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Amazon India affiliate program with 10.8% commission in India

Amazon is an American-based online shopping platform that provides its customers with a wide range of products. People love to buy things from Amazon, which offers excellent quality at affordable prices. Amazon India focuses on cloud shopping, window shopping, online advertising, digital streaming, etc. Amazon India is recognized to be among the top 5 shopping platforms all across the world. However, another famous thing about Amazon is its affiliate program, which has a 10.8% commission. In this program, bloggers, content creators, and marketers try to promote Amazon’s products. In return, they will be provided with a commission from Amazon. It is an excellent way to encourage products we, as the creators, can earn money by monetizing. This article will discuss the Amazon India affiliate program with a 10.8% commission, commission rate details, why choose an Amazon India affiliate program, and many more

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Amazon Affiliate India Commission Rate Details

India Commission Rate Details

The commission is an earning that bloggers, marketers, or content creators get whenever someone buys from Amazon through their affiliate link. It is a great way to promote a product because, through this way, we can reach a greater audience. However, here are the Amazon affiliate India commission rate details.

Product category Commission 
Kitchen appliances, kitchen and houseware, furniture, outdoors, DIY & Tools, home, automotive, lawn & garden, sports, grocery, pantry, baby products8.60%
comData storage devices 1.40%
Apparel and accessories, luggage and bags, watches, shoes10.80%
Consumer electronics ad accessories5.80%
Gold and silver coins0%
Gift card and vouchers at 0% advertising fee0%
Mobile phones 0%
Bill payments0%
Amazon gift cards,  mobile phones, computers, cars, home entertainment 0%
Large appliances0%

Why choose the Amazon India affiliate program?

Why choose the Amazon affiliate program

If you need clarification on contributing to the Amazon India affiliate program, do not hesitate to secure a network that helps provide another source of income. However, the reason why you should choose the Amazon India affiliate program is given below:

Great commission rates

Amazon is a well-developed and renowned online shopping platform. Millions of people visit and shop here every single day. However, it provides a significant commission on the products people buy through your affiliate link. Users can earn up to 10.8% commission on every order.

Renowned brand

Amazon is a well-recognized eCommerce platform. Moreover, it collaborates with a range of brands and shopping platforms worldwide. Amazon has a significant number of customers, which outnumbers the number of local marketplaces.

Great deals in festive seasons

One main reason behind the popularity of Amazon India is that it provides excellent deals during the festive season. People wait to buy products when they are at a discount. In this way, amazon creates a hustle and bustle in the market, so people rely on Amazon rather than any online shopping app.

Wide range of products to promote

Amazon is not limited to some products; it provides a vast number of services and products so that they can satisfy every person’s needs and demands. Moreover, the product quality is commendable, creating a sense of customer reliability. 

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How does the Amazon India affiliate program work?

Amazon India affiliate program provides you with commission so that you can promote Amazon products through your affiliate link. In this way, we can advertise our best products so that more and more people can benefit. However, here is the process of how the Amazon India affiliate program works.

How does the Amazon affiliate program work?

Share deal

In this step, you must share the link to the products you want to promote through Amazon. You can copy the link to that product and share it on your stories and posts. You have to convert this regular link into an affiliate link to get a commission every time someone buys through the link you gave. 

Get orders

When you share an affiliate link of an Amazon product, you will receive a commission on that product. However, once you expand your network and more and more people start buying from your link, you will get new and big orders from Amazon based on the products you have promoted in the past.

Bank transfer

After getting orders, you will get your commission transferred to your bank account. The confirmation of commission may take from 1 hour to 1 week.

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How to join an Amazon affiliate program in India?

Affiliate programs are considered a great option if you want a side income. You can follow the below easy steps to join the Amazon affiliate program in India.

How to join an Amazon affiliate program
  1. 1. Log into your account.
  2. 2. Check the eligibility criteria and complete all the necessary details to become an affiliate on Amazon.
  3. 3. After you approve your application, you can start the affiliate programming process.
  4. 4. You can share affiliate links on your social media accounts
  5. 5. You will be paid a commission when you promote a product, and someone buys products through these affiliate links. 

