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Top 20 Reselling Business Ideas You Can Start in India for 2024

Reselling is the act of selling something again. Those who buy things intending to sell them for a profit are known as resellers. Online and offline reselling is booming in India with the introduction of the made-in-India initiative.

Many people have fulfilled their curiosity about operating reselling enterprises, and they are currently making large sums of money. One of the many benefits of operating an online business is that it doesn’t require a sizeable first capital investment.

You can begin your reselling business with a modest sum and give customers the necessary items. Furthermore, setting up a location for your resale firm is usually unnecessary. By effectively leveraging social media promotion tools, one can establish their internet business and attract sufficient attention. It takes effort because one may start an online resale business with whatever resources they have.

One of the most significant companies to start is reselling since it eliminates the need to create new products or develop product ideas. Advertise a company, brand, or existing product and get paid to do it! Anyone can begin reselling, and it requires no financial commitment. As a result, it is among the most affordable enterprises. We have compiled a list of India’s top reselling business ideas to help you get started. You are free to select your preferred concept and launch your reselling company.

What is a Reselling Business?

A reseller acts as a link between the manufacturer and the client. Typically, a reseller buys the goods directly from the manufacturer, tacks on a profit margin, and then offers it to the client for a higher price. Not all resale companies, meanwhile, demand that you buy the item. For instance, drop shipping eliminates the need for stocks. Joining affiliate marketing networks is another approach to becoming a reseller. There, you will receive a sure commission for each product you recommend. To increase traffic and revenue, resellers can advertise the good or service on their blog, social media profiles, or websites. They will make more money if more people buy the product.

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Benefits of Becoming a Reseller:

Let’s look at the benefits of becoming reseller-

  1. For your company, you do not need to develop a brand-new product.
  1. Products and services are resellable in any area.
  1. You don’t need any money to launch your business.
  1. There’s no need for an inventory.
  1. You can work at any time and from any place.
  1. It is possible to make a sizable commission.

List of Best Trending Reselling Business Ideas

Below is the list of 20 profitable reselling business ideas:-

1. Fine Art Resale Dealer

Top 20 Reselling Business Ideas You Can Start in India for 2024

The fine art resale industry is the best fit for you if you know about art and have an eye for items that attract a more excellent price. However, before beginning this kind of business, there are a few things you should think about.

Ensure you have plenty of cash to invest in that project; second. With more experience, you can focus on growing your collection of artwork and reselling things that app you recite.

2. Vintage and Used Clothing Resellers

This tried-and-true method of making money involves buying clothing in bulk from suppliers, fashion designers, and manufacturers, then reselling it with a profit margin added. For instance, in a flea market, online store, or boutique.

Standard profit margins, which vary based on the item and designer, start at 50% plus the selling price. The two advantages of this business model are the regular changes in fashion trends and the continuous need for new stock. Another option is to focus on a specific category of clothing, such as men’s, women’s, or children’s apparel.

3. Estate Sales

The responsibility of selling all of a person’s goods falls to their known relatives when they transfer to another country, need to leave a city quickly, or when an estate owner goes away. This might be a challenging task.

The family can handle everything with the help of an estate sale company, which will make the procedure more accessible significantly. This Reselling Business Ideas combines service fees and goods selling into one. Launch an estate sale business to facilitate the sale of unexpectedly abandoned possessions and make money from item sales and service fees.

Setting up garage sales, arranging appraisals, and placing ads will all come with service fees in this kind of business. Also, some of the market’s most valuable products can be offered for larger profit margins.

4. Sneaker Business

Shoes serve various purposes, from fashionable heels to athletic shoes and all in between. People constantly need shoes, and different styles will always be exciting. Creating your own shoe company is a possible choice. Numerous shoe companies operate online and generate significant profits from what they offer.

After a while, you can start your own shoe company and resale shoes made by specialty retailers like Reebok, Adidas, Nike, and so on. Anand Ahuja founded Veg Nonveg, a sneaker brand that is among the most well-known in India for shoe resale.

Reselling gives him the fulfillment of running a profitable business and provides the consumer with the items they choose, and that’s all that matters. They follow the same model as Veg and Nonveg; numerous firms have opened and are currently making significant profits.

5. Reselling Designer Handbags

You can make a lot of money in the multibillion-dollar luxury handbag market. Reselling handbags is easy because there is a standard price structure and no sizing. The greatest thing about this business strategy is that you can charge a high price for luxury handbags because they are in high demand.

