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35 Easy Startup Business Ideas to Try in 2024

These days, being an entrepreneur and innovating at work can be greatly facilitated by startups. Our nation has become a global centre for innovation and startups in recent years, establishing a business profile that is greatly benefiting society. In an effort to become self-made individuals, a lot of people are concentrating on starting startups. We’ve put together a list of 35 Easy Startup Business Ideas in India in this post to give you some inspiration for your next business venture.

Each business idea on this list has been carefully selected based on its potential for growth, market demand, and viability. Before launching any business, though, thorough market research and feasibility studies must be carried out. When evaluating these concepts, it’s also a good idea to take your interests, skills, and resources into account to improve your chances of success.  

What is a Startup Business?

A startup is a company that is founded to provide a service that addresses pulling issues in society and has a sizable and promising market. It should be original to you and uncopyable by rivals. As distinct and original as the startup’s concept, as many people as you can persuade to become clients. Any sector or industry can be the subject of the Startup Business Ideas.

Consider the following list of 35 Simple Startup Ideas in India with commitment, tenacity, and flexibility. Being unique is crucial if you want to survive in the cut-throat market of today. Customers should be interested in the business strategies, and they should develop over time. As you solve the issue, your startup company ought to be beneficial to them.

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35 Easy Startup Business Ideas in India

35 Easy Startup Business Ideas to Try in 2024

To help you decide which niche to start in, let’s take a look at the list of 35 Easy Startup Business Ideas in India that is provided below.

Online Bookkeeping

One can work online as a bookkeeper. It will be your responsibility as a bookkeeper to maintain a record of all transactions related to the accounting process. The accounting process benefits from and requires a systematic arrangement of accounting transactions.

It guarantees that all recorded transactions are accurate and up to date. Bookkeeping is important for keeping a track record of financial transactions for investors, financial institutions, and the government. These users receive trustworthy information from bookkeeping that helps them make financial and lending decisions.

  1. It’s now easier than ever to set up and manage client accounts with the help of accessible appointment-setting tools and basic accounting software.

Business Broker

A business broker bridges the buyer and seller. They facilitate the exchange of goods and services between them. As a business broker, you must connect the buyer to the seller or the seller to the buyer. A deep understanding of the business and familiarity with the particular industry are needed. You earn a commission on each successful transaction when you meet the seller and buyer’s needs.

Office Space Rental

Providing a rental space for office purposes can be a great Startup Business Ideas. If you own an excellent real estate place or have space for use, you might rent it for office purposes. You can establish a co working space with adjustable rental schedules, fast internet, and extra features like a pantry, conference rooms, and printing capabilities.

Virtual Call Center Operator

A Virtual Call center operator is one of the 35 Easy Startup Business Ideas through which you can earn good money. It’s a work-from-home idea from where one can connect worldwide and provide services. You can offer 24/7 services to customers by using different time zones as an advantage. You won’t have to invest in physical office space; instead, add cloud-based software and physical phones. This startup Business is cost-efficient work and needs low infrastructure investment. This work also provides flexibility and scalability to businesses.

Create educational content or activities

One of the 35 Easy Startup Business Ideas. You can provide educational content to students or do activities to influence people. It needs to be unique and engage more people to learn from you. Startup Business ideas that could be successful include creating printable activity guides for various age groups, lesson plans for home schools, or even virtual nature walks or story times.

Start a meal-prep business

You can start a meal-prep business as a startup. According to the market analysis, it is expected to grow 14.2% between 2023 and 2030. Help people to make their lives easy by serving keto, vegan, and whole30 meals. It is a profitable business if you provide quality service to people. There is a massive demand for healthy and affordable meals. With the help of the right marketing strategies and price models, you can make huge customers and earn good money.

Create a food waste solution

There is a lot of food waste around daily, creating many environmental issues. Starting a startup Business to address the food waste problem can change the world. You can think of ways to reduce food waste or to plan something to do with it. It can change the food system and save money. Food waste creates greenhouse gas emissions and wastes a lot of natural resources. Over 800 million people face hunger, and about 1/3rd of global food is wasted. Creating a food waste solution startup can help you meet people’s needs more efficiently.

Capitalize on plant-based foods

One of the best 35 Easy Startup business ideas for improving people’s health is to develop a plant-based diet plan. Creating a meatless food system has the potential to alter the healthcare system significantly. Vegetables like legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are the main focus of a plant-based diet, which offers numerous health advantages. If someone wants to start their own business, creating vegan versions of popular dishes or starting a plant-based grocery store could be the secret to success.

Start a drop shipping business

  1. A drop shipping company is an excellent starting business for someone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. Your responsibility in the drop shipping business is to satisfy client’s needs and complete their orders. You act as an intermediary between them. You can provide clients with high-quality products at a fair delivery cost.
  2. To make money, you can open an online store and sell goods. Buying from a third-party supplier for each order a customer places would be advantageous. The supplier will handle the shipping on your behalf after that. If you invest the required time and effort, this business has the potential to generate a good living. Creating a website, advertising your products, and cultivating customer connections are the initial phases of this procedure. If you dedicate yourself to this work, it’s an excellent startup for novices.

