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16 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites in India for 2024

In today’s era, technology has taken its place everywhere. Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous and thriving avenues these days. It provides an opportunity to earn money online just by selling products or letting people install apps through your affiliate links.

To sell the service or product, it is necessary to know the needs of customers and fulfill them. Affiliate marketing allows product promotion and helps give people the services they need. It’s a business platform through which you are offered the service and earn money. In this article, we will look at the 16 best affiliate marketing websites in India by which you can start the journey of earning money online.

What Is an Affiliate Website?

Affiliate websites offer commissions for selling products and services and promoting them as well. The percentage of sales or fixed rate is the compensation amount decided.

With sales, the affiliate market also demands new traffic, more users signing up, subscribing to a newsletter, and downloading an app. Merchants use an affiliate link with specific details regarding the referral site to track every sale and verify the traffic to the source.

There are various websites available for marketing product reviews and comparison websites. Independent blogs, online magazines and coupon websites are other affiliate marketing websites.

Let’s look at the 16 best Affiliate marketing websites in India Below-

Earn Karo

Earn Karo is the best Affiliate Marketing websites in India

EarnKaro is a popular affiliate marketing website that helps earn money quickly. It is a platform for sharing deals. You can supplement your income by using the EarnKaro website. Anyone can start with this platform as a student, housewife or working professional. This website offers 150+ partners for affiliates.

You can easily earn a monthly commission of Rs. 50,000 just by sharing deals from websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, TataCliq, etc. You make a commission when anyone buys the product from your affiliate links.

Advantages of Earn Karo

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through EarnKaro below-

  • User-Friendly Interface: EarnKaro offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse various categories, stores, and offers. You can search and navigate the bestsellers, flash deals top, retailers and more
  • Make Links Tool: EarnKaro makes link features and makes a bridge to create links through 300+ active partners. You can start affiliating marketing by building and sharing links with friends, family or customers.
  • Effortless Payment:  There is an effortless payment option by which you can withdraw the commission or earn it through a two-step process. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is Rs.10.
  • Customer Support: The EarnKaro website has friendly customer support, which helps with any issues or queries and gives instant resolution.

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Amazon India

Amazon is the best Affiliate Marketing Website

Amazon Affiliates are also known as Amazon associates, and it’s a website through which you can earn money. It allows you to monetize your website or blog. You can start it today by signing up and getting approved. You just have to put the Amazon affiliate links on your site.

You will get a commission when anyone buys an Amazon product through your link. It’s one of the best affiliate programs in India, and its commission ranges from 0.2% – 10%.

Advantages of Amazon Associates

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through Amazon Associates below-

  • Free to Join: You can join Amazon Associates free of cost without any fee.
  • Easy Signup: The signup process is very easy, and you can sign up instantly. It’s user-friendly for bloggers, affiliate site builders, and online audience growers.
  • Product Variety: There is a huge range of products in the Amazon Catalog.
  • Trusted partner: Amazon has global trusted partners and brands. You can quickly boost the conversion rate with that.
  • Universal Cookie System: Thanks to Amazon’s universal cookie system, every click on your website could result in commissions.


vCommission is top Affiliate Marketing Website.

One well-known affiliate network website is vCommission. With more than 18,000 affiliates, the platform is expanding. It offers performances to highly regarded businesses.

vCommission was one of the first affiliate programs, in contrast to many others that serve a range of marketing objectives. There are several ways for an affiliate to make money: lead generation, e-commerce, and encouraging app installs.

The minimum threshold of vcommission is Rs 1000; this website is partnered with big brands like Myntra, AliExpress, Agoda, Snapdeal, and HomeShop18, among other e-commerce giants.

Payment ThresholdRs. 1000
Payment MethodNEFT/ RTGS (Bank Transfer only)

Advantages of vCommission

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail yourself through vCommission below-

  • Effortless Audience Targeting: vCommission targets a wide range of audiences seamlessly and helps in promoting products.
  • Effortless Advertising: This website provides a variety of tools to advertise your product.
  • Accurate Time Tracking: You can always track the product, and it’s a unique feature that vCommission offers.
  • Ethical and Reliable: vCommission continuously keeps its word and upholds high moral standards.