You can boost your revenue by offering to restore and personalize your handbags and purses. Many antique purses need to be cleaned, repaired, and restored. Men’s accessories like briefcases, wallets, belts, and bags will help you improve your popular resale boutique sales even more.

6. Reseller Of Jewellery

There are many methods to launch a jewelry company. Getting started with reselling is made simple and efficient by joining a direct sales firm. Another choice is to purchase beautiful, vintage, or costume jewelry at bazaars and thrift stores and then resell it to customers for a profit.

The opportunities for reselling jewelry are virtually endless. Stay updated on the newest fashion and style trends to give your consumers the most modern options and choices with good variety and quality.

7. Antique Dealer

Top 20 Reselling Business Ideas You Can Start in India for 2024

If someone enjoys collecting antiques, including jewelry, china, glassware, and furniture, they can consider becoming an antique dealer. At estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, you can purchase antiques for resale online or in an antique mall.

Finding an audience market, like one that focuses on Depression-era glassware or early American furniture, is essential to this business’s success. Antique sellers with expertise in their goods can fetch the most excellent prices.

This business plan allows you to start small with a modest inventory and increase as you buy more antiques. One of the best samples of antique resale enterprises is the Banjara market in Gurugram.

8. Reseller Distributor

Becoming a distributor for a line of products is one way to take part in reselling. While working directly with them, you resell manufacturers’ items in a specific market or area. One benefit of this business strategy is that, compared to purchasing the products at retail, you can frequently negotiate better manufacturer discounts and sell the goods at a higher profit margin.

To succeed in this kind of business, you must be thoroughly aware of the local market in your area and what types of things will appeal to the people you are targeting.

9. Entrepreneurial Consultant

Physical goods are not the only valuable things that may be resold; a profitable small business is one example. Being a business broker can lead to significant financial success. The purpose of this company idea is to link buyers and sellers of enterprises, depending on the needs of each party.

Business brokers help accountants and lawyers with the appropriate documentation and business sale negotiations. They get money via commissions, listing fees, and consulting costs.

10. Clothing Reselling Business Ideas

Humans require clothing just as much as they do food, and the apparel industry is highly promoted globally. With as little as twenty thousand rupees, one can launch a successful online clothing resale company.

You may make money from your abilities if you know how to use social networking sites. It would help if you had a smartphone, high-quality photos, trustworthy clothing suppliers, and a focused audience to start a growing clothing resale business.

One of the well-known thrift shops in India, Bombay Closet Cleanse, makes significant earnings from the online and offline resale of fashionable and branded clothing.

11. Pet Supplies Reselling Business Ideas

Pet supplies can range from bathing to pet food, with bowls and rope added for good measure. Launching a reseller pet business is a great idea because there are so many options. The most well-known products are definitely toys and accessories for dogs and cats, but there are many options for reseller businesses, and you may also venture into small rodents or fish.

With the expansion of the pet sector, wholesalers are offering products that solve every problem pets face. To make money from your items, use any web-based social networking platform that spreads the word about them to your audience. You should also encourage customers to discuss their products on the Internet.

12. Resell Services

You may recover a sizable profit by reselling other people’s services. For example, you may be a booking agent for actors, singers, or models. Reselling their services is how you get revenue in this situation.

Creating an agency and reselling freelance services like graphic design, web development, and writing for ads and websites is an additional choice. While some people work on their own projects under supervision, others can start a profitable SEO service or be resellers with their own brand.

13. Subscription Boxes

Think about compiling sets of goods to resell to clients frequently. The most popular monthly subscription box services include snacks, delicious foods, beauty goods, books, and vintage and exclusive DVD movies. Another alternative is a themed box with a Superman, water, or beauty theme.

To start, you can buy already-made boxes and then contact the producers of the products inside to find out their wholesale costs. Subscription box businesses are particularly profitable because you may charge more than the purchase and shipping cost by incorporating it into your monthly pricing.

The business owner of Vowed Box Co. stated that she came up with the concept of subscription boxes after getting married in 2016. Her wedding was unique, but the only thing that troubled them was the wedding gifts.

Giving gifts that reflected her style and preferences left her friends and family confused and upset, and she battled to select return presents for her bridesmaids and family.

