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Airtel Free Data Code 2024 Offers | Airtel Tricks & Tips

Airtel brings so many ways to get free data. There are many tricks by which you can get Airtel-free data. As there might be problems getting data, every network offers some cashback discounts so that you don’t need to recharge.

Airtel brings many data offers, which we share in this article. Don’t miss out, and get the benefit quickly, as we also provide the steps to take to avail of it.

Airtel Free Data Tricks

Airtel is one of the best high-data speed providers and a popular telecom brand. Its 4G speed is a rival to Reliance Jio.  Airtel is now partnered with many popular brands like Kurkure, Lays, Doritos, Etc. Through this, you can get free data and run the internet easily. This article will show you how to enjoy 10 GB of data for free.

  1. Airtel Free Data Code March 2024

Let’s look at some codes of the Airtel data pack that you can avail of.

To Get 2GB of Free DataDial 52122
Get 30 GB Airtel Free DataCall on 51111
For Airtel, 10 GB of Free InternetCall 5999555
Claim 10 GB of Airtel Free DataDial 54321
Download the Airtel Thanks App & LoginGet 60 GB of Data
Message SURPRISE to 121Free 60GB 4G Data
To Get 28 GB Airtel Free DataCall 125346
Dial 51111 from the Newly Registered Sim365 GB Free
  1. Get Airtel Free Internet of 30 GB
  2. If you have a new or unused Airtel sim card, then you can get free 30 GB of data from Airtel Free Internet Trick. This trick can give you data for a maximum of 30 days. This offer allows you to avail yourself of everything in India and works perfectly. You can also use coupon codes. Let’s see the steps below to avail of it-
  • Insert your new or unused Airtel SIM card into your mobile phone and wait 5-6 hrs.
  • To activate the offer, Dial 5111.
  • Use the 1 GB data for 30 days.
  1. List of Airtel Free Internet Data Offer 2024

With the tricks given below, you can avail yourself of 75 GB of Airtel free data. Below are some of the latest internet offers for 2024.

Airtel Free Internet DataOffer Benefit
Missed Call Number 599955510GB Data
Give Miss Call 521222GB Data
Missed Call on 511111GB Data
Message SURPRISE to 121Airtel Delight Offer
4G Upgrade OfferFree 4G Data Offer
  1. Get 3GB Free 4G Airtel Data with Amazon

Airtel now offers you 3GB of free 4G data with Amazon. Airtel users can get 3GB 4G data and Rs 25 or 50 cashback when they recharge with Amazon Pay.

  • Visit Amazon. in or the Amazon app.
  • Login or sign up for your account.
  • Visit the website and use the Amazon Pay option in the recharge section.
  • You will see 100% cashback of Rs. 25 and Rs. 50 in the recharge section.
  • Recharge your number with Rs. 48 of the plans.
  • Then you will have 4G 3GB of free data valid for 28 days and enjoy.
  1. Get Rs.300 free Airtel Data Recharge from Mobil expression every month

Mobile Expression gives Rs. 300 free Amazon vouchers for 40 days. You can recharge your Airtel sim with a Rs. 300 voucher using this voucher. To avail of that, you can install the app and follow the given steps below-

  • Visit the app and install it.
  • Click on the Join Now option appearing there.
  • You will get a small survey, complete it.
  • Register your account with some details.
  • Go to the app daily and start collecting points.
  • Redeem the points for Amazon vouchers there.
  • Collect and recharge the vouchers for Rs.300 for a free Airtel data plan and enjoy it.
  1. 1 GB Free Airtel Data by Magic Pin app

Now you can avail yourself of 1 GB of free Airtel Data from the MagicPin app, which is worth Rs.19 for free. It can be availed by new Airtel users and old Airtel users as well. Apply the coupon code and get 100% Off for Rs.19 recharge. Follow the steps given below and enjoy the free Airtel Data.

  • Install the MagicPin app and give the MagicPin referral code.
  • Put your details into it and sign up.
  • With a referral code, you will get a Signup Bonus.
  •  After you are done with Signup, find Airtel Recharge.
  • Then, add the Rs. 19 plans to the cart.
  •  You can use the Code “LOOT” and get 100% off by Rs. 20.
  1. Airtel Unlimited Free 5G Data

 Airtel provides its customers unlimited free 5G data as a free trial. Users can avail 5G Data from the Airtel Thanks app. The users having a Rs.239 plan recharge can avail of it, but it can’t be availed by the users having a plan of ₹479 & 1799.

  • Update the Airtel Thanks app.
  • In the section below, you will find the banner written “Claim Unlimited 5G Data”.
  • Click the claim button.
  • Then, you will instantly get 5G Unlimited data, which will be added to the active plan list.
  1. Airtel Free Data Recharge with Freecharge Offer

Free Charge has an offer of 2 cashbacks to get Airtel Free data. They offer a flat Rs. 15 cashbacks on the Freecharge wallet, and its other offer is 100% cashback. Let’s look at how to claim that free data-

  • Install the Freecharge app and do the Signup.
  • Send the UPI money of Rs. 300, and you will receive a flat amount of Rs.15 cashback.
  • You will have to then initiate the data recharge of Rs.10 or Rs.20.
  • You can apply the code “10PE10,” “FREE10,” or “20PE20”.
  • Then, you will get 100% cashback along with codes.
  • You will then have a cashback of ₹15 + ₹10/₹20.
  • After this, you will receive a free Airtel Data.
  1. Redeem Kurkure Code to get Airtel Free Internet Data

To get Airtel-free internet data from Kurkure, follow the steps below. You can follow the same procedure using the codes you received from Lay’s Chips, Uncle Chips, and Doritos.

