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14 Best Online Survey Apps to Earn Money in India for 2024

Let us introduce some popular online survey apps in which you can invest your time and earn money in return.

The survey app is like a bridge that connects the business and the customer. There are many paid online survey apps that customer uses to review customer on their services or products. Companies pay the user to review and answer the survey. If you are someone who wants to earn money online, then try these survey apps. These apps are legitimate and reliable; you can participate and share your honest opinion about the product. Let’s look at the 14 Best Online Survey Apps to Earn Money in India for 2024 in this article below. Let’s begin.

How Do Paid Online Survey Apps/Websites Work?

Best Online Survey Apps to Earn Money in India for 2024

Companies and businesses use survey apps to know the review customers at some points and how paid online survey apps work.

  • Businesses and companies pay users to participate and share honest opinions about the products. Through this, they can get feedback.
  • When you sign up for the paid online survey app, you immediately receive an invitation from the company to participate according to their demographics.
  • As you invest your time in participating in the survey, the company pays you for your effort and valuable time given to them. They usually pay the money by Paypal, gift cards, or direct bank transfers.

Types of Paid Online Surveys

Nowadays, surveys are one of the best ways to make some money. There are many types of paid online surveys in India. Let know about them-

  1. 1. Market research surveys: Companies conduct these surveys online to know about their target customer’s preferences and behaviour.
  2. 2. Product testing surveys: Companies conduct these surveys to test new products or services and to get consumer reviews.
  3. 3. Online Focus Group: These online surveys are made in a group setting. People can discuss and share their honest opinions.
  4. 4. Mystery Shopping surveys: It evaluates the quality of products or services of companies. Companies aim to get feedback on the product or service using these surveys.

Overall, the company pays these online surveys to share honest opinions, and creating a link between the business and the customer is a great idea.

14 Best Online Survey Apps to Earn Money in India for 2024

Let’s look at the 14 Best Online Survey Apps to Earn Money in India below-

1. LifePoints

Best Online Survey Apps to Earn Money in India

LifePoints is an online survey platform that is globally famous. These apps pay the user to participate in their surveys. Through a survey market research, They allow the user to influence the global brand’s product or services. LifePoints users can earn points, and later, they can redeem them and get gift cards, entry coupons, or cash. These platforms have already awarded prizes of 20 million dollars to users. They are affiliated with top payment brands like Google Pay, Target, Amazon, and PayPal. LifePoints is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to make money online by completing surveys because of its consistent payouts and abundance of earning opportunities.

2. MultiPolls

Online Survey App

Multipolls is an online survey app that gives users the opportunity to create and share polls with pals and followers. You can install this survey app and earn money as they pay you for your participants. Users can do surveys with personalized questions, various response options, and instantaneous data.

The polls created by the user are often rewarded between 0.10 Dollar to 1 Dollar. You can easily make money through this online survey app, and it will depend upon the number of polls you participate in.

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3. AttaPoll

Online Survey App

AttaPoll is an online poll platform where users can create, manage, or analyze surveys and polls. There are customizable templates and a wide range of questionnaires. The platform also offers a suite of advanced analytics and also provides reporting tools. You can join this platform and earn 1-2.5 Dollars for one survey. Each survey takes 10-15 minutes. Thus, you can register with Attapoll and make money just from home.

4. Poll Pay

Poll pay is one of the best Online Survey Apps to earn money online

Poll Pay is an online survey app that allows people to earn from home. Companies can design, alter, and distribute surveys and polls to know the preferences and viewpoints of users. You can get real-time analytics and customizable themes on this app. It pays you 1 Dollar when you answer 1 survey for 10-12 minutes duration. 

5. Survey time

Online Survey App

Survey time provides questions to answer regarding popular marketing and customer service platforms. It offers money for investing your valuable time in the survey. You can easily earn 0.50-1 Dollar for each survey you participate in.

6. Valued Opinions

Online Survey App

This is one of the best online survey apps to earn money in India in 2024. It surveys the user regarding consumer products, entertainment, and travel opinions. This user-friendly app allows you to invest 15-20 minutes and earn money easily. This app offers reliable payouts and has a straightforward interface.

7. YouGov

Online Survey App

YouGov is a popular online survey app allowing users to make home money. You have to sign up for the app with some details and participate in the surveys they provide. The survey concerns topics like politics, entertainment, and consumer products. For each successful survey, you will earn points, and later on, you can redeem rewards like cash through gift cards, donations, or PayPal.

