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20 Best Food Bloggers In India You need to Follow Today

Indian food bloggers have gone a long way since they began blogging about food and eventually became food businesses. The primary reason is that the food sector has expanded over the last ten years, and there is a trend of preparing new dishes throughout the country. This culinary blogger has helped us enjoy local Indian delicacies and foods we’ve never heard of. The tendency to create fresh foods is frightening since individuals like preparing Italian and French cuisine, among other things. Indian bloggers’ extensive study has resulted in the discovery of new recipes. Food bloggers can assist people in comprehending the easy process of cooking a serving of food. Food writing was a niche interest during the epidemic but has risen dramatically across India. As the sector grows exponentially, more retail food establishments establish themselves in the Indian food market. The Indian food market ranks sixth in size, thanks to the significant contributions of renowned food bloggers. Food blogging has transformed the food industry into an internet business.  Your macros are kept to a certain level when you eat organic food. Using the macro calculator at calculator-online.net is preferable to determine your meal requirements.

Companies are paying for unique recipes and new trends. Investing in a food blogging company might be terrific if you enjoy creating unique recipes. Recent trends are swiftly gaining traction, and more people are investing in the food business. This is a fast-track industry, but you must be creative and understand new recipes. You could say that the pickles and chutneys are small niches. Bloggers have made them a full-time, presentable job. People follow fresh pickle and chutney recipes daily. Pickles and chutneys are staples of traditional Indian cuisine and recipes. You can’t avoid these essential elements in Indian cooking. More and more motivated young individuals are entering the food sector, and their innovative approaches have set a new trend.

List of top 20 food bloggers in India 2024

Here are the 20 best food bloggers in India:

1. Archana Doshi (@Archana’s Kitchen)

Archana Doshi is a software developer who launched her blog to offer a simple answer to culinary challenges. She found the site to assist others in developing do-it-yourself cooking solutions. She began by presenting a simple solution for Indian dishes. People accepted her participatory method, and she offered increasingly sophisticated dishes worldwide. She has her cooking channel, Archana’s Kitchen, on YouTube. She has shared unique culinary skills on the internet. You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for some fantastic culinary ideas. It is her skill to market her blog effortlessly using online marketing channels. Archana Doshi launched Archana’s Kitchen in 2007, and it quickly became India’s top culinary and recipe portal. Over two decades later, Archana’s Kitchen has over ten million followers on her website, YouTube channel, social media sites, and mobile app. She was named a ‘Google Entrepreneur on the Web’ for her remarkable work in the digital food arena, and she inspired the first Google Chrome ad to air on national Indian television.

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2. Vegan Richa (@Veganricha)

Vegan Richa presents one of the most fantastic healthy food blogs for Indians. Her foods are great and tasty to cook; most are vegetarian. Vegan Richa’s dishes range from baking to nutritious fast cuisine. You may find fast food challenging to digest; however, vegan fast foods are produced with care for our health. You should follow her since her recipes are delicious and provide a wholesome experience for people. You may avoid eating greasy fast food by following Richa’s vegan fast-food recipes. People are becoming more attentive to diets and eating regimens. You may be surprised to see various new recipes on the blog, and it may be pretty exciting to follow multiple recipes on the site.

3. Nagalakshmi – Nags (@Edible Garden)

Nagalakshmi is the spouse of Shesha, a nagaraja (lord of snakes) and one of Vishnu’s two mounts in Hindu mythology. She is believed to embody the divine ocean known as the Kshira Sagara. Nagalakshmi’s site is more than just an Internet culinary destination; it has classical, traditional, and modern recipes. Another fascinating feature of the blog is its variety of quick and easy recipes. Nagalakshmi’s site includes culinary recipes for everyone, allowing you to easily access a variety of tasty meals in one spot. It is one of the best blogs for those who have moved away from home and want to cook food for themselves. Go to Nagalakshmi’s site and track numerous recipes for yourself; you may learn the recipes in just a few minutes from the blog.

4. Ankiet Gulabani (Belly Over Mind)

Ankiet Gulabani is a food blogger at heart; he began as a food blogger and then launched a website with various recipes. He has grown in popularity on social media and the internet due to his extraordinary ability to create and explain numerous dishes. When you view his video online, you may think that the recipe has become too simple for you to make. Ankiet Gulabani presents the most complex recipes in a simple and interactive format that people may follow on the internet.