That’s how subscription boxes with different theme sizes and tastes originated. After around six years, her company expands daily and surprises individuals with new life experiences.

14. Toys and Games for Resale

Top 20 Reselling Business Ideas You Can Start in India for 2024

If you’re passionate about those things, selling games and toys is a fantastic resale business idea. Games and toys can be purchased new or used from garage sales, thrift stores, and internet retailers. They can then be resold on eBay, Amazon, and other online markets for a profit.

One strategy to set your business apart is to focus on a particular category of game or toy, such as puzzles, board games, action figures, LEGO, or toy automobiles. You may also allow returns for products in their original packaging and offer free delivery on all orders. Purchasing and reselling brand-new goods is another way to improve the profits of your reselling company.

15. Broker Resale Business

A broker engages in wholesale sales. Shipping and handling fees are included in the price that a broker charges. Partnering with a local or online broker in your niche is the ideal way to get started in the broker reselling industry. A drop shipper can be found to send the goods on your behalf. Building trust will take time. You can attract more business once you’ve established yourself.

16. Broker of Businesses

You can work as a business broker by connecting company owners with entrepreneurs looking to buy their companies. As a company broker, you can assist lawyers and accountants with filing paperwork and negotiating sales arrangements. You will be compensated with commission, listing fees, and consultancy costs.

17. Import-Export Sales

You might become a reseller of imports and exports. To begin, find a supplier and research the popular products in the nations you are considering working in. Joining groups such as the National Association of Importers and Exporters is an additional option.

18. Reselling Home Decor

Specializing in selling home décor products is another fantastic concept for a reselling business. Thrift stores, garage sales, and internet retailers have new and used home décor products that you may purchase and resell on eBay, Amazon, and other online markets for a profit.

Rugs, furniture, and artwork are typically the most wanted and successful goods. Still, selling minor products like lamps, mirrors, and toys can be profitable. To increase the profitability of your resale business, you may also purchase wholesale home décor goods and resell them for a profit.

Although some additional initial fees may be involved, this might be a very successful business enterprise. Making your company unique can be achieved by specializing in specific home décors goods, such as lamps, paintings, mirrors, or rugs. You may also accept merchandise returns that are still in their original packaging and offer free shipping on all orders.

19. A Resale Vehicle Dealer

Being a reseller might be a fantastic business opportunity if you have a passion for automobiles. In addition to being an essential component of daily life, cars, and trucks are among the most costly investments a person will ever make. Despite this, individuals are constantly searching for new cars regardless of their financial status.

If you’re searching for Reselling Business Ideas with significant potential profit margins, consider launching a reseller company in the automotive sector. Multiple techniques might be used to launch this kind of company.

Getting a dealer’s license is one way. This will allow you to purchase automobiles and trucks at a lower cost and resell them for a more significant profit. Purchasing cheap automobiles at auction, restoring them, and reselling them for a profit is an additional option. In addition to cars and trucks, remember to investigate business possibilities in specialized markets like those for RVs, yachts, and recreational vehicles.

20. Online Cosmetics Reselling

Top 20 Reselling Business Ideas You Can Start in India for 2024

Is it necessary to say that you will always retain a single cent of your money retailing cosmetics? Since practically everyone is aware of the nature of Indian women, I don’t think so. Cosmetics items also offer a very high profit margin, and you can use your network to sell them offline and online.

Since different items aren’t easily accessible in other states and localities, cosmetics resale online is more profitable. Assume you are an Assamese woman operating an online cosmetics resale business. A woman from Pune expressed interest in your items because they are unavailable in Pune or the nearby areas.

But if she places an order on your website, portal, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform where she saw your products, she can quickly get that product, and you can also get the best price.

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How much Reselling Business in India makes money?

According to a Glassdoor survey, the average monthly income for a reseller is approximately ₹10,000. However, it has previously been noted to be higher numerous times. 10% is seen as a decent profit margin in reselling, 20% as above average, and 5% as a low-profit margin.

In addition, we suggest you study our most recent blog post, in which we’ve listed the best grocery reselling applications available in India. Please give it a look and let us know if it’s helpful.


Starting an internet business by reselling an existing business is a terrific idea. You are not required to create a product concept or consider financial commitments. As a reseller, you can promote your desired product and make as much money as possible. You can launch a reselling business in any niche using the above concepts. It can include luxury purses, clothing, pets, health, fitness, and weight loss.

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