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app on your phone to start with.
  • Copy the code from the Kurkure pack.
  • Click the “My Coupon” option.
  • Then, write down the coupon code from the Kurkure packet.
  • Click on the “Claim” button.
  • Then, you will get 1 GB or 2 GB in your account.

Kurkure Airtel 1GB free data code numbers

Code NumberFree Data
PE228KM7W88W1 GB

Please Note – If you are using these codes and they are showing an error, they have already been redeemed by someone else. These coupons are like a first come, first get service; you can only use three codes for one account.

  1. Get 2 GB Free Airtel Data from ePayOn App

ePayon is a website where you can recharge, pay bills, shop, and have a special signup and referral earning offer. You must use the ePayon App Referral Code to avail yourself of a Rs 25 Free Mobile Recharge on your mobile number. You can get the 100% referral cash book and have signup cashback to get the free data.

You can download the app and use the referral code 5733N5Q9 to get the data while signing up.

A ₹25 signup bonus is free. To get the ₹25 signup bonus, users must deposit ₹10 using the UPI after signing up. You will receive an additional ₹25 free for every referral.

  1. Airtel Free Internet 2GB Data Offer

This Airtel Free Internet 2GB 4G Data is one of the latest offers, having a 90-day validity. This offer is for the prepaid users only. You need to have a prepaid Airtel number and use the tricks to get 2GB of data. Follow the steps given below to use this-

  • Call 52122 with your prepaid Airtel number.
  • Then, you will get the verification message.
  • Dial 1212# and check the balance of Airtel Free Data Trick.
  1. Free 500 MB Airtel Data for Prepaid Users

To avail yourself of the free 500 MB Airtel Data for prepaid users, download My Airtel App. You can get the 500 MB Airtel Data from the steps given below-

  • Go to the My Airtel App’s Apps section and review the Movies list.
  • There will be a banner on the list that highlights the 500 MB of free data.
  • To install the movie app, click the banner below.
  • To sign up on the app, enter your Airtel phone number.
  • You receive a verification message about getting 500 MB of free data once the process is finished.
  1. 60 GB Airtel Free Internet for Postpaid Users

For Postpaid users, the Airtel Free Internet trick is useful for Android users. You can use this trick for only six months, and only users can use it. Let’s look at this 60 GB Airtel Free Internet pack for Postpaid users below-

  • Install the My Airtel app with your postpaid number.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Then, you will look at the banner of free 4G data of 60 GB.
  • You can also download the TV app.
  • You can then get the free data of 10 GB for six months.
  • You can also send a message “SURPRISE” to 121.
  1. Airtel Free Internet for VoLTE Beta Program

Depending on your area, you can use Airtel Free Internet for VoLTE Beta Progea. Let’s look at the free recharge steps below-

  • Verify your Airtel Mobile number on the offer page.
  • Then, you will receive an OTP to verify.
  • Then, give feedback on the VoLTE experience and avail of 30 GB of free data.
  1. Airtel Free Data Offer for 28 Days

You can avail of free data by Airtel of 1GB for a maximum. Airtel Prepaid users can get the benefit of the Airtel Free Data Offer for 28 days by following the steps below-

  • Dial 125346 from your Airtel prepaid number.
  • It will disengage your call, and you will get a message of congratulations or not being eligible.
  • If you are eligible, you will get free data of 1 GB per day for 28 days.
  • As a result, you will learn useful tips on using Airtel to obtain free data without recharging for three, ten, six, and more days.
  1. Get 1 GB Airtel Free Data Internet In Smart TV App Users.

See the steps below to get the 1 GB Airtel Free Data Internet for Smart TV app users.

  • Download the Airtel TV App from the Play Store.
  • You are using your Airtel Mobile Number to log into the app.
  • You will get an OTP to verify.
  • You will then get free data of 3GB.
  • Within 24 hr, you will receive Airtel free Data.
  1. Get Free 15 GB Airtel Data Internet For Samsung User

This is a trick to get 15 GB Airtel Data Internet for Samsung User of M series for Smartphone users.

  • You will have to be a Samsung Latest M series Smartphone user.
  • Visit to Airtel live user.
  • From your Airtel Internet and not any WIFI, open the link.
  • You will see the option of 15 GB offer detail, and there, you will be instructed to activate it by paying a minimum of 1 GB of data for one month.
  • Your offer will instantly be activated to take advantage of 14 GB of free 4G or 3G data.
  • The additional 14GB of data in the 3G network circles is limited to use on the 3G/2G network at night, from 12 AM to 6 AM.
  • The additional 14GB of data can be used on 4G/3G/2G networks within 4G circles.
  • So, hurry and take advantage of Airtel’s 4G internet speed.
  1. Conclusion

For new customers, the Airtel Thanks app saves something special. A new user receives airtel unlimited data connectivity account which you can use however you like, for example, to download videos or watch movies online. After all the tricks above, you can use it to get an Airtel-free data pack. You can benefit from the data without investing money and enjoy the data.

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