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25 Best Money Earning Telegram Channels in India for 2024

Telegram, one of the most popular platforms in India, was launched by Pavel Durov in 2013. Today, Telegram has over 550 million active users, with 22% of the worldwide users in India. Earning money from telegram has become very popular in India. People are creating telegram channels and monetizing them to make money from them while providing information to the audience. Some people even earn up to $20,000 per month.

List of 25 Best Money Earning Telegram Channels in India for 2024:

Best Money Earning Telegram Channels in India

25 Best Money Earning Telegram Channels in India for 2024

Let’s discuss about some of the famous Money Earning Telegram Channels in India for 2024: 

1. coolzTricks:

Coolztricks offers amazing deals that no online shopping lover can miss. Their offers are always updated from time to time which makes them different from others. They offer enough time to the customers in every deal to make smart purchases and price drops make it easier to purchase at the lowest price. Also, the free giveaways attract most of the customers. Coolztricks offers deals in fashion, electronics, personal care, food and beverages, appliances, etc.

2. tech24deals

Tech enthusiasts love this channel where they find amazing gadgets, tech innovation, etc. The amazing discounts and deals in smartphones, laptops and home devices make this the best option. They regularly update the latest news and developments in technology, product launches, and industry trends. In this channel, you will find the best deals on tech products so that you never miss out on a great price. Discounts you will get here are not available anywhere else. 

3. Loot_Dealsx

Loot_Dealsx is a channel of unbeatable discounts, jaw-dropping offers, and exclusive product deals. From electronics to fashion and home goods, they offer the hottest deals that are too good. This channel gives deals that vanish quickly. They provide exclusive discounts and expert product recommendations to make your shopping experience good. They assure you which products they select and recommend top-notch products to improve your shopping experience. 

4. Bestlootdeals

Members of this channel share exciting discounts, limited-time offers, and unwisely available coupons. Before advertising various products publicly, you could access deals and services on them. Whether clothing, electronics, travel, or groceries, you will find discounts and deals on any of them, saving you money. Instead of surfing the internet for the best deals and discounts, joining a deals-related channel can save time. They can provide you with real-time sales alerts, which help you to grab deals that are available for a particular time only.

5. Telugutechtvdeals

This channel will provide you with quality deals with the best-suggested products. They share deals with huge price drops, saving you money, time, and effort.

6. Couponbazi

If you join this channel, you can shop more efficiently online as this channel provides you with cashback, coupons, and big deals.

7. Joindhan

This channel benefits those who trade and invest in equity, currency, and commodities. You can also get an in-depth understanding of energy commodities. They discuss market trends and demand factors affecting commodities on Zoom video calls. 

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How are these Telegram channels earning?

25 Best Money Earning Telegram Channels in India for 2024

These Telegram channels earn through various strategies that are listed below: 

1. Paid Subscription

You can create a private channel on Telegram and provide premium content for your users. If anyone wants to access your channel, they have to pay the subscription fees continuously.  

2. Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate marketing, you can earn money from telegram. In Affiliate marketing, you promote different brands’ offers and deals on your telegram channel, and you will get money whenever someone purchases some products by clicking your affiliate link. You can promote brand deals on your channel and earn money from your subscribers.

3. Selling Ads

You can monetize your telegram channel by posting sponsored posts and ads on the telegram channel. When you get a good number of subscribers, you can easily promote other channels by posting their links.

4. Selling Products and Services

You can do it on your telegram channel if you want to sell your services and products. You can make content with your product and promote your product on your telegram channel consistently.

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Telegram is increasing in India, offering many opportunities to earn money without going anywhere. By creating and monetizing your telegram channel you can get a good amount. Remember: you must make authentic and unique content for your audience to keep them engaged.

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