Flipkart is very popular Affiliate Marketing Website
Establishment Year2007
FoundersBinny Bansal, Sachin Bansal
HeadquartersBengaluru, India

Flipkart is a well-known e-commerce website that has a huge product category. It includes furniture, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and home items. You can start affiliate marketing with Flipkart today and earn a commission of up to 15%. You will earn money when anyone buys the product from your link.

Flipkart provides various tools like banners, widgets and APIs.

You can track the efficacy of referral links and conversions using Flipkart’s real-time reports.

Advantages of Flipkart Affiliate

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail yourself through Flipkart Affiliate below-

  • Attractive Commission Rates: Flipkart serves as a good platform for passive income generation. You can get a 20% commission from different product categories.
  • Extensive Product Variety: Flipkart has a huge range of products arranged in Categories, which helps marketers earn well.
  • Performance Incentives: Flipkart offers incentives according to the performance level of marketers. It is a good way to motivate marketers to generate more leads and conversions.
  • Cost-Effective: Starting affiliate marketing through Flipkart requires no investment in money. This makes it a good opportunity for beginners.
  • Diverse Marketing Tools: It offers many tools for marketing, like pre-designed links, search tools, widgets and APIs for effective promotion. This helps marketers to work without any problems.


FlexOffers is Affiliate Marketing website in India

It is a robust platform for Affiliate marketing. It is a wonderful solution for the advertiser and publishers. It has a network of 12,000 merchants and 10,000+ affiliate programmes. It is like everything in a fingertip. Flex Offers helps you earn money online from the content you deliver and promote products.

Advantages of Flexoffers

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail of through Flexoffers below-

  • Diverse Merchant Selection: FlexOffers has a network of more than 12000 merchants and many products from various niches.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: It has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to work efficiently. It is a top choice for many affiliate marketers in India.
  • Varied Commission Rates and Cookie Durations: It offers commission, which depends on with whom you are partnering. Commission rate and cookie duration both depend on the same.
  • Dedicated Account Managers: FlexOffers provides an account manager to each marketer to help them grow their affiliate marketing well. They support any problem and guide you.


PartnerStack is Affiliate Marketing Website

PartnerStack is one of the best affiliate marketing websites in India. It is a platform for partnerships created specifically for software companies and their partners, enabling resellers, affiliates, and client referral schemes. It has a built-in marketplace and also has an automated payment system. It generates consistent revenue and growth. PartnerStack is trusted by clients like Monday.com, Webflow, and Stripe for their partnership programs.

Advantages of Partnerstack

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through Partnerstack below-

  • Effortless Setup and User-Friendly: Partners Tack has a quick and simple setup that is user-friendly and has an appealing interface.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: It provides outstanding customer support for the affiliates to give resolutions.
  • Seamless Backend Integration: It offers quick and smooth integration to enhance efficiency.
  • Extensive Exposure: It gives the affiliates good exposure and a reach.

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Admitad is website

Admitad is a huge global platform for affiliate networks that connects publishers to many companies and brands. Top businesses like Samsung, Booking.com and Tata Cliq are affiliated with Admitad.

It started in 2015 in India and gave the user the opportunity to begin a powerful online network and earn money. This helps monetize social media, emails, YouTube channels, and Messenger through CPA affiliate networks.

It gives a business strategy to monetize online content like advertising, promo codes, coupons, banners, etc.

You can receive the amount through a PayPal account, bank card, or Payoneer platform.

Advantages of Admitad

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through Admitad below-

  • Diverse E-commerce Segments: Admitad offers a huge E-commerce segment in the platform for people to start affiliate marketing.
  • User-Friendly Mobile App: Admitad also has a mobile app beside the website, which makes it easily accessible.
  • Effortless Setup and Registration: You can easily register and sign up to begin.
  • Advanced Security Technology: Strong security features encompass an internal platform, deep linking options, an advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie tools, fingerprint monitoring, fraud prevention, and cross-device surveillance.
  • No Membership Cost: To join Admitad, you don’t need to pay any fees or charges as it is free of cost.

INR Deals

INRDeals is Affiliate Marketing website in India

INRDeals is a kind of negotiation by which you can save money while shopping for any product. It is an online platform where you get discounts and offers a huge number of products like recharge, electronics, apparel, shoes, mobile phones and lifestyle. They offer products from Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, TataCliq, PayTm, Makemytrip, and many others.