5. Sharmilee (Sharmis Passions)

Sharmilee is a South Indian, and most recipes focus on South Indian food. Her recipes are simple, and even a child may do it quickly. She started her blog following the birth of her child while seeking healthy meals online. Her straightforward and dynamic method of identifying the recipes has become a widespread trend on the internet and social media. If you love South Indian cuisine, Sharmilee’s site is the place to go. Sharmilee’s South Indian cuisine has a distinct niche; people rely on her to create them.

6. Jayanthy Kumaran (Tasty Appetite)

Jayanthy Kumaran’s delightful appetite primarily aims to give easy recipes that promote healthy eating and a nutrition mindset. She is an author, photographer, and YouTuber who runs a culinary blog. Her healthy recipes make it easier to locate healthy meal dishes. You may learn about your metabolic requirements and the formula. You may specify the meal dishes most appropriate for your body weight. The most crucial aspect of running a food blog is making the recipe simple to follow.

7. Vanita Tipnis (Vanita’s Corner)

Vanita Tipnis (Vanita’s Corner) was an educated woman and corporate secretary. She left her job to focus on parenthood and launched a culinary blog. She successfully maintains a food blog, a valuable resource for stay-at-home mothers. Vanita Tipnis (Vanita’s Corner) shares easy, regional, and everyday meal ideas. These are the kinds of foods that are not commonly found on restaurant menus or in ordinary meal preparations.

8. Anushruthi (Divine Taste)

Anushruthi (Divine Taste) enjoys sophisticated dishes, encouraging her to start her blog, Divine Taste. You may have access to unusual recipes by subscribing to her site. She is a passionate photographer, interactive food recipe inventor, and well-known nutritionist in Mumbai. You may get a variety of unusual recipes by viewing her video. She created a particular category for folks who enjoy eating vegetarian meals.

9. Harpal Singh Sokhi (@Chefharpalsokhi)

Harpal Singh Sokhi is an all-rounder who has created a new category for making delicious beverages. Most Indians prefer vegetarian meals. However, Harpal Singh Sokhi has developed a niche for non-vegetarian dishes. Other Niche categories include nutritious foods, baked foods, and so forth. If you enjoy Punjabi food and recipes, this site is your place.  The site describes a variety of innovative and traditional Punjabi culinary dishes.

10. Deeba Rajpal (Passionate About Baking)

Deeba Rajpal is one of the most inspirational women and food bloggers.  She is well-known for her imaginative meals, and her site frequently discusses new trends and ideas. Her key emphasis and niche are an innovative approach to preparing diverse sweets. She is also well known for her unique approach to decorating various foods for different occasions. Watching Deeba Rajpal’s video will make learning a new technique for adorning plates easier. Decoration has become a characteristic of Indian cuisine across the food chain. The presentation helps you organise your macros and keep them at a precise location. Use the macro calculator to determine your meal requirements and prevent obesity.

11. Rapti Bhaumick (From the Corner Table)

Rapti Bhaumick was a journalist, but she quit a cushy desk job to pursue a less profitable career. She started a culinary blog to share her experiences with writing, travelling, and baking. She encourages you to go outside the box while preparing a meal for your guests. She chose baking as her niche and showcased a variety of Indian food dishes.

12. Hina Gujral (@Funfoodandfrolic)

Hina Gujral has devised an effective method for preparing numerous culinary products. She is a creative blogger who travels to share firsthand information on culinary categories. She will present less spicy recipes and nutritious foods that people will enjoy because of her distinct way of eating better. People who like less spicy foods can visit his blog and learn about various dishes. People who have digestive problems prefer to consume fewer spicy foods. These meals benefit our health, making us more comfortable consuming less spicy cuisine.

13. Dassana Amit (Veg Recipes of India)

Dassana started her site vegrecipesofindia.com in 2009 as an online record full of family recipes and her creations. The online journal blossomed and became a full-fledged blog with hundreds of recipes. She has a great way of describing each process step, and her blogs allow others to learn rapidly. When you see her video, you believe the dish is too simple and can be prepared. Dassana’s engaging manner has helped her grow in popularity. You may visit her blog and select a recipe of your choosing.

14. Neha Mathur (@Whiskaffair)

Neha Mathur has written for around seven years and established an online presence. She can create a fresh way of describing recipes; many find her manner distinctive and more presentable. You would appreciate studying the many recipes from Neha Mathur. She is well-known for her unusual communication style, and the audience enjoys talking to her.  Her engaging style appeals to students, and following Neha Mathur has become fashionable.

