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Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

Various people want to start trading, but due to lack of experience, they often try to leave the idea. However, things have changed, so you do not need brokers to open and manage a trading app in the trading market. Many people have great knowledge about trading and they want to use their skills to earn money, so they go for these platforms. Various trading apps have been introduced to improve people’s experience. The best online trading app will provide multiple benefits, such as investing in stocks, mutual funds, financial instruments, commodities, etc.

However, with the wide range of apps, we often need clarification about which app to invest in. Here, we introduce Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024 to help you earn money for 2024, which can help you earn cash without any issues. You only need to stay patient and look after yourself daily, trading with concentration.

Difference between Intraday and Delivery Trading

The difference between the intraday trading and delivery trading is given below:

Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

1. 5paisa

5paisa is a famous online trading app that helps you invest money in the share market and provides excellent returns and benefits. You can invest in various fields, such as gold, IPO, mutual funds, insurance, US stocks, loans, etc. The best part is that the people looking for cost-efficient and affordable trading can go for this one. You can start trading just after opening your demat account. You can use the margin calculator to check the stocks you have invested in regularly. You can easily invest money by looking after the live chart, sense status, and Nifty 50.

Moreover, you can sell the supplies at the best price with the help of the unique feature of an alert option on 5 Paisa. You can start with a low amount but must maintain at least 100 INR in your bank account. You also have to pay the maintenance charge of 30 INR monthly.

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2. Angel One

Angel One is the best trading platform for you.

If you’re a beginner and have recently started online trading, Angel One is the Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps. You can invest your money and start the trading. The best part is that the app has excellent options for beginners and is considered a user-friendly app. You do not have to pay brokerage charges and can even get a ready–made portfolio, which is supposed to be a great feature. People usually prefer Angel One because you do not have to pay off any money in investment and still can earn a good amount. If you’re an employee and want to earn side income through trading, then Angel One is a great platform. The traders can go for various services like mutual funds, access insurance, brokerage services, etc. Another benefit of this app is that you do not have to pay transfer fees. You can maintain your account by getting extensive news updates on live updates, intraday charts, and research analytics. You can receive all the customer services through emails and pay 20 INR brokerage charges on every order.

3. Motilal Oswal

MOtilala Oswal is one of the Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

If we are looking for the Money Earning Trading Apps in India, Motilal Oswal is a tremendous and highly user-friendly trading app. It has provided services to the people for many years and created a great image in the trading market. Along with investing in mutual funds, insurance, and loans, you can invest in gold, equity, IPOs, etc. It provides a wide range of services. Motilal Oswal has a vast network with an average of 17000 branches nationwide. You can invest the money properly with the help of the app’s research papers and stock scanners. You do not have to make a small investment as it offers bulk orders for every individual without further procedures. However, you can open your account in Motilal Oswal at 1000 INR with intraday charges of 20 INR on every order. 

4. IIFL Market Mobiles

IIfl MArket Moblies is one of the Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

IIFL, or Indian Infoline, is an old and trusted app for trading. It has been providing services to the people since 1995. It used to offer brokerage services but now provides a wide range of trading services. The customers can access trade-in equity, IPO, commodities, etc. It provides a complete understanding of various functions and helps provide customer support and recommendations. You can opt for a call, message, or email to buy the securities here. You can make excellent analytical decisions because of the research report provided by the IIFL market mobiles.

Moreover, you’ll also get price alerts and notifications to make the best deals for the time being. The app is entirely user–friendly; anyone can use it. But you cannot trade mutual funds here—the user has to pay no brokerage rate, but intraday charges 20 INR monthly.

5. Upstox 

Upstox is a best Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

Upstox is another famous trading app providing services for many years. Before this, it was known as RKSV Securities. Ratan Tata launched the app and is highly known for its intraday trading. It provides a range of services through which you can access mutual funds, securities, IPOs, etc. Upstox helps customers by providing daily updates about their performance and updates regarding price and analytics. You can even trade multiple stocks here. The app is quite user-friendly and offers fast trading execution. With the help of a universal search tool, you can find any stock which is best for you. You can open your Demat account for free, and you do not even have to pay any charges for the maintenance of the account. The only problem that you will find in Upstox is that you might need to see the appropriate suggestions for IPO and FPO trading. 

6. Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is one of the Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

We all know about Kotak securities as it is one of the famous institutions in the banking sector, and now they have spread their connection in the trading market as well. People find the services of Kotak Securities highly reliable and easy to use. The services of Kotak securities might range from trading in mutual funds, insurance, and loans to IPOs and FPOs. However, people will likely invest in Kotak securities because of its functions and services.