Through promo codes, cash incentives, gift vouchers, freebies, and discounts, it gives a platform to do the affiliate market.

Advantages of INR deals

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through INRdeals below-

  • Diverse Work-from-Home Opportunities: INRdeals offers work-from-home opportunities for affiliate marketing. It helps people earn money just by sitting at home.
  • Credible Partnership with Reliance Industries Limited: The platform’s credibility is increased by its association with Reliance Industries Limited, which reassures users of a reliable partnership.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: INRDeals.com offers flexibility and makes things convenient to work.
  • Affiliate Marketing Program: It offers the best convenient affiliate marketing program. It helps affiliates to generate income by promoting products.

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is famous marketing website

Rakuten Advertising, previously known as LinkShare, is one of the popular websites for affiliate marketing. It features popular retail brands like Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, and Papa John’s. Suppose you are someone who wants to access big brands and have potential. Then Rakuten Advertising is the solution where you can rotate ads without depending on external factors. The minimum payout for Rakuten Affiliate marketing in India is Rs 4000.

Advantages of Rakuten Marketing

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail yourself through Rakuten Marketing below-

  • Diverse Brands: Rakuten Advertising features various brands, which include Whistles, Bally, and Clarins.
  • Advanced Analytics: This website focuses on high-quality campaign insights by providing AI and data tools, which are usually costly everywhere.
  • Easy Signup: People can easily sign up for Rakuten Marketing. This website offers accessibility
  • Secure Platform:  This website provides high-level encryption.
  • Versatile Features: This website also has a versatile feature, supporting deep links and rotating banners. It also Supports CPA, HTML ads, and AdSense
  • 24/7 Support: Rakuten has 24/7 customer support to give you resolution whenever needed, offering live chat and international calls.
  • No-Cost Program: Rakuten’s affiliate program is free of cost, and so it’s best for beginners. It provides data and information and has free signup fees.


ClickBank is a famous affiliate marketing website

It’s one of India’s best affiliate marketing websites with which you can begin your affiliate marketing today. It offers huge products which you can buy online.

Many of the retailers offer online courses, membership sites, and e-books. They provide you with fantastic deals, and you can buy what suits you best.

Advantages of Click bank

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail yourself through Clickbank below-

  • Trusted Network: It provides a trusted network to the affiliates. It gives you timely payments and can be trusted.
  • Streamlined Payments: Clickbank offers streamlined payments and handles them well. It eliminates the risk of going for a separate system for payment.
  • Generous Commissions: It offers generous commissions over the products to the seller, which occasionally exceeds 50%
  • User-Friendly: ClickBank is a user-friendly website that is accessible and easy for anyone to enter.

CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing  website in India

This is also called Commission Junction Affiliates, and it offers a huge affiliate marketing network. It allows bloggers, publishers and advertisers to make money online. It has 2,926 merchants and networks with huge brands like Priceline, GoPro, and Grammarly. It is a leading website for affiliates to go for digital products.

Advantages of CJ Affiliate

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through CJ Affiliates below-

  • Top Affiliate Program for Digital Products: CJ Affiliate has a top affiliate program, especially for digital products, and it is the best choice for it.
  • Varied Commission Rates and Cookie Durations: The specific commission rate and cookie duration vary according to the merchant you choose.
  • Effortless Customized Link Generation: CJ Affiliate provides effortless customized link generator tools and helps simplify affiliate marketing.


ShareASale is a Affiliate marketing website

Since so many products are available to merchants in the marketplace, you will always want to promote a wide variety of options because almost anything you can think of is available. So, ShareAsale brings you to do the affiliating marketing with its regular and digital payout system. It is one of the best affiliating marketing websites to start with. You need to learn some technological things, and then you are good to go.

Advantages of ShareASale

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through ShareAsale below-

  • Diverse Merchant Selection: ShareASale has a huge network of merchants with physical and digital products.
  • Prominent Brand Collaborations: This website holds a huge network with big brands like Reebok, Jackbox Games, Top Line, and many more.
  • Effortless Link Generation: ShareASale offers effortless link generation for marketers through its link generator tools.

