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Moving To Canada: 8 Expert Tips for Staying Healthy

Relocating to Canada is one of the best decisions for most families.

It is a land of opportunity, friendly faces, and endless views that will take your breath away.  With a top-notch education system, a diverse and multicultural population, and some of the most impressive safety stats in the world – Canada is often the answer to so many questions.

If you have recently moved to this beautiful country and you are looking for ways to stay healthy, you have come to the right place. Below are eight tips from the experts to help you do exactly that:

  1. Eat Well

When settling down in Canada, you might be overwhelmed by the number of restaurants and eateries that are around every street corner. You will notice that brunch is a big deal, and eating delicious meals becomes a given whenever you go out.

Choose healthier menu options, drink loads of water, and limit your intake of highly processed foods. Cook your meals as often as possible, be mindful of your eating habits, and learn to slow down and enjoy your food.

  1. Visit Markets

Canada is home to several impressively large farmer’s markets, so getting your seasonal fresh produce is as easy as pie – and freshly baked pie, at that!

During the spring and summer seasons, markets come to life all over the country with hundreds of vendors selling everything from cheese to maple syrup and homemade sausages.

Getting your five a day in is exponentially easier in a country that prides itself on its bounty of organic and fresh food items. You will be cooking organic meals in no time!

  1. Walk More

In case you have not already noticed, Canadians love to walk.

While public transport is top-notch, there are plenty of places in the city that are within walking distance of one another. Next time you need to go down the block, consider walking there instead of calling an Uber.

Walking is one of the best cardio exercises you can do, so choose to hoof it at every opportunity. Walking will be less convenient (read feasible) in the winter months, so make the most of every other season and get walking.

  1. Regular Check-Ups

Preventative care is crucial for staying healthy. Get a family healthcare provider as soon as you can. Everyone needs to get checked up at least once a year, and with Canada’s brilliant healthcare system, that is more than possible.

Be sure to do your research first on Health Insurance in Canada to get all the facts and find the best option to suit your unique needs.

  1. Quit Smoking

Smoking in Canada is banned in all indoor public spaces, transport services, and workplaces. The strict smoking laws apply to restaurants and bars too, in all territories and provinces throughout the country.

Canada’s aim to become a smoke-free country is because despite more people quitting every year, cancer is still the leading cause of death. Smokers are at greater risk of developing heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The Canadian government commits millions of dollars annually to help Canadians quit smoking, making it one of the easiest countries to ditch the habit in.

  1. Meditate

One of the first things every newcomer notices within the first few months of arriving in Canada is that Canadians take mental healthcare very seriously. While we can all appreciate the pressure of a tight deadline here and there, if your career or lifestyle comes with added stress, you should consider meditating.

Meditation is so good for the mind, body, and soul. There are several parks scattered around most cities that offer a quiet corner for one to gather their thoughts and exhale the stresses of the day away.

  1. Outdoor Sports

Canada has some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces, from whitewater rafting to snowboarding and everything in between. 

The Countryside is an Instagram smoke show, and no matter what season it is, there are always outdoorsy folks doing something unbelievably cool outside. Join a local club and meet people interested in the same sports as you, and do not be shy if you’re new – there are groups for beginners also.

  1. Supplements

As you may have noticed in the news, every Canadian winter has the same theme: bitterly cold in most of the country. Canada is in the northern hemisphere, and as you may have suspected, during the winter snow is aplenty – and sunshine is not.

What that translates to is your body getting less vitamin D during a time when it probably needs it the most – colds and flu season. Getting vitamins and minerals from our diet is the best, but it is not always feasible to load every meal with fruits and vegetables.

Taking a multivitamin daily will help to fill in the gaps caused by seasonal changes and a busy lifestyle.

To End

Apart from the above eight tips, find the time to choose something to be grateful for at the end of each day. After all, you are now living in one of the best countries in the world.

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