of popular channels related to your Category

When you are a beginner on the YouTube platform, people might know your channel, and it’s a bit difficult to increase the number of subscribers. You can add comments on popular video channels related to your content so the right audience knows about your channel. This will bring them to your videos, and then your videos will get views. This will help to grow your channel. It is necessary that you provide essential details about your YouTube channel in order to boost both your subscriber count and channel growth.

Create Your brand

Top 15 ways to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free

Creating a brand is making a profile in the name of your channel on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This will act as an advertisement for many people simultaneously, and they will come to watch your videos. Additionally, it will make your channel more authentic. If your content has a good video, then viewers will subscribe to it. In conclusion, this is one of the great choices you should make to grow your YouTube subscription.

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Interact with your audience/ Build Community

Last but not least, this is one of the great ideas to increase your subscribers on youtube channels. If you make a good quality content video that is relatable to the audience, it will automatically make them your subscribers. Interact with your viewers like friends and build a community. This makes the audience close to you, and they will love you for the work you do and support you. 

Establishing a connection with your audience increases the likelihood that they will want to continue viewing your content. Answer any questions that are raised. Please return the favour by following their channels. When you work on YouTube, making viewers friends will lead to a vast audience, and everyone will subscribe to your channel.


So, we have seen Top 15 ways to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for Free. You can choose this method to grow in your Tube to monetize your channel. These ways can make your channel grow rapidly and lead to many views of your videos. Your YouTube channel might also be banned if you use any unauthorized paths or free YouTube subscriber hacking tools to get free subscribers. Thus, avoid employing any such ploys. Just remember that your videos should be interactive and relatable to the audience. Then, you will surely grow on YouTube and get many subscribers.

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