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Shopify Affiliate Marketing: Strategy & Methods

As technology increases, the scope of e-commerce also increases. People are fascinated with the success they can get after the success of this. However, one issue remains constant. Affiliate marketing is more challenging than it seems. It is a long and exhausting process. However, selling products on Shopify can be a great alternative. If you are a full-time worker, you still want a side income to earn a good income. If you wish, you can open your independent store, but if you don’t, you can sell your affiliate products to Shopify. However, this article will provide all the necessary information about Shopify Affiliate Marketing, how it is done, how you can add your affiliate products to the list, etc.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to commission-based advertising on online platforms. It is one of the most convenient ways to reach a large population. People can display their products online, and anyone can buy them directly. It is seen that celebrities and influencers with large numbers of followers promote products of small online businesses. However, whenever someone buys through the link of these celebrities and influencers, they will receive the desired commission. It is a great way to earn money as a second source, and at the same time, various companies get famous.

However, as the internet’s influence increases, people become more captivated by affiliate marketing. Various social media platforms are influencing people. If you want to make your product famous, you should see an affiliate who will sponsor or promote your product in exchange for a commission. The affiliates will provide a link to the common public to buy these products. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to drive sales and make your product famous. 

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Methods

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a chain program. It acts as a responsibility towards the product for their better marketing. It helps provide individuals with a much better and more massive platform for creation across parties. With the help of Affiliate Marketing, we can produce much more reliable and effective strategies. Moreover, the owner can earn a good profit and online revenue. However, it cannot be done alone by an individual; we need three parties for smooth functioning:

  1. Seller
  2. Affiliate 
  3. Customer 

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Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is a vast platform that invites and encourages people to increase their product’s popularity. It is often challenging to understand whether the affiliate wants to promote the product or do it for the money because their lack of interest can cause issues in the popularity of the products. However, some of the most common types of Affiliate Marketing programs are:

1. Unattached

The affiliate has no connection with the customer or unattached product. It is like a business promoting a product for the money. They also need to gain expertise regarding the product and its usage. They can not even claim the product. In this marketing, the customer used to click on the link provided by the affiliate for shopping purposes. It is an excellent way for those who do not want to have to promote themselves without investing a lot of money.

2. Involved

In this marketing, the affiliate is personally tied up with the product or the customer. They have already tested and tried the product and want others to enjoy the benefits and services. The affiliate can claim this product and even encourage others to use it. They talk about their positive experience. Affiliates use their knowledge to make others believe in the benefits of the products. This marketing is great when you want to increase your credibility, as it is much more challenging to convince people to a greater extent.

3. Related

It is the middle business model between unattached and involved. This marketing is for those who need to be more directly engaged with the product but have a good connection with the niche. They influence the niche and can attract people to a greater extent.

Can you use affiliate marketing for Shopify?

Shopify is a famous online platform that acts as a customer and product exchanger. Moreover, it provides products to the customers at a reasonable rate. It contains a wide range of products and services that customers can use anytime, as it allows 24*7 services. However, the answer is yes if you want to use affiliate marketing on Shopify. You can do affiliate marketing by following the two below-given routes:

Create an affiliate marketing program for the Shopify store

With this option, the owners can create their affiliate marketing program and use it to sell the products without interfering with anyone. However, various online platforms help you lend your hand during this process. Moreover, these websites only select the best-reviewed programs.

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Methods

Sell affiliate products on your Shopify.

In this way, if you have a popular product in the market, you can again use the service to sell the product. It is commission-based work, and you must pay To promote the store. It will be much better and beneficial for those who want to have a quick reach.

However, some of the steps that you have to follow while doing affiliate marketing on Shopify are:

1. Join an affiliate program

As you have an already established business with a good reach, an appropriate number of customers, and a Shopify store, it will be easy to do all the processes. However, if you’re setting up your Shopify affiliate store, you must select the method that best fits your Shopify store’s concept. If you do that, it may succeed because the audience will not be able to reach it. 

Before starting working with the affiliate products, you must use a marketing program for quick and easy functioning. 

The owner of the products earns up to 10% profit on every purchase. However, if you want to set up a vast affiliate setup, you can use sites like Affiliate or DFO Global.

2. Add affiliate product link to Shopify store

After the approval process for affiliate marketing on Shopify, you can approach shoppers for yourself. You have to invite the affiliates and place affiliate products; it is similar to the management of the links. There are even custom links that help to get quick responses. However, some of the easy steps to place the affiliate links on your products are:

  1. Download the app called ‘Outlink’.
  2. Now go to the online store option, themes, and Actions.
  3. After all this, click the edit button and find the product to fill into the template liquid file. 
  4. Click on the add to cart and include the link under the product.

Pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing on Shopify

Shopify is an excellent platform for selling your products as it provides excellent opportunities for stability and growth. It is a lucrative opportunity that helps you reach a vast public without doing anything. However, though it is a platform full of opportunity, it still has some drawbacks. So it would help to look after everything before jumping onto this big platform. Consider all the points that help you understand affiliate marketing better. However, here are the pros and cons of selling affiliate products online.

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Why should you do affiliate marketing on Shopify?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable platforms on which to earn money. Various statistics show that the profit and growth have risen to 9 billion dollars. It is a much safer and more reliable base to start, no matter what kind of store you want. However, if you still need to decide about affiliate marketing on Shopify, read the benefits below, 

It helps your store to grow faster

It helps in the growth of your store as the more affiliates will talk about your product the more people will be able to know it. It is a treasure that is responsible for your growth in this field.

It’s risk-free

The best part of affiliate marketing is that it’s risk-free. It doesn’t matter whether you have an affiliate program or not. It will still cause no harm to your store. No such people could harm your store, as risk is always zero.

It is best if you have excellent customer retention rates

Every customer wants to buy the best products. However, we must provide the best services so that whenever they feel like buying something, they will come to us immediately.


The affiliate market is a vast platform that invites everyone without any demand. It ensures the growth of an individual. You can do affiliate marketing through blogs, vlogs, webinars, etc. You can even approach others to advertise your products for better customer reach. We have discussed all the necessary details about affiliate marketing and how you can do it. It will help you out.   

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