Curate subscription boxes

According to a market research report by the International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group, subscription boxes were a $32.9 billion global industry in 2023 (up from $22.7 billion in 2021), and the business is expected to grow. You can pick a niche, make a product collection, and deliver it to your customer. You can also give a pack of different products or can customize it. Curating subscription boxes will help people to experiment and discover new products.

To keep customers attached to your business, find ways to engage them throughout the month (without overwhelming them) and make them feel like they are part of something bigger.

Create an airport-centric app

Many problems arise while travelling, like bad weather, long lines, and bad food. If you have a solution, you can make one app to help people avoid such stressful and frustrating situations. Creating an airport-centric app is an innovation that will help many travellers around. You can make an app and provide real-time information and updates through it. It will help the new traveller navigate the airport and make their travel smooth. It will be a great initiative to help passengers. With such an app, you can provide all updates and information about location, flights, parking, and ground transportation.

Become a destination wedding planner

Nowadays, destination weddings are popular as people want to make the marriage ceremony out of chaos. You can plan a wedding and make the ceremony beautiful with your creative ideas. This can be the best startup Business to make money. You can organize the best venue for the marriage ceremony. As a destination wedding planner, you can plan venues, vendor selections, guest houses, hotels, and travel for guests.

It takes the best of organizational skills to be the best wedding planner. If you are someone who loves to explore places, possess knowledge of a well-liked wedding location, and perform well under pressure, then you can start this business and earn hefty money.

Make local guides

You can be a local guide to new travellers or tourists. This will make their stay easy. Even if you think of yourself as something other than a local expert, then you can get familiar with local places and people before you start. This can be a promising startup for a beginner, and you can make good money from it. You can help tourists get familiar with places and partner with hotel businesses to make their stay memorable and fun.

An excellent local guide should be well-known for the place and surroundings and only offer voluntary assistance to benefit individuals, the community, and the wider globe.

Create a local grocery delivery service

A grocery delivery startup can be a great startup Business idea with little investment. You will need a vehicle and cell phone to start this business. It is a community-friendly service where you can help people deliver their groceries to their doorstep. You have to approach some grocery store to partner with and start delivering. It will be helpful to busy and older adults who cannot go to the grocery and need things at home.

Start a virtual event planning company

If you like to organize and have good skills in getting things done in time, then this one’s for you. You can start earning money by being a virtual event planner. You won’t have to go anywhere, and just by sitting at home, you will have to arrange events or meetings for business people. It’s a booming business where you must gather people for an event. Years from now, there will be a high demand for talented planners who can guarantee that every guest is involved, no matter where they are.

Sell zero-waste products

Selling zero-waste products is a trend these days as it is an eco-friendly initiative. Selling sustainable products that will help reduce pollution can be an excellent idea for helping nature and people. Products like reusable bags, wooden brushes, or combs can significantly change the environment. It will also help raise awareness of being a sustainable-focused consumer. You can start this startup business and earn good money.

Make pet products

If you want to do something for pets and serve them, this startup Business is just for you. You can start making pet products to help them live a good and healthy life. You can create products like food, clothes, grooming sets, and many more creative things to help pet owners keep their pets healthy.

You can also help owners by training their dogs or taking them for a walk. With many people with this mindset, you can make a service-providing brand. You can also make an app or website to solve the problem of pets.

Create custom clothing

Your winning business concept might be to sell custom clothes and provide a tailoring service. The bespoke apparel market is expanding and has the potential for long-term expansion.

You can sell clothes as per the customer’s customization. It’s a new concept of fashion that needs to be expanded. If you are interested in clothing and styling, then it’s just for you. You can make an offline store and sell it online. You can earn good money with this business.

Content Writing

  1. You can write for people or websites needing more time. You can also add the credit and earn good money from it. You must write articles, web pages, categories, and many more to engage people on the website. Many websites want a good writer to make their page enjoyable. You can make a team of writers to give the service. This will help you to turn your writing skills into a high-earning career.

Become a resume writer

  1. People apply for jobs, and for that, they need an impressive resume. Many people can’t write as they don’t feel it. If you enjoy creative writing, you can write resumes for people and earn money. It needs no cost and can help gain many customers. You can write down their resume and help them get their dream job.
  2. Though only some enjoy or are adept at writing resumes, everyone needs one. Creating a resume-writing service might be the right course for you if you have writing skills and want to start a business with no beginning expenses. It’s an opportunity where you can stand out. You can offer this service by pitching it through your website at a price as much as you want.

Language Translation

There is a huge demand for language translators. If you know more than language, you can offer people to translate language and earn good money. This startup Business is a great idea. You can fire this profile if you know more than 2-3 languages. You can earn a hefty amount with your skills; as much as you know, language benefits you.

You can start looking for work on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr and progressively grow your clientele. Another wise move is to inquire with famous bloggers or a freelance writing service if they would be amenable to having their blog articles translated into another language.

Importing Electronic Original Equipment Manufacturer Gadgets

Many of the best-selling products on eBay or Amazon are likely imported. It’s a straightforward process that you purchase your first stock, build your brand, and then market and advertise your products online. You will have to partner with many electronic companies and sell the parts by importing them.