7. Sharekhan

Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024

Sharekhan is considered the oldest trading platform in India, which provides services to millions of people every year and has an average of 20 lakh clients. The customers are provided with research reports and guidance to make their best deals. The best is that if you’re a Sharekhan user, you can access financial products, charting options, analytical options, transfer services, etc. You do not have to worry about confusion because the app provides trading support to their newcomers. You do not have to make any investments to start the trading process and also do not have to maintain any deposits in your Demat. If you need clarification on misconceptions, you can learn about trading and investment accessibility from the app. The only issue that arises while trading with Sharekhan is that you have to pay high trading fees. If you’re not a citizen of India, this app is not for you as it only deals in India. You have to pay 16 INR as equity delivery on every scrip.

8. Paytm Money

Paytm Money is another trading platform in India that provides investment execution

Paytm Money is another trading platform in India that provides investment execution and advisory services. It was rapidly introduced, has excellent service, and attracts customers. Provides both online and offline services to the customer. However, the service of the paytm money services may include stocks, motto dual funds, IPOs, and FPOFPOstc. All you have to do is open your Demat account, and then you can start trading for free. The best part of investing in Paytm Money is that you can start trading with zero paperwork and digital KYC. You have to pay intraday charges of 10 INR per order. Moreover, the customers also get a reward of 500 INR if they invite their friends through the OneCode app.

9. Groww

Groww is one of the most famous and highest-rated money earning trading apps in India

Groww is one of the most famous and highest-rated money earning trading apps in India. It provides a wide range of trading services and has been serving millions of people regularly. The app offers services that range from stocks to gold trading, IPO, F&O, etc. Customers can start trading without investment and get great returns on their shares. Moreover, you are not charged any commission for your services. If you need clarification about the plans and their function, it also provides the option of free systematic investment plans.

Moreover, you can also find tools in the app, such as technical charts and indicators that help achieve your trading process. As a growing trader, you will also have the actual timeshare facility to ensure you get the best deals. It is an excellent app with many benefits, but the only disadvantage of Groww is that it doesn’t initiate advance orders for any company.

10. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is part of ICICI Bank, which provides customers with trading services.

ICICI Direct is part of ICICI Bank, which provides customers with trading services. It has a range of features that are offered to customers on various trading plans. If you’re a regular stock trader, then ICICI Direct can provide the tools to get the loss of profit and less loss. However, if you’re a newcomer in stock trading, you can use the features of ICICI Direct, which helps you understand the complex charts and then trade accordingly. The tools of ICICI Direct include charting, grid view, and reporting. The trading through ICICI Direct is relatively hassle-free and easy to access. Moreover, this platform fulfills customers’ requirements by providing customized plans. You have to pay 20 INR for intraday charges on an everyday basis. 

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11. Zerodha

Zerodha is the first stockbroking platform introduced in India

Zerodha is the first stockbroking platform introduced in India. However, the hype and services are still the same. People have been working with Zerodha for many years and are only getting quality services. It was the typical broking platform back then, but now it has upgraded and provides trading services to its customers. It is India’s number 1 trading app for a reason. You can look after the trading plans which are beneficial and can be great for the potential investment. The customers can quickly look after their trading through charts and analysis. However, if you need clarification, you can soon go to the ‘Kite by Zerodha’ app and get answers to all your questions. The only issue is that Zerodha does not deal with mutual funds. Moreover, the trading process is relatively hassle-free and quick. The customer has to pay the brokerage rate of 10% on their investment.

12. FYERS Marketers

FYERS is a trading platform that was designed and launched in Bangalore. It is a discount broker app that helps customers with great deals and hassle-free processes. If you’re too new to trading and need instructions, it provides 20 years of EOD data to its customers so that they can make the best decisions for themselves. The best part that makes the FYERS one of the Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps is the features such as access to analytical reports, technical indicators, intraday charts, watchlists, etc. Moreover, you can also get regular price and market alerts on your system. The only issue with FYERS is that it does not support trading in mutual funds. However, you must pay 20 INR for intraday charges on every order. 

13. Edelweiss Broking

Edelweiss Broking is a famous trading app that was introduced in Mumbai

Edelweiss Broking is a famous trading app that was introduced in Mumbai, and it has provided services to its customers. The services may include broking, investment advisories, financial services, etc. You can easily open the Demat account and log in to the app by verifying your fingerprint and looking after the account. The best part is that the app provides features such as actual–time trade, a watchlist of 100 stocks, a dedicated IPO section, research recommendations, etc. The customers are supplied with ready-made portfolios, and if you want to know about the management facility, they are also available. The customers have to pay 10 INR intraday charges on an everyday basis.


We are all looking for online trading because it is a safe and secure platform, and you can do it side by side for extra income. People in India are fascinated with online trading platforms as they work without hassle. However there are various trading platforms available in the market, but getting the best one can be pretty confusing some of the time so you can look after the article; here we have provided you with all the Top 13 Money Earning Trading Apps in India for 2024 so that your experience of online trading can be significant.  

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