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Innovative Ways to Selling Photos Online for Beginners

For photography enthusiasts seeking to monetize their skills, selling photos online emerges as one of the most lucrative avenues. Businesses and advertisers are in a constant quest for compelling images to enhance their marketing materials, creating a demand that photographers can meet.

The diverse opportunities for selling photos online for beginners, from stock photography websites to establishing your online store, can be overwhelming. Fear not! We’ve compiled a guide to present you with the best options, helping you choose the optimal platform to sell your photos online. Unleash the potential of your photographic prowess and turn it into a thriving online venture.

Best Platforms to Sell Photos Online

Undertaking on a journey to sell your photos? Explore the top-notch websites that cater to your photographic aspirations, offering various platforms to showcase and monetize your talent. This diverse list includes microstock and stock photo sites, online marketplaces, a photo-sharing platform, and an eCommerce widget.

1. Your Website

When it comes to selling photos online, your website stands as the pinnacle. This approach grants you unparalleled control over your online photography venture, encompassing pricing, display, and terms and conditions. The cherry on top? You pocket 100% of the profits from your sales.

Wondering how to create your photography haven? There are two main avenues – utilizing a CMS or opting for a website builder designed for photographers. A CMS provides more control but comes with a steeper learning curve. If you choose this route, you’ll also need to secure a web hosting plan and a domain name. On the flip side, website builder plans often bundle hosting, maintenance, and support.

Opt for a CMS like WordPress for a hands-on approach, or simplify the process with website builder WordPress plugins like FooGallery, which offers features like Lightbox. If you don’t know what is a lightbox in WordPress, read this article to learn more.

2. Alamy

If you’re eyeing a lucrative journey in stock photography, Alamy, a British stock photography website, stands as a stellar option. Offering a vast array of images, vectors, and videos, Alamy boasts a monthly payout exceeding $1 million to its dedicated contributors.

What sets Alamy apart is its commitment to empowering creators. The platform refrains from editing submissions, ensuring that artists retain full control over their works. With a contributor contract featuring a 45-day notice period, you can kickstart your online image sales within just 24 hours of uploading.

Diving into the commission models, Alamy presents three tiers: Alamy Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Alamy Silver contributors enjoy a 17-20% commission, while Alamy Gold contributors garner 34-40% from each sale. For those reaching the pinnacle as Alamy Platinum contributors, an impressive 40-50% commission awaits. Choose Alamy as your partner in the world of stock photography and unleash your earning potential with each captivating image you contribute.

3. Adobe Stock

Enter Adobe Stock, a distinguished stock photo site hailing from the creators of renowned photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. Boasting nearly two decades of existence, this photography eCommerce platform stands as one of the pioneers in online photo-selling marketplaces, maintaining its status as one of the best stock photo websites for image sales.

What sets Adobe Stock apart is its seamless integration with the Adobe Cloud Platform, a feature particularly cherished by photographers. This integration allows for direct album uploads from Lightroom, streamlining the process for creators. 

Contributors to Adobe Stock bask in a 33% royalty share on their images, adding a rewarding touch to the experience. Choose Adobe Stock as your ally in stock photography, where creative excellence meets extensive reach for your captivating visuals.

4. Shutterstock

Dive into the world of stock media with Shutterstock, a prominent provider offering a treasure trove of images, vectors, videos, and music. With a remarkable track record spanning 15 years, Shutterstock takes pride in having paid out over $1 billion to its dedicated contributors. As a contributor’s content becomes licensed, their earning potential rises, guided by six distinct earnings levels for stock photos and videos. Contributors can revel in commissions ranging from 15-40%, reflecting the platform’s commitment to rewarding creativity.

Shutterstock goes beyond individual contributions, offering users an opportunity to earn through referrals. By introducing artists through personalized links, users earn $0.04 on images and a 10% commission on downloaded videos, promoting a collaborative and lucrative community. 

5. Etsy

Known as a bustling marketplace for handmade goods, custom products, and vintage treasures, Etsy may raise eyebrows as a top destination for photo sales. However, with millions of users monthly, Etsy emerges as a surprising yet thriving platform for photographers to showcase and sell their work.

What sets Etsy apart is its expansive audience, eclipsing many traditional stock photography sites. Targeting a specific demographic, Etsy becomes a haven for sellers crafting images tailored to a creative and youthful female audience.

The charm of Etsy extends beyond digital sales; it operates as your personalized eCommerce shop. While digital images find a home here, the platform also opens doors to selling prints or including your photography into various items like mugs and blankets. 


The world of selling photos online offers diverse opportunities for aspiring photographers. From the autonomy of a personal website with a lightbox popup WordPress gallery plugin to the expansive reach of platforms like Alamy, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Etsy, there’s a platform to match every photographer’s goals. 

Whether you seek full control over your brand or collaboration within thriving stock photo communities, start on your journey with the platform that aligns with your creative vision and business aspirations. The possibilities are limitless as you unleash your photographic prowess to a global audience.

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