It’s a simple process: purchase your first stock, build your brand, and market and advertise your products online.

You can also use drop-shipping or Amazon fulfillment services if you don’t have a physical warehouse to manage everything and increase the average order value.

By this, you will fulfil the need of people to get the Original Equipment Manufacturer Gadgets quickly.

Affiliate marketing

As an influencer in affiliate marketing, you market products owned by other people or companies in return for a commission earned when customers purchase using your link. Many companies, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Lenskart, and so on, will promote their products.

Affiliate marketers promote products owned by others in return for commissions on purchases. While Amazon remains the most widely used affiliate marketing network, many other possibilities remain. It’s common to combine blogging with affiliate marketing to create a smooth content and promotion blend. Your only task is to sell as many of their products as you can. The product could be digital or physical. This can be a promising startup that can earn huge money.

Create a shared workspace

Profit from the growing trend of remote work by establishing a cutting-edge co working space that caters to the needs of business owners. Select a handy place and design it with highly desirable features.

Online store

Just as it was ten years ago, it is still possible to launch an online store today. Although the task is more challenging, you may set things up with the least effort by using the many free tools available to you.

With the help of vendors like Domain.com and a platform like Shopify, you can create and manage an online business. Among them is Kit, the most recent AI (artificial intelligence) “assistant” from Shopify. The majority of your marketing can be done for you by the kit.

Consulting for Data Analysts

More companies will need to examine mountains of data to change their entire business strategy as big data usage rises. A data analyst is someone who has the technical skills to do this; they are usually trained in finance, mathematics, or economics.

Data analysts can earn well enough for large, global corporations to support their lavish lives.

Managing Digital Marketing Campaigns

The best outcomes are what digital marketing campaign managers are responsible for achieving because marketing has gone digital.

You can begin your digital marketing campaign manager job by researching freely available online materials and carrying out your tests.

It will be essential to comprehend marketing, SEO, calls to action, landing pages, and social media administration (including Facebook and Facebook Live). Try cold calling local businesses to see if they would be interested in your services once you have more experience.

Niche Website owner

New trends appear daily, some of which become extremely well-liked. You have to grab hold of the market as the proprietor of a specialized website before it gets too crowded.

You can ensure that your website appears at the top of search results and attracts thousands of visitors daily. You can use WordPress to make it. Using a program such as StudioPress can make this easier. If you blog, your readership will grow.

Ready to go? The first step is to choose the perfect host. As one of our preferred web servers, we now suggest SiteGround as our top choice.

Make smart appliances

Making smart appliances is one of the best ways to earn money. It can be a successful startup Business if you come up with a solution for any problem with the help of an appliance. Smart appliances and accessories are trendy and are starting to play a significant role in the average consumer’s everyday life. Make a list of everyday chores that you could do more efficiently using a smart appliance at work or home to get ideas.

Use virtual reality experiences

Virtual reality is the future and is here today. You can provide people with an artificial way of feeling things with the help of a simulated environment.

This helps people to learn and entertain by living in the moment. Develop virtual reality experiences or accessories to capitalize on a worldwide market that, according to a market research firm Fortune Business Insights report, is expected to reach a value of $165.91 billion by 2030.

Launch a speciality dating website

You can make a dating website and help people find their Love connection. Nowadays, it’s a popular idea among youth to find partners online. You can create a website or app and help them find one. Take advantage of the chance to assist others in finding love since the stigma associated with online dating has diminished over the past ten years. Special dating websites choices are in demand as so many dating sites cater to different niches. You can earn good money if your website is unique and different from others.

Construct a chatbot

Nowadays, a chat box is an innovative way to help people. It helps businesses improve communication. Chatbots are human-to-human communication tools that leverage artificial intelligence. The popularity of chatbots has grown recently, and you don’t need to know how to code to develop one.

Provide matchmaking services

Making a dating site with a personal touch is similar. You may be the ideal candidate to begin matchmaking if you have a talent for identifying the kinds of people and personalities that get along. You can meet clients in person or conduct this online. This will help people to meet the right one for a wedding or dating. These things are in high demand and can help you earn money.

Hostel Owner

You can make a hostel for students or travellers far away from home and provide them with good hospitality. This can be a promising startup that can earn money. You can make a chain of hostels and provide facilities like home to the students. You will have to find a space and start a hostel. Or you can also start within your own home. You can provide good food, refrigerator, air conditioners and many more.

Thanks to services like Airbnb, anyone can transform their home, garage, or even just one room into distinctive lodging for visitors and travellers worldwide.

Food Truck

Do you love cooking good recipes, or do people love to eat your handmade dishes? Then, you can start a food truck of your own. You can do creative stuff and let people enjoy your unique foods.

You don’t need to be a skilled tea maker to launch a food truck company. All you have to do is assign people to do the jobs you can or cannot do yourself, and you will become the head of the operation.

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As we have discussed 35 best startup Business ideas, you can choose a work that suits your skill or interest and start earning money. Startup is an excellent way to start your business and become an entrepreneur. Choose the best one for you and become a successful person. We wish you all the best.

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