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Cluelinks is best Affiliate Marketing websites in India

Cuelinks, like Viglink and Skimlinks, is one of the top affiliate marketing websites, and you can easily get the monetization network through it. You will receive a few points of Javascript code upon signing in to Cuelinks. You can paste that on your blog to automatically convert your brand links into affiliate links.

It helps you to earn a commission whenever a reader reaches the blog post by clicking your link and purchasing it. It is very simple for affiliate marketers to use. It provides an array of Indian reader audiences, and so it’s best for bloggers. It helps you to connect with Indian e-commerce or product-based websites.

Advantages of Cuelinks

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail yourself of through Cuelinks below-

  • Easy Integration: CueLinks offers an easy integration with a quick java code snippet. It provides an efficient monetization network through automating link conversion.
  • Diverse E-commerce Support: This affiliate marketing website provides various e-commerce support by offering a huge range of products you can promote to customers.
  • Real-Time Analytics: With CueLinks, you can track clicks, conversions, and earnings in real-time and make data-driven decisions to maximize monetization.
  • Auto Link Localization: It Automatically redirects users to an e-commerce site by knowing the location. It also improves the conversion rates for global audiences.


Awin is best Affiliate Marketing websites in India

Awin is an expanding affiliate marketing website in India that is becoming a choice for many. It has a network of 13,000 merchant websites. In 2022, Awin was awarded the prestigious title of mThink’s Best CPS Network of the Year. It operates independently from sites like ShareASale.

Advantages of Awin

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through Awin below-

  • Registration and Profile Creation: Awin provides smooth registration and Profile creation for the user. You can sign up quickly and start your affiliate marketing today.
  • Partnering with Relevant Advertisers:  It helps you connect with the right brands and partner with them.
  • Earn Commission for Sales: Whenever visitors buy the product through your link, you earn the commission for that sale.
  • Convenient Purchase Tracking: It makes monitoring and tracking easy. You can access the purchase details in your dashboard.

Reseller Club

Reseller Club is Affiliate Marketing websites in India

Reseller Club is a well-known affiliate marketing website in India, and it is among the top hosting businesses. You can easily start affiliate marketing with this website. It gives the user the best opportunity to begin with. Visitors and affiliates can benefit from its affiliate programme.

It is a hosting platform with a large network and is a major domain. Users can easily make commissions up to Rs.5000 with each conversion. It offers a top-tier marketing platform and has no joining fee. You also get support whenever you need it.

Advantages of Reseller Club

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through Reseller Club below-

  • User-Friendly Interface: Reseller Club offers a friendly platform so that the user doesn’t face any problems while starting affiliate marketing.
  • Comprehensive Performance Analysis: This website offers the best performance evaluation by report option. You can always get an in-depth insight.
  • Efficient Payment Automation: It simplifies the payment option for affiliate marketers by automating it.  
  • Tailored Deal Management: The management of this website is personalized and customized.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius is famous  Affiliate Marketing websites

Impact Radius is one of the top affiliate marketing websites offering effortless partnerships with publishers, influencers, bloggers and brands. It also helps you customize your influencer contracts and a payment model. Through referral partnerships, it provides the most efficient and cost-effective way to generate leads and earn commission. Affiliate programs provide opportunities for brand collaboration even though their primary function is that of an affiliate network. In addition, you can communicate with brands through campaigns and sponsorships.

Advantages of Impact

Let’s look at some benefits that you can avail through Impact below-

  • Top Brand Access: This website partners with premier brands across industries and various niches.
  • High Commissions: Impact offers high commissions to the user when the visitor buys the product through the link.
  • Advanced Tracking: This website offers an advanced tracking system to get insight and optimization. It has the best reporting tools.
  • Payment Flexibility: Select from various payment methods, including wire transfers, PayPal, direct deposits, and customizable thresholds.
  • Dedicated Support: Impact provides dedicated customer support to give you resolution whenever you need it.


As we have seen, the 16 best affiliate marketing websites in this article. So, you can choose any to start your affiliate marketing career and earn money online. It provides the best opportunity to connect with big brands and start promoting them while earning a commission. You can use their extensive networks and state-of-the-art tracking systems to profit from your online presence. So, start making your commission just by sitting at your home through affiliate marketing.

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