It is an excellent way to earn money in less time. So, please take advantage of it and install the YouGov app. Put your honest opinions and earn money.

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8. Branded Survey

Online Survey App

Branded Survey is an online survey app where you can earn money without investing. It is one of the best apps for investing time by answering surveys with honest opinions and getting rewards like cash. The app offers rewards through PayPal or gift cards for each successful survey. Branded survey app is very easy to use and provide a reliable payout. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to earn money.

9. Opinion Outpost

Online Survey App

Opinion Outpost values your honest opinion and rewards you for that. The most recent survey tools strongly emphasize fusing this satisfying experience with ever-more-advanced features for gathering information and analysis. It is one of the best online survey apps to earn money by answer a set of questions. This is best Money Earning App. For each successful survey you make, you earn money. The reward can be accessed through PayPal and Amazon or other gift cards.

10. Toluna

Online Survey App

With the help of the Toluna online survey app, you can earn money by providing your honest opinion. The platform gathers information from actual people and utilizes it to inform data-driven choices. The Toluna app offers surveys, polls, and qualitative research in which you can participate. This helps the business to understand the customer and market trends. Each survey you answer will help you to earn 2000-4000 points. You will make 1 Pound when you collect 5500 points by completing surveys. You will have to complete surveys and collect the points. You can withdraw 35 pounds at least. It takes effort to use and earn money from home.

11. BananaBucks

Online Survey App

BananaBucks is an online survey app that helps users earn money to complete the surveys. Reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, discounts, and other items. This app allows the participants to make friends, share challenges, and interact with other users. It offers 1 Dollar for each survey completion. By joining this app and submitting surveys, one can earn 100 Dollars per month, which depends on the activity level.

It is an excellent way to earn money in less time. So, please take advantage of it and install the BananaBucks app. Put your honest opinions and earn money.

12. Swagbucks

Online Survey App

Swagbucks is an online survey app that you can install to earn money. It is a platform where surveys are provided and offers rewards in return for your valuable opinion; Swagbucks gives rewards for watching videos and shopping online, along with the surveys. The user can earn 1-5 Dollars per day for participating in the surveys. Occasionally, Swagbucks also offers 50-250 Dollars. The reward is called Swagbucks, which you can earn as money in exchange for gift cards. Download the app today and earn good money just by sitting at home.

13. Happy Surveys

Online Survey App

Happy Surveys is an online app allowing users to earn money by completing surveys. It’s an easy-to-use interface for investing your time in creating surveys and analysing responses and results. You can complete short surveys with Happy Surveys and earn REAL CASH. You’ve found the best app if you were looking for ways to get money with them. It offers the highest-paid surveys online. You can easily make 15 dollars by investing 10 minutes in the survey. The app offers a payout in 3 days to your preferred account.

14. Streetbees

Online Survey App

Streetbees is a platform for crowdsourcing data collection that gives businesses real-time insights into customer behaviour and trends. This app uses the customer’s insights and opinions to make the business better from the global network of ‘Bees.’ This mobile app helps the business to understand their customer. You can easily earn 0.5-1 Dollar from each survey, and you have to spend 20-30 minutes.  

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Things to Remember While Earning from Online Surveys

It can be easy to design and manage surveys. You must take several factors into account when creating an appropriate survey. It ought to enable you to get the precise data you require. Before starting to make surveys, let’s see some essential things to remember below-

  1. Understand the survey: When you start any survey, knowing what the survey is about is vital. Understanding the survey is very important because answering the question correctly is needed by the survey apps. This helps in making money.
  2. Read rules and regulations: Every survey has its own rules and regulations. You need to read and understand all those rules before starting the survey. By doing this, you can avoid the penalties and earn money.
  3. Don’t Rush: It is essential to read the survey’s question so that you answer it well. It is good to answer thoughtfully. So, take your time answering a survey. Always take your time and fill out the survey; you will earn good money from it.
  4. Don’t share Personal Information: Some survey apps might ask for your name, contact, and address. Remember to keep that information private if you are sure about the authenticity of the survey company.
  5.  Check Payment Detail: It’s essential to check the payment details of the survey company before you start a survey. There are different ways for each company to make payments. Some offer cash rewards, and some offer points or vouchers, which can be redeemed for the rewards.


As we have seen, many online survey apps to earn money and their benefits. If you want to earn money from home, you can use the survey app above. It takes some investment of your time and, in return, offers you a reward that can be redeemed later. Always remember to know the company details and rules before you start a survey to avoid penalties.

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