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Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Many students in India are looking for a part-time job to earn some extra. If you are one of them? Then you are at the right place. We have brought you a list of the Best Online Typing Jobs to Earn Money in India. Every student can apply for this typing job from home and have some income. It would help if you had a laptop and a good internet connection. There are many job opportunities which require a fast typist. So, you can take advantage of it and fill the need. So, let’s look at the 15 typing jobs you can apply for.

Benefits of Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Part-time jobs suit students as they can earn good money in their free time. Let’s look at some more benefits of Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money below:-

Flexibility: A part-time online job is flexible for students as it can take a short time to invest. Students can easily find these jobs online as internships or freelance opportunities. Students can do this job in their spare time from home or office, according to their preference.

Money: Part-time online jobs can make around 3.5 million annually, an excellent student income. It can be a great start for students to learn. Furthermore, you can earn as much as you want from online typing jobs if you keep improving your skills.

Low Investment: Online part-time typing jobs are a low-investment model. It provides a good income for investing time and needs a laptop and a good internet connection.

Low Bar to Entry: Some of the most accessible jobs you can find online or in real life are typing jobs. It does not need any requirements or high qualifications. Online typing jobs are, therefore, a perfect fit for students.

Skill Development: Online part-time jobs with minimum qualifications are suitable for skill development. It provides the best learning opportunities for students. Students can learn much about customer service, time management, and effective communication.

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Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money

Let’s look at the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India below:

1. Data Entry

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India
  1. Many companies need someone to organise their data. For such Work, data entry jobs are done. You need to collect the data and type it into the company’s storage system, which can be Microsoft Excel or any software system. You should be skilled in typing fast with Accuracy. You need to check the errors in the data. You will receive a hard copy of the data, such as bills, reports, receipts, customer records, etc. It can also be digital, and you must type in a spreadsheet. You have to enter all the data with Accuracy and without any mistakes. You can apply on online platforms like Work to get a job in Data entry.

2. Transcription

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

There are many transcription jobs available online where you have to listen to the audio and type it out without a mistake. You will receive an audio file and have to listen to it carefully and write it down precisely. You might get asked to write down in format or handwritten notes. This will help you earn good money. You can also get training and certification for legal or medical transcription.

Skills requiredFast typing and good hearing skills Interoperating skills.
Average PayINR 10,000- 65,000 per month

3. Freelance Writer

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

These days, freelancing is a popular gig for working online. You can write creative posts, blogs, articles, and many more. It’s best for someone who loves writing and is one of the best jobs you can do online. You can write about different niches that suit your interests. It can be a long-form article or social media content.

You can apply for this profile online, as many websites have vacancies for freelance writers. You can be an expert in one niche and write well to earn more money. You have to show creativity and quality in your writing. You can also collaborate with other writers, graphic designers, and editors to enhance your skills and earn more. Freelance writers must be able to modify their writing style and tone to suit their clients. While some clients may only have examples, others may provide a brand style guide.

Skills requiredCreative writing, Meeting deadlines
Average PayINR 7,000- 80,000 per month

4. Online Chat Job

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

You can work for many businesses that need people to provide customer services through online chat. You can apply for this profile and help them to drive their sales. You can offer tech support by answering customers’ questions to assist with sales. You have to be friendly with the customer and deal with them patiently. You need good communication skills to do well in this job profile.

To access the online chat as a chat support specialist, you must log in using an app or website of the company you are working for. Chat support specialists are in demand across all industries, which makes them a popular remote work option.

You may also get training on the software or product of your new client before beginning as a chat support specialist. Jobs requiring technical support chat may call for further education and certifications.

Skills requiredGood communication and operative.
Average PayINR 8,000- 50,000 per month

5. Captioning

Captioning is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

You might have seen the movie or live TV subtitles and read them to understand more precisely. It is like transcribing, but captioning needs stenotype machines. You will have to write the audio context by hearing it properly. It requires a high level of accuracy when you type for high-profile captioning, like for live events or court cases. You must also type fast with no errors to earn good money in this work profile. According to the niche you’re interested in, you can get certified and learn how to use a stenotype if you want to work as a freelance captioner.

6. Translation

Translation is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Translation work is for you if you know more than one language. You can earn good money by translating one language to another. Many companies need translators to convert the language to a native one. You can apply for such a profile and earn a good income as a student. Translators who assist people in real-time during meetings, presentations, or even private affairs are called interpreters.

As a translator, you have to communicate precisely in the right way. It also needs a high level of attention to fluently provide all the details of original content. Many international companies offer high money to seamlessly translate technical information or branded content into another language.

7. Editor

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Editors are one of the best jobs for Students to Earn Money in India. Finding a good and skilled editor is a relief to the writers. It helps to make them make their draft perfect. You have to be a grammar expert to make the content editing perfect. If you are good with grammar and can notice the errors in one go, you can earn good money by editing the content. It is a work-from-home job where you can invest 4-5 hours of time daily and earn extra income.

Editors can specialize in various areas of editing. You can conduct fact-checking and structural edits more or ensure that the voice and tone are maintained throughout lengthier writing works like books. You can become highly skilled in a certain niche and select a speciality, such as business writing, blogs, or novels. Editors can also collaborate with other writers and boost their work files.

8. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Many brands hire copywriters to do marketing and advertising. Copywriters choose short content to drive actions. They can do copywriting for social media ads or for email campaigns. They can switch their writing voice according to the needs of the client. Copywriting can be excellent if you like creative writing and are skilled in lead generation or sales. It’s a work-from-home job requiring a laptop and a good internet connection to generate income.

Copywriters must be skilled enough in writing to get their every word count. You will have to meet the deadlines and precisely provide the content needed.

You can apply for this profile and earn money, as many companies hire copywriters for campaign marketing and collateral. You may focus on a particular area of copywriting, such as email or brand copywriting.

Skills requiredCreative thinking, Marketing knowledge, Attention to detail, Research skills.
Average PayINR 8,000- 60,000 per month

9. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Proofreading focuses more on minor details like grammar and spelling than copy editing. You can work from home as a proofreader if you enjoy reading and have an excellent eye for errors in written Work. As a proofreader, you must work with writers and provide their content with the perfect finishing before publishing. You can work for extended content like e-book white papers or for short content like social media posts and meta descriptions. There are many writing styles, such as AP, AMA, APA, and Chicago, in which you can write and provide the needed content to the writers. You must have a strong command of grammar and spelling and be good at meeting deadlines to start this job profile as a student.

Skills requiredStrong spelling and grammar, time management and good interpersonal skills.
Average PayINR 1 to 3 lakh per year

10. Blogger

Blogger is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Blogging is one of the best typing jobs for students to earn money while getting an education. If you like to write, you have great potential for earning in this profile. Blogs can get huge traffic to websites and help in making money. Many companies look for ghostwriters or bloggers to write the content for their blogs. You can write blogs for such businesses, which can be 500 to 2000 words per day.

For the blog, some clients might instruct you on a content brief of outline, keywords, and meta description. You will have to write per the client’s needs and instructions. You have to be skilled in managing time to meet the deadlines.

You can also make your blogging website, post niche content that fits your interests and drive traffic to it. You can earn more if you know how to write SEO. This will help you earn money by typing for 4-5 hours daily.

11. Clickworker

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Clickworker is a wonderful opportunity for students to earn extra cash during college. You have to perform micro activities like data entry and participating in surveys or Research. This Work is simple, takes little time, and allows you to earn money quickly. You can use Clickworker to generate income with basic computer skills.

12. BabbleType

You can start earning money with Babble type.

You can start earning money with Babble type. You can provide transcription and translation work and generate income. You can register for this profile and type the audio or translate.

Pay is given to translators and transcriptions according to the word count and the number of minutes of audio transcription. The quality and quantity of the project’s students submit will determine how much they can earn. Furthermore, BabbleType rewards users for finishing tasks quickly and accurately.

13. Solving CAPTCHA

Solving CAPTCHA is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Students can easily earn money from the comfort of their homes by solving captchas. You can make money with the help of numerous popular captcha-earning applications and websites. It needs attention to detail precisely to solve CAPTCHA. Websites must drive traffic, which can only be done by humans, not by bots or AI. Businesses need a Captcha solver to verify the sources that are in the form of their puzzles. With this Work, you can help companies and earn good money.

14. Website Micro Jobs

These online micro jobs websites offer many jobs such as data entry

Many companies need urgent data and typing content to be done. You can apply for them, do the job precisely, and earn money. It only requires a considerable investment, only a laptop and a good internet connection. These online micro jobs websites offer many jobs such as data entry, typing, online surveys, urgent content writing, etc. You will be paid between 0.5 and 1 USD to complete each task.

15. Content Writer

When it comes to typing and earning, content writing is one of the best jobs

When it comes to typing and earning, content writing is one of the Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India. As a student, you can write content daily and earn through per word. You can write for websites, domestic clients, blogs, and online publications. This job is suitable for students as it requires no investment other than a laptop and a good internet connection. You can generate massive income if you provide quality content by meeting deadlines. Many freelancing platforms offer content writing jobs, which you can apply for.

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Things to Consider When applying for Jobs in Online Typing

Top 15 Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in India

Let’s look at what you should look for when applying for an online typing job.

Research the organisation

It is necessary to research the organisation you are applying for. Look out for the organisation’s reviews and testimonials to know the company’s legitimacy. Go through the website reviews and payment methods. It is necessary to avoid fake organisations and waste time.

Verify Payment condition

Before applying to any organisation, ensure the company gives the payment. You can check it by going through the reviews. Every organisation has different policies for payment. So, it’s essential to know this before you join the organisation.

Read the Position Description

Knowing well about the position you are getting to work for is essential. Carefully read the job description because it will help you understand what you must do without getting pressured.

Use proper tools

Ensure you have the tools and software required in the work process. The most essential tools you will need are a computer, an internet connection, and a typing program.

Keep reasonable expectations

When you apply for an online typing job, don’t expect to get rich overnight. Online jobs need reasonable time to settle down and make space in the profile. Building a good income through an online typing job requires consistency and hard work.


Now you have seen that earning money as a student is easy. If you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can start working today and make good money. You can apply for any of these typing job profiles while attending college. We hope every student can find various typing jobs online that fit their preferences and earn a little money. Any student can start earning money with a few skills and fast typing skills.

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