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Where to promote Amazon affiliate links?

Earning money through affiliate marketing is a great and secure way as it doesn’t contain fraud or theft. Moreover, it helps you reach a larger population interested in promoting your products. You can earn commission by creating an affiliate link through which people can buy Amazon products. However, you can promote your affiliate link below-given platforms.

Facebook Group

Facebook is a platform where you can find people of every age group; however, various Facebook groups talk about different topics around us. However, you also have Facebook groups where you can find people with similar interests. So you can share your affiliate link with these groups. You can even tell them about the product and its use, and they can buy it through your affiliate link. This way, you can share your thoughts and understand the needs of the people. Please do not spam the community, as it can result in banning.


YouTube is a vast platform, and millions of people visit it daily. You can share your affiliate link in the YouTube videos so that more and more people can reach that product. You can add the link to the YouTube video’s description for easy procedure. Moreover, you can tell the audience about the link at the end of the video.


Instagram is one of the most growing platforms all across the world. However, it is the best place to share the affiliate links so more people can reach your products. Instagram has an enormous chance of engagement compared to any other social media app. You can provide links in your stories and bio and even share posters in the Instagram community.

Tutorial and product review

Tutorial and product reviews are standard ways to showcase your affiliate link. You can make videos about the product and its link so that more and more people reach it. You can even create a paper about the product, in which you can provide the affiliate link. The person reading the product review is expected to be just some steps away from buying that product.

Blog post

A large number of people read blog posts before buying any product. So, with the help of blog posts, you can reach a more significant population; the people interested in the tool, its ideas, and its creation can directly go to the product through the affiliate link provided in the blog. You can share all the necessary details about the product, its usage, and how you can make it, which helps you function better and smoothly.

List of Amazon product categories to promote with an affiliate link

Some of the essential products that you can promote through affiliate links are:

  • 1. Beauty and personal care
  • 2. Sports and outdoors
  • 3. Home and Kitchen
  • 4. Toys and games
  • 5. Health, household, and baby care
  • 6. Books
  • 7. Art and craft
  • 8. Baby products
  • 9. Kitchen and dining

Important guidelines and rules for joining the Amazon India affiliate program

Before joining the Amazon India affiliate program, you must follow some of the essential guidelines and rules.

  1. 1. The affiliate cannot use the official website logo.
  2. 2. The affiliate cannot buy or resell the products.
  3. 3. The affiliate cannot buy products for their profit.
  4. 4. You cannot force people to use your affiliate link.
  5. 5. You cannot share your traffic details with others.
  6. 6. If Amazon ever blocks you, then you can apply for it again.
  7. 7. You cannot use your affiliate links on other apps.

Ways to Improve Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

Affiliate marketing is a vast platform, and if you want to become successful in it, then you have to follow some strategies to improve the performance and traffic ۔ However ، here are some of the steps to improve the Amazon affiliate marketing strategy۔

  1. 1. make sure to choose the products that are highly in demand to reach a larger population and promote the product to a greater extent.

2. Amazon offers various promotional tools. You can use them so that your content can look more appealing. Some promotional tools are widgets, banners, text links, etc.

3. Every person who visits your profile comes with a motive, so it is your responsibility to provide quality content so that they do not have to see any other account. Make comparisons, provide tutorials, etc., so the audience can watch a range of content.

4. You can attract many people by promoting your affiliate link on various social media platforms. This will help large numbers of the audience to reach you much more quickly. You can post videos, stories, etc., and provide the affiliate link in the description. This will even help you to get genuine followers.


Affiliate programs are considered hype from some recent types because they are entirely secure and easy to earn money. Moreover, anyone can opt for affiliate programming. You do not have to do extra work to start your affiliate programming. All you have to do is collaborate with some shopping apps that can pay you a commission on every product sold through your affiliate link. In this article, we have provided all the necessary information about the Amazon India affiliate program 2024, its commission details, product details, etc.

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