15. Kathy Gori (The Colors of Indian Cooking)

Kathy Gori has been preparing Indian food for 30 years; she is an American resident trying to introduce Indian food to modern American Kitchens. She is trying to incorporate new ways to introduce Indian food worldwide. She is teaching the colour of Indian food in a unique style. Traditional Indian foods are specific in their nature and specification. She is a prominent author of the website “THE COLORS OF INDIAN COOKING.” Here, intriguing recipes appear on channels like Honest Cooking, Food 52, and the New York Times.

16. Sailaja (Sailu’s Food)

The tagline for her blog is “Deliciously Indian!” Sailaja’s blog offers several recipes; choose one from the list. You can discover a variety of pickle and chutney recipes. The website has a variety of drink recipes. You may immediately read her most recent blog article on the “Deliciously Indian!” page. The style of her blog has made her a well-known star in the culinary sector. You may believe pickles and chutneys are tiny niches, yet consumers are always pursuing new recipes. Pickles and chutneys are staples of traditional Indian cuisine and recipes. You can’t avoid these essential elements in Indian cooking.

17. Anubhav Sapra (@Delhifoodwalks)

Anubhav Sapra is a self-explanatory blog that began on the street in Delhi and swiftly spread around the country. He has a YouTube channel where Anubhav Sapra posts weekly cooking videos. His recipes are well-known throughout India, and he has a talent for describing street food and its flavour in a novel way. He can bridge the gap between street food and traditional cuisine and provide a new cooking method. The microwave and other cooking equipment have given street food a unique flavour and appearance. You will be astonished to sample the street’s famous foods since these are an excellent gift for you. When eating, you must keep your macros inside a specified range. It is preferable to use the macros calculator to determine specifics.

18. Natasha Hamo (@Organicandhappy)

Natasha Hamo is a certified organic food blogger, so you may become a fan if you enjoy eating natural and organic foods. She has chosen innovative dishes, and people are adopting a new trend of eating organic cuisine.  You may discover a variety of organic food recipes on this blog. People who care about their health will gravitate toward organic foods, and she is gaining a global following. Health-conscious people are increasingly turning to the Internet for fresh, organic recipes. This meal has no artificial ingredients or tastes. Organic food is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and Natasha Hamo is attempting to capitalise on this trend. Eating organic food can help prevent various ailments, including hypertension and obesity. Organic food is also beneficial for developing a better sense of taste.

18. Shilpa (Aayi’s Recipes)

Shilpa is a keen food blogger who is motivated by her mother. Her selected recipes led her to create her blog. Her mother’s Konkani recipes may be found on her site, aayisrecipes.com. Her blog’s success has elevated her to the ranks of prominent Indian bloggers.

20. Shaheen Ali (Spoon Fork and Food)

Shaheen Ali grew up in a home where food was a significant topic of discussion. She began blogging about her experiences, documenting cuisine adventures and learning experiences. She was also referred to as India’s top 20 food photographer. She is a food stylist, and her style skills have garnered her several awards and helped her gain companies. Her familial experience allows her to create an engaging blog for users.

How much does a Food Blogger earn in India?

Food writers in India may earn between ₹50 and ₹100 per 1,000 page views from adverts. If the food blog receives 1,000,000 monthly views, you may earn between ₹5000 and ₹10,000. As a result, the more visitors your blog receives, the more money you will make.

How do Food Bloggers Make Money in India?

There are various programs that allow the food bloggers to earn a good amount. Some of them are: 

By Becoming an Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate programs are an excellent method for food bloggers to earn money. With little work, individuals may monetise their blogs. The first step is to sign up for an Affiliate Marketing program in the food area. Examples include Zomato, Swiggy, Pizza Hut, and Dominos. They can then choose their preferred food deal. Finally, they must copy the partner’s link and put it into their blog post. When a blog reader clicks on an affiliate link and buys food from the shop. The food blogger will receive a portion of the profits. This will be the commission they receive. 

By Adding Ads to Their Blog:

Ad money is one of the primary sources of revenue for food bloggers. You may join an ad network once you have a large traffic volume. Food bloggers may earn money through sites like Medicine and Ad Thrive. High-traffic blogs may provide five to seven figures in income. The visitors will determine your blog revenue.

Sponsored Blog or social media material:

Food bloggers use several methods to generate money from sponsored material. This includes personally pitching businesses they wish to collaborate with and enrolling in an influencer advertising strategy that links brands with bloggers. For example, consider FBC and TapInfluence. In certain circumstances, marketers approach bloggers directly for sponsored material. These offers typically come to food writers with a large quantity of traffic.

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Summing it up

All food bloggers began out with a passion for food. They have shown many people how to prepare their favourite foods. You may learn any recipe by visiting their page, including step-by-step tutorials, videos, and culinary workshops.

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